200 Latest Tula Rashi Or Libra Names For Boys And Girls

Represented by a balancing scale, Tula Rashi names for boys and girls are proposed to start with “Ra” or “Ta” sounds. It falls in seventh place among the zodiac signs of Vedic astrology and is related to western astrology’s Libra zodiac sign.

If you are looking to give your baby a unique name of the Tula Rashi, we have a list of some interesting names with meanings to help you with that.

100 Tula Rashi Names For Boys, With Meanings

1. Rachit

The name Rachit refers to an invention.                  

2. Raghav

The name Raghav means “one who is a descendant of Raghu (Lord Rama).” Raghav is also another name for Lord Rama. 

3. Raghu

The name comes from a Sanskrit word that means “swift.” Raghu is also another name for Lord Ram.

4. Rahil

A unique name, Rahil refers to a “traveler” or “one who shows the way.” 

5. Rahul

The name Rahul means “one who is efficient and able.” The name Rahul was also the name of Gautama Buddha’s son.

6. Rajan

The name Rajan means a “king” or a “ruler.” The name also means “royal.” 

7. Rajat

The name Rajat has its origin in a Sanskrit word that means “silver” or “brightness.” The name also refers to someone who bright and courageous. 

8. Rajdeep

The name Rajdeep refers to the “royal light” or the “light of the kingdom.” 

9. Rajesh

The name Rajesh refers to the “God or Lord of Kings.” 

10. Rajnish

The name Rajnish has its origin from “Raj,” meaning a “king” or a “ruler” combined with the word  “nish,” which means the “night.” Rajnish, thus, means “Lord of the night” and is another name for the Moon. 

11. Raju

The name Raju refers to a “monarch” or a “King.” The name Raju also means “prosperity.” 

12. Rajvardhan

The name Rajvardhan refers to “kings of kings” or a “super king.” 

13. Rajveer

The name Rajveer means “a brave and courageous ruler.” The name Rajveer also means “one who is the hero of a kingdom.” 

14. Ranjit

The name Ranjit means “victory.” 

15. Rakhsit

The name Rakhsit refers to “a savior” or “one who protects.” 

16. Ram

A name with a religious significance, Ram refers to “Lord Rama,” king of Ayodhya, husband of Goddess Sita, and son of King Dasharatha and Kaushalya. The name comes from a Sanskrit word that means “pleasing and beautiful.” 

17. Ramesh

The name Ramesh refers to “one who protects someone from danger.” It is one of the several names of Lord Vishnu. 

18. Randheer

The name refers to a bright and brave person. The name also means “light that illuminates.” 

19. Ranesh

A name with a religious origin, Ranesh, is another name for Lord Shiva. The name means “greatest of all warriors.”

20. Ranveer

The name Ranveer refers to “a winner or a hero of the battle.” 

21. Ranvit

The name Ranvit refers to someone with a happy and pleasant personality. 

22. Ratan

The name Ratan means “precious stone” or a “jewel.” The name Ratan also refers to something priceless. 

23. Ravij

The name Ravij has its origin in Mahabharata, referring to Karna (Kunti’s firstborn from the Sun God). The name Ravij, thus, means, “born of the Sun.” 

24. Ravindra

The name Ravindra refers to the “Sun God.” The name Ravindra also means “bright and radiant like the sun.”

25. Raviraj

A unique name for Tula Rashi boys, Raviraj, refers to the Sun. 

26. Redan

A unique name, Redan, refers to “a person who has a loving heart.” 

27. Reeth/Reet

A unique name, Reeth/Reet means a “tradition” or “custom.” 

28. Reeyansh

A unique name, Reeyansh, means “a part of Lord Vishnu.” The name Reeyansh also means “first rays of the Sunlight.” 

29. Revanth

The name Revanth refers to the “son of the Sun God.” Revanth also means “the bright and radiant sun.” 

30. Riday/Hriday

The name Riday/Hriday means “heart.” 

31. Riddhiman

A unique name, Riddhiman, means “one who possesses a good fortune.” 

32. Ridhesh/Hridhesh

A name with a religious origin, Ridhesh/Hridhesh is one of the many names of Lord Ganesha. 

33. Ridhwan

A unique name with an interesting meaning, Ridhwan, means “a good-willed keeper of Heaven’s gates.” 

34. Ridwin

A unique name for Tula Rashi boys, Ridwin, means the “heart.”

35. Rihaan

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Rihaan, means “one chosen by God.” 

36. Rishaan

Rishaan is another name for Lord Shiva

Another name for Lord Shiva, Rishaan, means “one who meditates on God’s name.” The name Rishaan also refers to “one who seeks enlightenment.” 

37. Rishaank

The name Rishaank refers to “one who is a devotee of Lord Shiva.” 

38. Rishav

The name Rishav refers to a musical note/tune. Rishav also means “superior” or “excellent.” 

39. Rishi

The name Rishi refers to a priest or a sage. Rishi also means “pious” or “wise.” 

40. Rishik

Another name for Lord Shiva, Rishik, refers to “an ascetic.” 

41. Rishikesh

The name Rishikesh has a toponymic origin, deriving its name from a holy city situated in Uttarakhand. Another name for Lord Vishnu, Rishikesh means “one who controls the senses.” 

42. Rishit

The name Rishit means “a learned person” or “one who is the best at everything.” 

43. Rishiv

A unique name, Rishiv is one of the several names of  Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva. 

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44. Rishwanth

A unique name, Rishwanth, means “one who is friendly.” The name Rishwanth also means “beautiful.” 

45. Ritam

The name Ritam means “divine truth.” Ritam also means “something beautiful.” 

46. Ritesh

The name Ritesh refers to “Lord of truth” or “one who guards divine truth.” The name Ritesh also refers to “Lord of seasons.” 

47. Rithav

The name Rithav refers to a hard-working person. It is also one of the several names of Lord Vishnu. 

48. Ritvaan

A unique name for Tula Rashi boys, Ritvaan, means “happiness.” 

49. Ritvik

The name Ritvik refers to the “head of the Vedas.” The name Ritvik also means a “scholar” or a “priest.” 

50. Rivaan

The name Rivaan means “a star.” The name Rivaan also means “one who rides a horse.” 

51. Riyaarth

A name with a religious origin, Riyaarth, is another name for Lord Brahma. 

52. Robin

The name Robin means “one who is bright.” The name Robin also means “famous.” 

53. Rohan

The name refers to “a river in Heaven” or “a blossom.” Rohan is also one of the many names of Lord Vishnu. 

54. Rohit

The name Rohit means a “rainbow” or “the color red”. It is also one of the several names of Lord Vishnu. 

55. Rohitaksh

A unique name, Rohitaksh, means “eyes (aksh) of Rohit (Lord Vishnu)”. 

56. Rohitasva

The name Rohitasva derives its name from “Rohitasva,” the name of King Harishchandra’s son. 

57. Romit

The name Romit means “ambitious and brilliant.” 

58. Ronak

A unique name, Ronak, means “brightness.” The name also means “beauty and grace.” 

59. Ronav

Ronav refers to “one who is an embodiment of charm and grace.” 

60. Ronit

The name Ronit refers to “one who is a bestower of joy and happiness.” The name Ronit also means an “embellishment.” 

61. Ruchir

The name Ruchir means “handsome,” “brilliant,” or “pleasant.” It also means “a bestower of joy.” 

62. Rudra

The name means “fearsome.” Rudra is one of the many names of Lord Shiva. 

63. Rudraksh

The name means “fierce-eyed” or “one with fierce eyes.” Rudraksh is one of the names for Lord Shiva. 

64. Rudransh

The name Rudransh means “one who is a part of Rudra or Lord Shiva.” 

65. Ruhaan

The name Ruhaan refers to a person who is “kind-hearted and spiritual.” 

66. Rujul

A unique name, Rujul, means “one who is honest and simple.” The name Rujul also refers to an individual who has “proven himself.” 

67. Rupesh

The name Rupesh refers to the “Lord /God of beauty.” 

68. Rushank

Another name for Lord Shiva, Rushank, means “charming.” 

69. Rushit

A unique name, Rushit, means “prosperity.” 

70. Ruturaj

The name Ruturaj means “spring.” Ruturaj also refers to the “Lord/God of all the seasons.” 

71. Rutveg

A unique name, Rutveg, refers to “an individual who can travel in all types of climatic conditions.” The name refers to someone who can endure all types of situations. 

72. Rutvij

The name Rutvij means “one who is wise as a Guru or a teacher.” 

73. Taarush

The name Taarush refers to a small plant. Taarush also means “a conqueror.”

74. Taksh

The name Taksh refers to “one with pigeon-like eyes.” The name Taksh also refers to King Bharat’s son. 

75. Tamoghna

A name with a religious origin, Tamoghna, is another name for Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. 

76. Tanas

A unique name, Tanas, means “one who is humble.”

77. Taneesh

The name Taneesh refers to an ambitious man. 

78. Tanmay

The name Tanmay means “to be engrossed.” 

79. Tanshu

Tanshu refers to someone attractive

The name Tanshu refers to “one who is calm by nature.” The name also refers to someone attractive. 

80. Tanush

A name with a religious origin, Tanush, is another name for Lord Ganesha. 

81. Tapas

The name Tapas means “penance” or “austerity.” The name Tapas, also refers to the Sun. 

82. Taran

One of the many names of Lord Vishnu, Taran, means “paradise” or “heaven.” The name Taran also means “thunder.”

83. Tathagata

Tathagata is one of the many names of Lord Buddha. 

84. Tavish

The name Tavish means “strong and brave.” Tavish also refers to the ocean. 

85. Teerth/Tirth

The name Teerth/Tirth refers to “a holy place of pilgrimage.” 

86. Tejas

The name Tejas refers to the “tip of a flame.” Tejas also means “brilliance,” “brightness,” “radiance,” or “power.” 

87. Tejasvin

The name Tejasvin means “intelligence.” Tejasvin also means “radiant” or “brilliant.” 

88. Toshit

A unique name, Toshit, means “to be satisfied.” The name also means “pleasant.” 

89. Trambak

The name Trambak refers to Lord Shiva. Trambak is also the name of a mountain. 

90. Trayaksh

A name with a religious origin, Trayaksh, is one of the many names of Lord Shiva. 

91. Trigya

A name of religious origin, Trigya, is another name for Lord Buddha. The name Trigya also means the “one who knows everything.” 

92. Trijal

Trijal is one of the many names of Lord Shiva. 

93. Trilok

The name Trilok refers to the “three worlds.” 

94. Trinabh

A unique name, Trinabh, means “one whose navel supports the three worlds.” The name is one of the many names of Lord Vishnu. 

95. Trinesh

A unique name, Trinesh, refers to the “three-eyed Lord Shiva.” The name Trinesh also refers to a “blade of grass.”

96. Trishan

The name Trishan has its origin from the name of a king who ruled over the Surya Dynasty. 

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97. Trivendra

The name Trivendra means “he who is the master of the three superpowers.” 

98. Tushit

It refers to Lord Vishnu or means “an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.” 

99. Tusya

It means “satisfaction.” Tusya is also one of the many names of Lord Shiva. 

100. Tuviksh

A unique name with an interesting meaning, Tuviksh, refers to the “powerful bow of Lord Indra.”

100 Tula Rashi Names For Girls, With Meanings

101. Rachita

The name Rachita means “created.” The name refers to someone creative. 

102. Radhika

Radhika is another name for Goddess Radha (Lord Krishna’s beloved). 

103. Ragavi

The name Ragavi means “the one who sings with Raga.” 

104. Raima

The name Raima refers to “one who is charming and pleasing.” Raima also means “queen.” 

105. Rajeshwari

The name Rajeshwari means a “queen.” 

106. Rajni

The name Rajni means a “queen.” Rajni also refers to the “night.” 

107. Rajvika

A name with a religious origin, Rajvika, is one of the many names of Goddess Saraswati. 

108. Rakhi

The name Rakhi refers to “full Moon in the month of Sravan.” The name Rakhi also refers to the “pure thread of bonding between a brother and a sister.” 

109. Rakshika

Rakshika, Tula Rashi names for girls

The name Rakshika means “one who is a protector.” 

110. Ramya

The name Ramya means “beautiful and captivating.” Ramya also means “delightful.” 

111. Ranjana

It meanscharming and pleasant.” The name Ranjana also means “one who brings happiness.” 

112. Ranya

A unique name, Ranya, means “one who wins.” The name Ranya also means “pleasant.” 

113. Rashi

The name Rashi means a “zodiac sign.” It also means “good luck and fortune.” 

114. Rashika

The name Rashika means “one who is the protector of all Gods.” Rashika also means “elegance.” 

115. Rashmi

The name Rashmi refers to “the bright and radiant rays of the Sun.” 

116. Raveena

The name Raveena refers to “one who spreads sunshine.” 

117. Reena

The name Reena refers to someone cute and beautiful. Reena also means a “gem.” 

118. Reeva/Reva

Another name for the river Narmada, Reeva/Reva, refers to “an individual who guides people like a river or a star.” The name Reeva is also another name for Goddess Kali. 

119. Rekha

The name Rekha refers to a “line” or a “border.” 

120. Renu

The name Renu refers to a “practical and systematic person.” It also means “dust” or “atom.” 

121. Renuka

The name Renuka has its origin in Hindu mythology, referring to “Renuka,” “mother of Parshurama, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.” The name Renuka also refers to “one who is born of dust.” 

122. Reshma

The name Reshma refers to “something shiny and silky.” 

123. Revati

The name Revati means “constellation.” It also means “she who is like the star of prosperity.” 

124. Reyna

The name Reyna means a “queen.” Reyna also means advice. 

125. Richa

A unique name, Richa, refers to a hymn. The name Richa also refers to “the collected body of the Vedas.” It even means “peace” or “brilliance.” 

126. Riddhi

The name Riddhi means “prosperity, wealth, and good fortune.” 

127. Ridhika

The name Ridhika means “success.” Ridhika also refers to Radha, the love of Lord Krishna. 

128. Ridhima

The name Ridhima refers to a prosperous and loving person. The name also means “spring of love.” 

129. Rihana

A unique name, Rihana, refers to the sweet fragrance of basil. 

130. Rimi

The name Rimi means “one who is beautiful.” 

131. Rimsha

The name Rimsha refers to “a bouquet of beautiful flowers.” 

132. Riona

A unique name for Tula Rashi girls, Riona, means “queenly.” 

133. Rishika

It is derived from the word “Rishi,” which means sage. Rishika, refers to an individual who is pious and saintly. The name Rishika also means “divine worshippers.” 

134. Rishima

A unique name, Rishima, refers to the “Moonbeam.” 

135. Rishu

The name Rishu refers to a woman who “rises above others with her honesty.” 

136. Rithanya

The name Rithanya refers to “an individual endowed with immense capabilities.” 

137. Ritika

The name refers to a “small flowing stream or river.” The Ritika also means “joy of truth.” 

138. Ritu

The name Ritu means “a season or one of the four seasons of the year.” 

139. Ritvi

The name Ritvi means a “scholar” or “priest.” Ritvi also means “one who has completed the Vedas.” 

140. Riya

The name Riya means “graceful” or “gem.” Riya is also one of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi. 

141. Riyanka

The name Riyanka means “lovely and beautiful.” 

142. Rohini

The name Rohini refers to a star or a constellation. The name Rohini also means “to ascend.” 

143. Roopshikha

The name Roopshikha has its origin from a Sanskrit word, which means “very beautiful.”

144. Roshika

The name Roshika refers to “an unforgettable person.” 

145. Roshita

A unique name, Roshita, means “to be illuminated.” 

146. Roshni

The name Roshni means “bright light.” 

147. Ruchi

The name Ruchi means “beauty,” “joy,” or “brilliance.” The name also means “interest” or “hobby.” 

148. Rudrapriya

Rudrapriya also refers to Goddess Parvati

The name Rudrapriya refers to Goddess Durga and Goddess Parvati. The name means “the one who is dear to Rudra (Lord Shiva).” 

149. Ruhaani

A unique name, Ruhaani, refers to someone “divine and spiritual.” 

150. Ruhi

The name Ruhi refers to a “beautiful soul who touches the heart.” The name Ruhi also refers to a “musical note or tune.” 

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151. Ruhina

The name Ruhina means “sweet smell of a flower.” 

152. Rujuta

The name Rujuta refers to “one who is honest and sincere.” 

153. Rukmini

A name with a religious origin, Rukmini, refers to the consort of Lord Krishna. The name is one of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi. 

154. Rupa

The name Rupa refers to “one blessed with beauty.” 

155. Rupali

The name Rupali means “she who is pretty and beautiful.” 

156. Rupika

The name Rupika means “gold or silver coins.” 

157. Rushika

A unique name, Rushika, refers to “an individual born with blessings of Lord Shiva.” 

158. Rushita

The name Rushita refers to “a bright and intelligent woman.” 

159. Rutvi

The name Rutvi refers to a season. Rutvi also means “love” or “speech.” 

160. Rutvija

A unique name, Rutvija, refers to a priest or a saintly person. 

161. Taani

The name Taani means “encouragement” or “faith.” 

162. Taara

The name Taara means a star. Taara also refers to “one who is the apple of the eye.” 

163. Takshika

The name Takshika means “blissful.” 

164. Tanaya

The name Tanaya means “a daughter.” 

165. Tanishi

A name with a religious origin, Tanishi, is one of the many names of Goddess Durga. 

166. Tanishka

A unique name, Tanishka, means “Goddess of gold.” 

167. Tanima

A unique name, Tanima, means “beautiful.” 

168. Tanmayasri

The name Tanmayasri means “to be engrossed.” 

169. Tanmayi

The name Tanmayi has its origin from a Sanskrit word, which means “ecstasy.” Tanmayi, thus refers to an ecstatic person. 

170. Tanuja

The name Tanuja means “a daughter.” 

171. Tanushree

The name Tanushree refers to one with a divine body. 

172. Tanvi

A beautiful name for Tula Rashi girls, Tanvi, means “she who is beautiful and delicate.” 

173. Tapani

Another name for the Godavari River, Tapani, means “victorious.” 

174. Tapasi

The name Tapasi refers to a “female ascetic who is in pursuit of spiritual goals.” 

175. Tapasvini

The name Tapasvini refers to “one who is engaged in penance.” 

176. Tapasya

The name Tapasya means “to meditate.” Tapasya also refers to a warm person. 

177. Tarana

The name Tarana refers to a “musical composition.” 

178. Tarasha

The name Tarasha has its origin from a Sanskrit word, which means “a star.” 

179. Tarini

Tarini means a “savior.” It is another name for Goddess Durga and Goddess Parvati, 

180. Tarunika

A unique name, Tarunika, refers to a “young maiden.” 

181. Tashi

The name Tashi means “a great accomplishment.” Tashi also means “prosperity.” 

182. Tashvi

The name Tashvi means “to be composed.” Tashvi also refers to a charming person. 

183. Tejaswini

The name Tejaswini means “one who is energetic and radiant.” The name also means “gifted.” 

184. Tesha

The name Tesha means “happiness.” 

185. Tiana

Tiana means a princess

The name Tiana refers to a princess or “one born in a royal family.” 

186. Tiara

The name Tiara refers to a crown, especially the one worn by a princess or queen. 

187. Tishya

The name Tishya means “a star.” The name Tishya also refers to the sense of joy and happiness. Tishya also means “auspicious.” 

188. Tista

The name Tista has a locational origin, referring to a tributary of river Ganga, situated in the northern part of India. 

189. Tiya

The name Tiya means “a gift of God.” The name Tiya also refers to a “small and beautiful bird.” 

190. Toshani

Another name for Goddess Durga, Toshani, means “appeasing.” 

191. Toshika

The name Toshika refers to a child who is “clever and alert.” 

192. Trinayani

A name with a religious origin, Trinayani, refers to the three-eyed Goddess Durga. 

193. Tripti

Another name for the River Ganga, Tripti, means “to be satisfied.” 

194. Trisha

A unique name, Trisha means “thirst.” 

195. Trishala

The name Trishala refers to the mother of Lord Mahavir. 

196. Trishika

A name with a religious origin, Trishika, is one of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi. 

197. Tulaja

The name Tulaja means “Goddess of mercy.” 

198. Tulika

The name Tulika comes from Sanskrit and means “painter’s brush.” 

199. Tulsi

It means “Holy Basil,” which is a sacred plant often used for religious purposes.” 

200. Tushika

A unique name, Tushika, means a “snowfall.”

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Different parents have different priorities and preferences when choosing their little ones’ names. The detailed list provided in this article will keep you sorted if you wish to choose Tula Rashi names for boys and girls. People under this Rashi are friendly and warm-hearted. They stay balanced in life and are good team players. Babies born under this Rashi are joyous and grow up to become positive people. So, peruse these names and pick the one you feel will be the best for your baby’s personality.

Key Pointers

  • Tula Rashi is the seventh sign in Vedic astrology and is associated with the Libra zodiac sign in Western astrology.
  • These names mostly begin with ‘Ra’ and ‘Ta’ sounds.
  • Raghav, Rajesh, and Ravindra are baby boy names associated with God.
  • Some names that symbolize ‘beauty’ for baby girls include Tanima, Ramya, and Reena.

As one of the signs in astrology, Tula Rashi or Libra exudes its unique charm and personality. Here are some prominent Tula Rashi baby girl names provided with their meanings.

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