151 Majestic Baby Names That Mean Miracle Or Blessing

A baby is a miracle from God. They bring so much goodness and happiness to your life. To reflect your happiness, you may pick one of the baby names that mean miracle for your little one. These names show that the arrival of a baby has given you life with a new meaning and purpose. You and your partner have become parents from the sweet couple, making you even more responsible. You would want to thank the Almighty for the gift and acknowledge the blessing with a proper name. So, cherish the goodness by picking a name from our extensive collection.

Baby Girl Names Meaning Miracle Or Blessing

1. Afsoun

Afsoun, miracle

Afsoun is a name of Persian ancestry. The name is associated with supernatural elements and means ‘charm’, ‘spell,’ or ‘miracles.’ It is popular across the Arabic world and has positive association in spite of the supernatural connotations.

2. Ahya

Ahya is a name of Arabic origin. The name can be translated to mean ‘miracle,’ ‘sign’ or ‘verse.’ This name has religious associations and is referencing a verse in the Quran.

3. Aksha

Aksha is a Hindi origin name, meaning ‘blessing.’ The name is quickly rising in popularity, jumping up 100 spots in the last few years. It’s currently within top 200, a place that it made in just a couple of years.

4. Alazne

Alazne is a beautiful Basque baby girl name that means ‘miracle.’ This multicultural name has an exotic charm to it, which we think would appeal to artistically inclined parents. It was also one of the top 20 names in the last century.

5. Althea

The Greek name Althea is a sweet name, popular for girls. This extraordinary name means ‘blessed with healing abilities,’ and it was used for shamans and herb-healers in the past. The name derives from the Greek word ‘althos’ meaning ‘healing.’

6. Alya

Originating from Ancient Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, and Slavonic languages, Alya is a name for females and has different meanings such as blessed, beautiful, and sky. Some common variations of this name include Aaliyah, Alia, and Aalya, all of which are quite popular names in Europe and the Arabian Peninsula.

7. Amari

Amari is a beautiful American name, meaning ‘miracle of God.’ It was originally a male name, but is now used primarily for girls, because of its vowel ending and soft sound. Amari’s current ranking is #264.

8. Amporn

Amporn is a Thai name derived from ‘Am’ meaning ‘to hide’ and ‘Phon’ meaning ‘blessing.’ One of the most well-known personalities bearing this name is Amporn Hyapha. She is a member of the Thailand women’s national volleyball team.

9. Anna

Anna is a diminutive of the Hebrew name, Hannah. It is short, sweet, and easy to remember. In old Hebrew, this divine name roughly translates to ‘grace’ or ‘blessing.’ The name is quite popular and borne by many successful people, Hollywood actresses, and singer Anna Kendrick being a good example.

10. Astrid

Astrid is a modern version of the name, Assfrior, which is of Scandinavian origin. The main element of the name ‘frior’ means blessed, beautiful, and fair. It is a popular name that has been shared by many important people in the past and present alike. Astrid Allwyn was a popular American actor who worked on many movies between 1929 and 1943.

11. Aurora

Aurora is a female name of Latin origin and means ‘dawn’ or ‘the one who is blessed.’ Pronounced as aah-ror-ah, it has been rising in popularity in recent years. Aurora was the name of the protagonist of the movie Sleeping Beauty (1959).

12. Ayah

This is one of the most pleasing names we have heard and it may leave you enchanted. Ayah is an Arabic baby girl name, that means ‘miracle.’ This lovely name does not just have a beautiful meaning, but sounds lyrical too!

13. Beatrix

The name Beatrix, meaning ‘blessed’ has a playful, animated note with the final ‘x’ in it. The name is largely associated with Beatrix Potter, the creator of Peter Rabbit. It was also the name of one of the Queens of The Netherlands.

SJ, a baby name consultant and mother of three from Surrey, shares her insights and knowledge regarding baby names on her YouTube channel. In one of her videos, she talks about meeting a little girl named Blessie and thinking it would be a wonderful nickname for someone named Beatrix (i).

14. Behati

Behati, the African version of Beatrice, means ‘blessing, or she who brings happiness.’ This rhythmic twist on an international favorite name was introduced by Behati Prinsloo, who walked the ramp for every renowned designer, including Prada and Versace.

15. Bracha

Bracha is a Hebrew name that  can be translated to mean ‘blessing.’ It is a variation of the name Beracha that has the same meaning. Bracha is also the name of a widely popular women’s jewelry brand.

16. Celeste

Derived from the Latin word ‘caelestis,’ Celeste means heavenly or miraculously. It is a popular name for women in the French, Portuguese, and Spanish-speaking countries.

17. Celia

Celia is a highly popular name for women amongst the English, Italians, and Spanish. It is considered to have originated from the Latin word ‘caelum,’ meaning heaven or the blessed land. This providential name is also often used as a pet name for affectionately referring to those who are named Cecilia, Celeste, or Celestina.

18. Diana

Diana or its variation Diane is a female name with Indo-European roots. Amongst its multiple meanings, it translates to ‘a messenger of blessing and wellness’ in the Persian language.

19. Dionne

Dionne is a name considered to have originated from French and Greek roots. Often regarded as an elegant name amongst women, Dionne means ‘divine’ or ‘blessed.’ Deon and Dion are two of the most common variations of this name.

20. Dolly

Dolly is a name that originated in Ancient Greece. This name can be translated to mean ‘gift of God.’ It is also a short form of the name Dorothy or Dolores. Dolly is the name of a female sheep, which is the first mammal that was cloned from an adult somatic cell.

Baby Names That Mean Miracle

21. Dorothea

Dorothea is a romantic, Victorian sounding name that was hugely popular in the early years of the 20th century. This name also has a long, literary tradition. It was the name of the beautiful and clever character in ‘Don Quixote’.

22. Eira

Eira is a popular female name among girls in Wales. It means ‘snow’ and has been derived from the name Eir, a Norse mythology goddess with incredible healing abilities. It also means ‘earth’ or ‘the miraculous land’ in Sanskrit and is pronounced ‘ih-rah.’

23. Elsa

Elsa is a female name of German origin. It means ‘noble’, ‘blessed,’ or ‘God is my oath.’ It is often used as a shortened form for the Greek name Elisabeth. The popularity of the name accelerated after the blockbuster movie Frozen was released in 2013, where the protagonist was named Elsa.

24. Elysia

Elysia is a female name with Latin and Greek roots and it means ‘heaven’ or ‘the blessed land.’ The name has been derived from Elysium, also known as Elysian Fields, which is considered the resting place of the valiant heroes in Greek mythology.

25. Fairy

It is a name given to girls in the English-speaking nations and translates to ‘a supernatural or blessed sprite.’ Although the name is more suitable for girls, there are many fairy-inspired, adorable names for boys as well.

26. Faye

Faye is considered to have derived from the Middle English or Old French word ‘faie,’ meaning loyalty, blessing, or belief. While it is more common among girls, Faye is also given to boys.

27. Fuku

Fuku is a gender-neutral Japanese name. This name can have numerous meanings, such as ‘happiness,’ ‘good fortune’ or ‘blessing.’ The given name Fuku is also a surname and is commonly used in Japan.

28. Genevieve

Genevieve is a perfect pick for parents who want a ‘gen’ sounding name, but are tired of the overused Jen names. Genevieve is the name of the medieval saint and patroness of Paris who defended the city against Attila. It means ‘God’s blessing’ in French.

29. Gia

Gia is a common diminutive of the full name Gianna. The name has Italian roots and in Hebrew, it means ‘ God’s blessing.’ Being short and sweet, the name is easy to remember and spell.

30. Gracy

Gracy is a form of the Latin originated name Grace. The name refers to ‘blessing,’ especially from God or nature. Grace and Gracy are popular first names, which are often used as middle names too.

31. Guadalupe

Guadalupe is a highly regarded name among the Hispanic communities. The name is unisex though more popular as a first name. The name roughly translates to ‘valley of blessing.’

32. Gwyneth

Gwyneth is a Welsh name, meaning ‘blessed’. This moniker has now become a one person name, because of the famous American actress, Gwyneth Paltrow. This mellifluous English name is becoming more and more popular with the Americans and has even landed on the top 1000 list.

33. Hadriana

Hadriana is a name with Arabic and Latin origins. This name means ‘blessing of God’ or ‘offered by Allah’ in Arabic. The Latin version has been derived from the Latin name Hadrian which can be translated to mean ‘from Hadria,’ a Roman settlement.

34. Hanita

Divine blessing

Hanita is an Indian origin name derived from the ancient Sanskrit language. The name translates to ‘divine blessing’ and is considered a respectful name. Another form of the name is Anita.

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35. Hannah

Stemming from the Hebrew ‘Channa,’ Hannah is a popular western name with Biblical mention. In the Old Testament, Hannah is the mother of Samuel. The name means ‘grace’ or ‘blessing.’ Hannah Montana is a popular children show of the late 2000s with the protagonist played by Miley Cyrus.

36. Ingrid

Ingrid is a name popular in the Scandinavian regions and is said to have Norse and German origins. It means ‘blessed with beauty,’ and is commonly found in folktales. Ingrid Bergman was a popular actress known for the hit movie Casablanca.

37. Jane

Jane is not plain at all. As a short, one syllable name, Jane packs quite a punch, compared to its sister name Joan. This name has been around since Tudor times. Once, Jane had become so common that it became generic.

38. Janet

Janet is a Scottish origin name for females. The name in Gaelic means ‘God’s blessing,’ and is a popular name in the UK. Another common variant of this name is Jane. Janet Jackson is the younger sister of Michael Jackson, and is a popular pop singer herself.

39. Jargal

Jargal is a name that has Mongolian roots. This name can be translated to mean ‘happiness’ or ‘blessing.’ It is also used as a last name in Mongolia.

40. Jesse

Jesse is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘blessing.’ You can use this name as a short form for Jessica, one of the classic names. Jesse is also considered a variation of the name Jessie, but the meanings are different.

41. Juno

Juno is a name that is commonly found in Roman mythology. It was the nickname of the Goddess Hera in classical mythology. Juno means ‘the blessed Queen.’ Juno Temple is a well-known English actress.

42. Karishma

Karishma is a highly popular Indian name, meaning ‘miracle.’ Americans might associate this name with Charisma, but the meanings of both the names are entirely different. Karishma Kapoor, famous Bollywood actress, is its most popular namesake.

43. Karomat

Karomat is a name that has Uzbek origins and means ‘miracle.’ This name is commonly used in Uzbekistan in central Asia.

44. Keilani

The Hawaians revere the natural elements like the sky, sea, and wind with all their hearts. Keilani is a name that praises nature and translates to ‘blessing of nature.’ Superstar Dave Bautista has named his daughter Keilani.

45. Kiojah

Kiojah is a name that has Swahili origins. This name can be translated to mean ‘miracle’ and it is used by Swahili speakers in eastern Africa.

46. Magissa

The Greeks had great fear and respect for the sorcerers and witches and considered them portenders of the future. Magissa was a common name to refer to such personalities and it literally translates to ’miracle’ or ‘magic.’

47. Marisela

Marisela is a female name of Spanish lineage. The Spanish version is sometimes spelled Maricela. The name means ‘a miracle’ or ‘Mars like.’ Marisela Hernandez is a popular singer in the USA of Mexican origin.

48. Maribel

Maribel is a name common in Spain and France. This Latin origin name means ‘beautiful’ or ‘blessed with beauty.’ Maribel Verdu is an acclaimed Spanish actress known for her role in the movie Pan’s Labyrinth.

49. Masingita

Masingita is a name that has African origins. This name can be translated to mean ‘miracle’ and is used by the Tsonga people of South Africa and Mozambique.

50. Mavisha

Mavisha is a variation of the name Mehvash. It is safe, sturdy and sounds way edgier than its original name.

51. Marvel

Even though Marvel is a male character in “The Hunger Games” series, it has been in use for five decades for girls. It does have a comic book feel to it now, but that does not stop parents from giving this name to their daughters. Marvel Rea, the American silent film actress, is the famous bearer of this name.

52. Marvella

Marvella, the variation of the name Marvel, has been on the Social Secretary List since the year 1941. It reached its all-time high, #487 in the last century. For the nickname, you can keep Marva, which was also one of the top names for girls.

53. Miracle

It couldn’t get more straightforward than this. This holy baby name entered the top 500 baby name list in the year 2003. Currently, it ranks #414, which is its highest ever. Miracle Laurie, the American actress, is a famous bearer of this name.

54. Mira

If you want, you can shorten Miracle to Mira to a cute name. The name owes its popularity to actress Mira Sorvina. The name is quite well used in Arab nations as well. And in India, Mira is a traditional name.

55. Miranda

The name Miranda caught the public’s attention, thanks to the Tempest, a play by Shakespeare. Miranda is of Latin origin and means ‘miraculous’ or ‘wonderful to look at.’ Miranda Lambert is a successful country singer from the USA.

56. Mikelle

Mikelle is a rhythmic name, meaning ‘miracle.’ Mikey would make a great nickname for Mikelle.

57. Milagros

Milagros is a Spanish name, meaning ‘miracles.’ It might sound too religious and too old-fashioned, but is still popular in the Hispanic communities. Some cultures refer to the Virgin Mary as Santa Maria de Los Milagros. Mila would make an appropriate nickname for Milagros.

58. Mirai

Mirai is a Basque baby name, meaning ‘miracle.’ This name was made fashionable in the English-speaking countries in the 20th century. But what’s amazing about this name is the chic aura that it maintains, despite its popularity.

59. Mirielle

Mirielle is a French name, meaning ‘miraculous.’ The name is indeed lovely, but can pose pronunciation problems with the non-French speaking people. It’s pronounced as ‘meer-ay’. But we think it would be worth the effort.

60. Mireya

Mireya is a pretty and unusual Spanish name, meaning ‘miracle.’ The nickname Mira could be considered for Mireya as well. Mireya Moscow, Panama’s first female president is the most notable namesake.

61. Mehr

Mehr is a lovely Arabic girl name, meaning ‘blessing.’ This name has suddenly become very popular in India, with several Mehrs appearing in films and television shows. You can also opt for its spelling variation Meher.

62. Naenia

Naenia was the name of the Roman Goddess of funerals. The name is associated with ‘blessing’ as death wasn’t looked at as something bad in Roman cultures. Instead, it was considered a journey to the next stage of one’s existence.

63. Naomi

Naomi is a Jewish name that has Biblical mention. In Hebrew, it means ‘pleasant’ or a’ blessing.’ The name is borne by the famous British supermodel Naomi Campbell.

64. Nasya

Nasya is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘miracle.’ This name is making a comeback in Israel, where it’s now a top 20 name. This cutesy name would make a lovely middle name as well.

65. Nes

Nes is a name with Hebrew origins. This gender-neutral name is rarely used in today’s day and age and can be translated to mean ‘miracle.’

66. Nessa

Although Nessa is more popular as a Scandinavian short form of the name Agnes, its Jewish meaning is ‘miracle’. This auspicious name has been featured in a number of movies, shows, and literary works. It’s the name of characters in ‘Gavin & Stacey’ and ‘Las Vegas’.

67. Ohanna

Ohanna is of mixed ancestry, of Armenian and Hebrew origin. The name is sweet and has a Hawaiian sound to it. The meaning of the name in Hebrew is ‘God’s blessing.’

68. Pelia

Pelia is a popular Hebrew name, meaning ‘miracle of God’. This name has migrated beyond its native country, having now been heard in the European regions. The name has the potential to be used in other English-speaking countries as well.

69. Rain

Rain is a name that can be traced back to several origins and therefore several meanings. In English, the name can be associated with the phenomenon of rain and mean ‘abundant blessings from above.’ If derived from Germanic and Estonian the name Rain can also mean ‘advice’ or ‘guidance.’

70. Rhiannon

Rhiannon is a name of Celtic origins and is commonly found in Scotland and Ireland. The name has been borne by mystical female characters in Celtic myths and folktales. Another version of Rhiannon, Rigantona is considered the female deity of fertility.

71. Sachi

Sachi is a Japanese name, meaning ‘miracle.’ Also considered the short form for Sachiko, Sachi was given to 25 girls in the United States in recent times. The name may be Japanese, but Sachi definitely has an international feel to it.

72. Sigrid

Sigrid is a popular name in the Scandinavian nations of Norway and Sweden. Pronounced as saeg-rid, the name has possible Norse connections where it means ‘victory’ and ‘blessing.’ Sigrid Raabe is a popular Norwegian singer with many hits under her belt.

73. Taeko

Taeko is a Japanese-origin name. The first half of this name ‘Tae’ possesses numerous meanings and can be translated to mean ‘exquisite,’ ‘strange,’ ‘mystery,’ ‘miracle,’ ‘excellent,’ ‘charming’ or ‘delicate.’ This is combined with the meaning of the second half of the name ‘Ko’ meaning ‘child.’

74. Taika

The Maoris compare a tiger akin to a miracle because of its elusive ways. Taika in the Maori dialect means a tiger. One of the famous and successful people bearing the name is Taika Waititi, a Hollywood director.

75. Thalia

Greek myths had many characters who could wield magic and influence the fate of men. Thalia is one of such characters and was considered a muse. The name has the meaning ‘flourish’ or ‘blessing.’

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76. Theodora

Theodora is the feminine form of the male name Theodore. Both the names mean ‘gift’ or ‘blessing’ and are of Greek origin. Theodora Goss is a writer and poet known for her fantasy fiction novels

77. Winifred

Winifred is a Welsh name, meaning ‘blessed peacemaking.’ The name is on the cusp of a revival, along with its most used nickname, Winnie. It was chosen by famous host Jimmy Fallon for his daughter.

78. Zelda

Baby names that mean miracle

Zelda is a female name of Yiddish origin. The name rings a bell, thanks to the famous Nintendo video game franchise. Zelda is the diminutive of Griselda, which means ‘blessing’ and ‘happiness.’

79. Zoraida

Zoraida is of Arabic and Persian ancestry and is a common name across the Middle East. The name also finds mention in several Persian folk tales. The female name translates to ‘a blessing of a person.’

Baby Boy Names Meaning Miracle Or Blessing

80. Aaron

Aaron is an English name, meaning ‘miraculous.’ This name has been on the top 50 for decades and is still an attractive choice. The double vowel beginning of Aaron gives this moniker an appealing gentleness.

81. Adbeel

Adbeel is a Biblical name and can have numerous meanings, such as ‘servant of God,’ ‘disciplined by God,’ ‘miracle of God’ or ‘sorrow of God.’ In the Bible, this is also mentioned as the name that was given to the third son of Ishmael.

82. Adom

Adom is an African baby name, meaning ‘blessing of God.’ This name has a widespread appeal with Europeans and Americans.

83. Alatz

Alatz is a name that has Basque origins. This language is used in the Basque country which includes Northern Spain and Southern parts of France. The name Alatz can be translated to mean ‘miracle.’ This name is also the masculine version of Alazne.

84. Aljamain

Aljamain is the French form of an African name. The name is popular in central Africa, especially Congo. It is quite a rare and unique name that sounds more beautiful when the ending is pronounced the French way, as aal-je-ma. The name roughly translates to mean ‘blessed with wisdom.’

85. Asher

Asher is an excellent Old Testament name, meaning ‘blessing or fortunate.’ In the Bible, Asher was the name of one of Jacob’s twelve sons. This name was chosen by Embeth Davidtz and Campbell Brown for their sons.

86. Ashish

Ashish is a popularly used name in India that has Sanskrit roots and means ‘blessing’ or ‘prayer.’ This name is derived directly from the Sanskrit word Ashisha. Ashish is used in multiple Indian languages and also Nepali.

87. Barack

Barack is Swahili name, meaning ‘blessing.’ Also belonging to the 44th president of the United States, which he inherited from his father, Barack is the variation of the Old Testament name Barak, who was a tribal leader.

88. Benedict

Benedict is a Latin name, meaning ‘blessed.’ This name is for parents who like the names Benjamin and Ben, but find these forms too common. You can also opt for its Shakespearean form Benedick.

89. Bennett

Bennett is the medieval form of the name ‘blessed’. It’s fondly considered a cross between Beckett and Benjamin. Bennett is one of the fastest rising names as well. It jumped 200 places last year to reach the #153rd spot. Its famous bearer is Bennett Cerf, the founder of Random House.

90. Beneficio

Beneficio is a vivacious and fresh spin on the name Benedict and means ‘blessing.’ Ben would make a friendly nickname for this name.

91. Benediction

Benediction is a French name, meaning ‘blessing.’ Most of the parents presume that Benediction was popular in their childhood and has no takers now. But there are still plenty of Benedictions around.

92. Bereket

Bereket is a name that has an Eastern African or Amharic origin. This name can possess numerous meanings, such as ‘blessing,’ ‘abundance’ or ‘profusion.’ It is also the name of a city in s a city located in western Turkmenistan’s Balkan Province.

93. Boone

Boone is a French name, meaning ‘a blessing.’ It is a lean and lanky cowboy name with a laid-back, European feel to it. The name is also linked to Daniel Boone, the American frontiersman. And we also have Boone Carlyle, the high-profile business magnate.

94. Caspian

Caspian is a name that has been mentioned in Greek mythology. The name has its origin in the Latin language where Caspii stands for ‘bright,’ ‘dazzling,’ or ‘miraculous.’ The name is synonymous with the Caspian Sea, which is the largest inland water body in the world.

95. Cedric

Cedric is a name of Anglo-Saxon origin and became popular after its use in the 1819 novel Ivanhoe by Scottish writer Walter Scott. The name is pronounced as sed-rick. The meaning of the name is ‘loved and blessed.’

96. Cullen

Originating from Ireland, Cullen is a popular surname and first name. Having its root in the old Gaelic cultures, the name used to mean ‘blessed descendant.’ It was used for the male family heir, who was deemed to be the successor as the head of the family.

97. Cyfrin

Cyfrin is an exotic sounding name of Welsh origin. The name had multiple meanings with the main ones being ‘sorcerer’ and ‘miracle.’ It is an easy to pronounce name that sounds like sif-rin or sai-frin.

98. Daivyan

Daivyan is a name that has Indian origins. This is a masculine name that is rarely used in the Indian subcontinent and can be translated to mean ‘Miracle of Lord Krishna.’

99. Daliso

If you do not mind experimenting with your prodigy child’s name, go with Daliso, which means ‘blessing’ in Chewa.

100. David

David is a Biblical name of Hebrew origin. It is synonymous with King David who occupies a central role in the Abrahamic religions. Today, David is a popular name across the world with multiple meanings, common ones being ‘beloved’ and ‘blessed.’

101. Dikgakgamatso

Dikgakgamatso is a name of African origin. This name can be translated to mean ‘miracles.’ This is a gender-neutral name that has been derived from Setswana, the Bantu language of the Tswana people of Botswana.

102. Doron

Doron is of Hebrew origin and is a popular name in Israel. This name means ‘gift’ or ‘blessing.’  The name is borne by popular Israeli actor Doron Ben-David, known for his roles in action-packed movies.

103. Eijaz

Eijaz is an Arabic baby boy name, which means ‘miracle.’ This classy and strong name is mega popular in Muslim countries.

104. Ender

Ender is a name of Turkish origin having multiple meanings including ‘rare’, ‘blessed,’ and ‘gifted.’ The name caught some attention with the Sci-fi movie ‘Ender’s Game.’ However, the name continues to be somewhat less in numbers, making it exotic and unique.

105. Eulogius

Eulogius is the Latin version of the Greek name Eulogius. It is derived from the Greek words, Eulogos translating to ‘reasonable’ or Eulogia, which translates to ‘good language,’ ‘praise’ or ‘blessing.’ This was also the name of the ninth-century martyr Eulogius of Córdoba.

106. Finneas

Finneas and its shorter diminutive Finn, are of Irish ancestry. The name was used for people who were considered to have been blessed with the ability to gauge future events akin to miracles. It is pronounced as finis.

Beth Grace Moore, a mother of two, shares her thoughts on a few baby names. Finn was one of the names on their list because of how much her husband liked it. The reason is that her husband has Irish roots and thought it would be a wonderful way to connect with that element. However, Moore did not feel the same as her husband about the name Finn (ii).

107. Fyodor

Fedor is an old German name that took the form Fyodor in Russia and the Serbian regions. The name translates to mean ‘blessing of God.’ Fyodor Dostoyevski is one of the most prominent writers from Russia whose work is considered to be of high literature and cultural value.

108. Galdur

Baby name that means magic

An Icelandic name that is associated with supernatural phenomena, Galdur has often been used in children’s tales to refer to sorcerers or magical beings. It can mean ‘miracle,’ ‘magic’ or at times takes a bit of negative connotations to mean ‘witchcraft.’

109. Giovanni

Pronounced as jo-vah-nee, Giovanni is an Italian name of Greek origin. It translates to mean ‘blessed from Gods.’ Don Giovanni is the name of the famous opera composed by the great music composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

110. Harika

If you want something exotic for your son, you can go with Harika, the Turkish for ‘miracle’. It’s fascinating, pretty and sounds very different.

111. Ijaz

Ijaz is a name that has Arabic and Urdu origins. This Urdu name can be translated to mean ‘miracle’ or ‘inimitability.’ It refers to the miraculous quality of the Quran.

112. Imake

Imake is a name that is of Livonian origins. This gender-neutral name can be translated to mean ‘miracle.’ Livonian has been the official language of Latvia since 1918.

113. Inaam

Inaam is an Arabic unisex name, meaning ‘blessings from God.’ It’s mainly used in compound form like Inaam-ul-Haque. Inaam Kachachi, the renowned Iraqi journalist and the author is its famous namesake.

114. James

James is a popular male name commonly found around the world. King James VI had ascended the throne in the 17th century, becoming the first ruler of Britain. This saw the further rise in the popularity of the name. It means ‘blessed as the supplanter’ and referred to the future right to the throne.

115. Jason

Jason has a Greek heritage, where in ancient times, the name was used for the herb healers. The name derived from the Greek word ‘iomai,’ which roughly translated to ‘blessed to heal,’ of which James is the version adopted by the Hebrews and later the English.

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116. Jimmy

In ancient Hebrew cultures, many names were formed in praise of God. Jimmy is such a name, which means ‘blessed by God.’ Jimmy, at times, is also used as a nickname for James. Jimmy Kimmel is a popular TV talk-show host of ‘The Jimmy Kimmel Show.’

117. John

John is one of the popular Biblical names. The influence of John, the Baptist, was high among the Christians, from which the tradition of Baptism started. John, in Hebrew, means ‘blessed one’ and refers to the lucky few whom God selects as their favorite.

118. Jose

Jose is a Hispanic name popular in both North and South American countries. The Spanish pronunciation is ho-jay. The name translates to ‘God’s miracle.’

119. Joseph

Joseph is the anglicized form of the Hebrew name Yosef. Joseph is one of the important figures in the Holy Bible and was the husband of Virgin Mary. The name translated to ‘one blessed with a son’, here ‘son’ referring to Jesus Christ. Today, Joseph is a popular name across the world.

120. Jude

Jude is a variant of Judah or Judas, which is more popular in the English-speaking cultures. It derives from Hebrew cultures where it means ‘blessed.’ Jude Law is a well-known Hollywood actor known for both action and romantic movies.

121. Kei

Kei is a unisex Japanese name that was usually used as a masculine name but has started being used more frequently as a feminine name. This name has diverse meanings, such as ‘intelligent,’ ‘gemstone,’ or ‘congratulate.’

122. Ken

Ken is a diminutive of the name Kenneth, which means ‘blessed with health.’ The name is known to be of Scottish origin and was originally written as Cainnech. Ken is also a popular name in Japan though it happens to have a different meaning. Ken Watanabe is a well-known Japanese actor.

123. Kevin

The Irish origin name Kevin derives from the old Gaelic name Caoimhin. It means ‘noble’ or ‘blessed.’ The name spread from the Dublin region of Ireland to the rest of the world through the sea merchants. Kevin Bacon is a famous Hollywood actor known for his noteworthy performance in the movie A Few Good Men.

124. Loreto

Loreto is an Italian baby name that means ‘blessing.’ It’s a more classic name than you can even think. This name has been around since the 16th century.

125. Lucious

Lucious comes from the Latin word ‘Lucis,’ meaning ‘light.’ It was used to refer to anything dazzling or miraculous. Another popular variant of this name is Lucas. During the Roman Empire era, the name became quite popular and used to mean ‘blessed’ or ‘gifted.’

126. Magus

Magus is derived from the word Magic, and is of Greek origin. It used to refer to ‘sorcerers’ and ‘miracles’ and has strong association with the supernatural beliefs of the past. Pronounced as mah-goos, the name has other forms like Magas and Magis with the same meaning.

127. Manny

Manny is a diminutive and nick name of the Hebrew name Immanuel. The shorter form Manny became more popular in Hispanic cultures. The name translated to ‘blessed with God’s grace.’ Manny Pacqiou is a world famous pugilist from the Philippines.

128. Mapalo

Mapalo is an unusual baby name, meaning ‘blessings’ in the Chibemba language. This name has a pleasant sound and a stylish ‘o’ ending. And it’s one of the top 100 baby boy names in Zambia.

129. Marvelino

Marvelino has Latin origins. This name is derived from the English word miracle that can be traced back to the Latin word mirabilia which means ‘wonderful things.’

130. Mateus

Mateus is a male given name of Biblical origin. The name translates to ‘God’s blessing’ in Hebrew. In present times, the name is popular in Spain and South American nations, while its English form Matthew is more common in the rest of the world.

131. Matthew

Matthew, meaning ‘Gift of God’ can also be considered by parents. It was the third most popular baby boy name in America in the 80s and 90s. Currently, it holds the 15th spot.

132. Milagro

Milagro is the male variation of the name Milagros and means ‘miracle.’ This name would fit well in with the names meaning ‘miracle’ for boys. It has been on the top 100 baby name list for years now.

133. Milagre

Milagre is a Portuguese baby boy name, meaning ‘miracle.’ It’s both upbeat and offbeat, and Milo would work best as a nickname for Milagre.

134. Miracolo

This is one of our favorites. Miracolo is the Italian word for ‘miracle’ and would make an excellent name for your son’.

135. Mirakel

If you or anyone in your family belongs to the Danish descent, honor him by naming your son Mirakel, which is a Norwegian word for ‘miracle’.

136. Nate

Nate is the nickname and shorter diminutive of the Biblical given name Nathaniel. The name is of Hebrew ancestry and is quite popular in the USA. The origin of the name has the meaning ‘blessed’ or ‘given,’ and refers to the bestowing of good fortune being in the good grace of God.

137. Nissan

Nissan, today, is synonymous with the automotive brand. Though commonly thought of as a Japanese name, it is of Hebrew origin and means ‘miracle.’

138. Odin

The name Odin is well-known, thanks partly to Norse mythology, where Odin is considered the strongest among the Gods and the father of Thor. Odin has long been associated with natural phenomena and miracles in the Norse and Scandinavian cultures.

139. Oswald

Oswald, blessed with power

Oswald is a popular German name for males. The name is also a surname in the English speaking cultures. Oswald from old German can be translated to mean ‘blessed with power’ and has been considered a name borne by someone powerful or strong-willed.

140. Raiden

In the early Japanese cultures, thunder and lightning were associated with sorcery and miracles. Raiden is the term they used to refer to the ones who had control over these elements. The name can means ‘blessed with the ability to wield powers.’ Raiden has been used as a character in the popular video game franchise Mortal Kombat.

141. Seamus

Seamus is an Irish given name for males and is of Greco-Latin and Hebrew ancestry. It happens to be the Irish equivalent for the anglicized name James. The name used to refer to the person who was designated to be a future leader and translated to ‘blessed supplanter.’

142. Sterling

Sterling is a surname popular in the UK and is also used as a first name occasionally. The name has passed on from old Anglo-Saxon, where it used to mean ‘dazzling’, ‘miraculous’ or ‘blessed with good qualities.’ It is also used to refer to a particular breed of passerine bird.

143. Sufyan

A name of Aramaic and Armenian origin, Sufyan is a name that sounds soothing almost like poetry. Sufyan translates to mean ‘blessed with lightness’ and at times, refers to a gentle breeze. In recent times, the name is seeing popularity, especially the other spelling variant Sufjan, thanks to the American musician, Sufjan Stevens.

144. Tetsue

Tetsue has Japanese origins. This name is gender-neutral and has multiple meanings, including ‘favor,’ ‘blessing,’ ‘grace,’ ‘kind,’ ‘iron,’ ‘philosophy’ and ‘advantage.’ Tetsue Uchida, the founder of Uchida Manufacturing is a famous personality who bore the name.

145. Thaddeus

Thaddeus is the Aramaic version of the name Theodore and means ‘blessing of God.’ This New Testament name has an antique feel to it. The name has appeared in several movies, like “SpongeBob Squarepants”, “Police Academy to Get Smart” and “Harry Potter”

146. Theodore

Theodoros was a name popular in ancient Greece and later got Anglicized as Theodore. The name translated to mean ‘gift’ or ‘blessing.’ Theo can be a good nickname and it’s common to use Theo as a standalone name.

147. Thiel

Thiel has its origin in the early Dutch and German world, where it was adopted as a common surname. The surname is said to have been a derivation of Thietilo, which meant ‘blessed soul.’ This surname over the centuries found usage as a first name as it sounds modern and unique.

148. Yan

Yan is a Russian nickname, commonly used as a middle name which also happens to be a last name. The name is said to have originated during the Byzantine era, towards the end of the fifth century. It used to mean ‘blessing’ or God’s gift.’

149. Ymaut

Ymaut is a name that has Livonian origins. This name is derived from the Livonian word ‘Im,’ which can be translated to mean ‘miracle’ or ‘gift.’

150. Zelig

Zelig is the Yiddish variation of the name Selig and means ‘blessed’. It would make a plausible choice for your son, only if you can brush off the Woody Allen identity from it. (Woody Allen introduced us to this name in one of his films).

151. Zoeb

Zoeb is a Hebrew origin name popular in many Middle Eastern countries. The name can be pronounced as zoh-yebb. It translates to ‘King’ or ‘the blessed one.’

We hope you find our compilation helpful. So which miracle or blessing name would you pick for your bundle of joy? Tell us in the comment section below!

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