150 Strikingly Beautiful Caribbean Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Caribbean baby names could be your jam if you are drawn to tropical weather. The Caribbean, which consists of 7,000 islands, is a gorgeous region in the south-eastern part of the United States. The Caribbean’s beautiful islands are a treasure trove of unique baby names for boys and girls. These names are unusual and spicy, just like the tropical island itself, because they have Spanish, Latin, and Greek roots (most of the islands were once colonies of other countries).

You’ve come to the right place if you seek a tropical baby name for your little one. We have compiled a thorough list of Caribbean baby names for your convenience.

1. Cuban Baby Names

Cuban Boy Names

Here are some joyful and happy names for your babies. Pick one and you will be proud of it for life.

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1. Alvaro

A Cuban name with loads of flair, we believe Alvaro has the potential to cross over. It reached its highest in the US in the year 1985. Alvaro means ‘cautious’.

2. Anton

This Spanish version of Anthony is often associated with writer Anton Chekov. Al Pacino picked this name for his son. Anton means ‘priceless one’.

3. Bembe

This one’s the coolest spiritual name ever! Bembe means ‘prophet’ in Spanish and Cuban.

4. Camilo

In the United States, Camila and Camille are hugely popular, but Camilo is hardly used, probably because the ‘o’ isn’t enough to distinguish it from the female counterpart. But we think it’s cool, more so because of its namesake Camilo Cienfuegos, the revolutionary. Camilo means ‘young ceremonial attendant’.

5. Carlos

Carlos is a Spanish name meaning ‘free man’ or ‘strong.’ It is a variant of the name Charles and is commonly found in Spanish-speaking countries, including the Caribbean.

6. Cuba

If you have Cuban ancestry, how about honoring them by naming your son after the country? Cuba as a first name has been used a lot, take Cuba Gooding Jr. for instance.

7. Dalian

Dalian is the Cuban variant of Dal and means ‘valley’ – a thorough masculine name in our opinion.

8. Desiderio

Desiderio, meaning ‘desired one’, belongs to the Cuban bandleader and actor, Desiderio Alberto “Desi” Arnaz y de Acha III. A major plus point of this name is the nickname Desi.

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9. Elian

Elian is a vibrant Spanish name imported from Cuba. It came into the mainstream via the news surrounding a Cuban boy named Elian Gonzalez. Elian means ‘the Lord is my God’.

10. Emeterio

This legendary Greek name, meaning ‘deserves affection’, indeed deserves love and more users.

11. Ernesto

This is a classic Latin name that’s used widely in Cuba and at several other places. It may have fallen a few places in the last few years, but still sounds fresh. Ernesto means ‘determined’.

12. Eterio

Eterio is also a Greek name and means ‘pure as heaven’. The correct pronunciation of Eterio is ih-thi-rio.

13. Gimoaldo

A melodic name for music loving parents, Gimoaldo is a Spanish name, meaning ‘confessor’.

14. Homero

A free-spirited name that traveled all the way from ancient Greek to become a surprise hit in Cuba. Homero is Spanish for Homero and means ‘security’.

15. Ireneo

Ireneo is a soothing Greek name, meaning ‘lover of peace’. It’s essentially the male version of Irene.

16. Juan

This Spanish version of John is tied with Juan Ameida Bosque, the Cuban revolutionary. It means ‘God’s gracious gift’.

17. Learco

This Cuban name, meaning ‘judge of his village’, is usually used by the aboriginals.

18. Maceo

This Spanish variation of Matthew was recently picked by Halley Berry for her son. Another notable namesake is Maceo Gajales, the Cuba guerrilla leader. Maceo means ‘gift of God’.

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19. Miguel

It is a variant of the name Michael, which means ‘who is like God?’ in Hebrew.

20. Osvaldo

Meaning ‘God’s rule or divine power’, Osvaldo is borne by several important Cuban figures, which include Osvaldo Dorticós Torrado, the former President of Cuba and Osvaldo Fernandez, Cuban baseball player.

21. Pedro

Pedro is a Spanish name of Cuban origin, meaning ‘rock’ or ‘stone.’

22. Pirro

A unique name with an equally unique meaning, Pirro means ‘flaming hair’.

23. Ricardo

Ricardo is a Spanish name commonly used in Cuba, which means ‘powerful ruler’ or ‘brave ruler.’

24. Riel

Riel is the Spanish for Gabriel and means ‘God is my strength’. It would be tough for Riel to replace a Biblical favorite that has been reigning the charts for ages, but definitely not impossible. You can also use it as pet name for the original.

25. Rodolfo

This variation of Rudolf distances it far away from the red-nosed reindeer. Meaning ‘bad wolf’ Rodolfo was steady in the top 500 name list for the most of the 20th century. But has begun slipping now.

26. Rogelio

No, Rogelio is not the Spanish for Roger. It’s a standalone name, dating back to antiquity. Rogelio means ‘request’.

27. Rolando

We find Rolando one of the most appealing and attractive variations of Roland. Meaning ‘famous throughout the land’, Rolando has consistently featured in the top 1000 name list since 1946.

28. Silverio

Silverio, Caribbean baby name

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This woodsy Portuguese variation of Silvain refers to the tree god Silvanus. It means ‘wood or forest’.

29. Tajo

Tajo, meaning ‘day’, would look great in the middle spot. It will work well as a nickname too!

30. Yasiel

This Hebrew name, meaning ‘whom God made’, is slowly gaining ground, thanks to Yasiel Puig, the Cuban baseball player.

Cuban Girl Names

31. Agathe

Agathe is a popular Cuban baby name of Greek origin and means ‘good and kind’.

32. Aleja

Aleja is the Spanish version of Alexandra and means ‘defender of mankind’.

33. Aymee

Aymee, the Cuban spelling for Amy, stands strong at the second spot in top 100 Cuban name list. It means ‘beloved’.

34. Barbara

Barbara is a name with interesting history. In American, it performed its best from 1937 to 1944. But in Cuba, it’s still one of the top 10. Barbara means ‘foreign woman’.

35. Benita

Benita, meaning ‘blessed’ would go well with trendy names Juanita and Anita. It has its namesake in Benita Hume, the English actress.

36. Camila

This Spanish name is pretty, sophisticated, meaningful, and has a European flair. Camila means ‘young ceremonial attendant’.

37. Carida

Carida is one of the popular saints in Cuba. This theological Virgin name, meaning ‘charity’, would make an interesting choice.

38. Clara

The European version of Claire has been speeding up the charts in the last few decades. Sitting pretty on the 98th spot, Clara is a colorful name that means ‘bright’.

39. Claudia

Claudia is a classic Hispanic name with a hint of Roman splendor. It means ‘enclosure’.

40. Delia

Delia is a popular name for girls in Spanish-speaking countries, including Cuba. It can be interpreted to mean ‘heavenly’ or ‘divine.’ The name is also associated with the Greek goddess of the moon, Delia.

41. Daniela

It’s great to see Daniela back on the charts after 20 years of absence. It means ‘God is my judge’.

42. Dunia

Dunia, the Arabic word for ‘world or life’ is the 39th most popular name in Cuba.

43. Edelira

A name apt for your little princess. Edelira is a Cuban name, meaning ‘noble heritage’. Lira would make a cute nickname for Edelira.

44. Ella

Singer Ella Fitzgerald gives a jazzy edge to this name. Ella means ‘fairy maiden’.

45. Evelyn

A soft and feminine name that is returning to favor with parents in a major way, Evelyn means ‘wished for child’.

46. Gertrudes

The ‘s’ at the end of this name is not a spelling error. Cubans use Gertrude with an ‘s’. It means ‘strength of a spear’.

47. Gisele

This German name, meaning ‘pledge’, got the oomph factor via the supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

48. Hermosa

Also tied with a California beach town, Hermosa is a Spanish name meaning ‘beautiful’.

49. Iddure

This Cuban name, meaning ‘the Virgin Mary’, will subtly nod to your faith in the almighty.

50. Ines

Ignes, the Portuguese form of Agnes, has been at the forefront since the story of Queen Ines of Castro has been doing the rounds.

51. Ixtaro

A name with ‘x’ in it has to be cool. Ixtaro, a Spanish name, meaning ‘hope’ has begun to catch on with Cubans.

52. Jacqueline

Cubans are fond of French names as well! So much that Jacqueline took the third spot last year. It means ‘supplanter’.

53. Juanita

This feminine version of Juan is dominant in all the Spanish speaking countries and cultures, including Cuba. It means ‘Lord is gracious’.

54. Kenia

Surprisingly, this variation of Kenya is hugely used in Cuba. It appeared in the Social Security Administration list in the 1990s, but dropped off in the year 2008.

55. Liliana

Liliana is a melodious version of Lily

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This melodious version of Lily has been a favorite not just with Cubans, but the whole of the Hispanic community. It means ‘lily flower’.

56. Lisandra

Lisandra is the Greek variation of Alexandra and means ‘defender of mankind’. This old-time, fantasy name would make a mellifluous choice for a modern girl.

57. Lur

Cute, sweet, with absolutely no option of further snipping, Lur is a Cuban name, meaning ‘Earth’.

58. Manuel

Manuel is a male name, but is used for girls in Cuba. It’s a Spanish variation of Emmanuel and means ‘God is with us’.

59. Maricela

Maricela, in its variation Marcella, was depicted as the most beautiful woman in Don Quixote. We’re glad that this name is being revived again. Maricela means ‘warlike’.

60. Mariposa

One of our favorites! This romantic and rarely heard name has a unique meaning ‘butterfly’.

61. Mirana

Mirana is a derivative of Miranda and means ‘wonderful or adorable’.

62. Monika

Instead of the Latin spelling Monica, its Scandinavian version is more popular in Cuba. This divine name means ‘advisor’.

63. Neoma

A rare Greek name that would also work as a variation of Naomi, Neoma means ‘new moon’.

64. Novia

If you want a name that’s less common than Nora and Nova, but something along the lines, Novia could be the one for you. It means ‘sweetheart’.

65. Ramira

This pretty and unusual name is definitely worth considering. It means ‘judicious’ in Spanish. The name sounds confident and influential.

66. Rosy

Cheery and lovable diminutive of Rose has been standing on its own for decades now. It means ‘rose’.

67. Safia

Baby name Safia, meaning ‘confidante’, is popular amongst the Muslim communities residing in Cuba. It may sound like Sophia to Western ears.

68. Samantha

A long popular feminine version of Samuel, Samantha means ‘told by God’.

69. Samara

Samara sounds much more exotic than Samantha and even Tamara. In Latin, Samara means ‘elm tree seed’ and in Hebrew, it means ‘under God’s rule’.

70. Silvana

We find this Spanish version of Silvia more exotic than the original. Meaning ‘from the forest’, this moniker sounds woodsy, sleek, and thoroughly modern.

71. Tasha

Tasha is a diminutive of Natasha and means ‘born on Christmas’.

72. Valeria

Valeria, which was once used only by the early Christians, is more popular than ever, especially in Cuba. It means ‘strength’.

73. Verita

If you want a virtue name beyond Faith, Grace, or Hope, Verita would be a fantastic choice, both in sound and meaning. Verita means ‘truth’.

74. Veronica

This Latin name, meaning ‘she who brings victory’ held the top spot in most popular baby girl names in Cuba.

75. Wendy

This moniker was invented by author James Barrier for the character of Peter Pan’s elder sister. It means ‘darling’.

76. Xiomara

A brief history in the naming charts of America, but one of the most loved names in Cuba. Xiomara is a Spanish name, meaning ‘renowned in warrior’.

77. Yanet

A sweet name with several cross-cultural ties, Yanet is the Cuban version of Jana and means ‘God is gracious’.

78. Yenifer

Yenifer is the Cuban for Jennifer and means ‘white shadow’.

79. Zamira

This lovely name means ‘song or nightingale’ in Hebrew and ‘thought’ in Arabic.

2. Bahamas Baby Names

Bahamas Baby Names For Boys

80. Kosmo

Kosmo is the Greek spelling for Cosmo and means ‘order or beauty’. After being limited only to the ‘Seinfeld’ series, the whole Caribbean now seems to be embracing this creative name.

81. Montez

Sensual and rhythmic Montez has the potential of taking over most of the nature inspired names. This beautiful name means ‘dweller in the mountains’.

82. Neo

It’s a pity that a name like Neo has failed to receive love from the masses. It sounds contemporary and ‘new’. Neo means ‘new’.

83. Rodrigo

A rhythmic appealing Spanish and Portuguese variation of Roderick, Rodrigo means ‘famous rule’.

84. Romario

Romario, Caribbean baby name

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Who knew even Romeo had a variation, a variation that sounds unlike the original. Romario means ‘pilgrim to Rome’.

Bahamas Baby Names For Girls

85. Bimini

Bimini is a warm and delightful name, just like the Bahamas island. It is the name of a place in the Bahamas.

86. Charo

We bet you’ve never heard a floral moniker as funky as Charo. This Spanish origin name is considered a nickname for ‘Rose’ in Hispanic countries.

87. Consuelo

This fashionable name has its namesake in Consuelo Vanderbilt, who was named Consuelo in honor of her Cuban grandmother. Consuelo means ‘she who brings consolation’.

88. Diega

Now that Diego has been a hot name for several years, it’s time for Diega to come to the fore. It is a Spanish variation of Jacoba and means ‘supplanter’.

89. Melissa

Melissa, meaning ‘honeybee’, is much more classic than you can even think. It has been in use in the Bahamas since the 18th century.

90. Teresa

Teresa was once used exclusively in Portugal and Spain, but it’s now expanding its territories. It means ‘to harvest’.

3. Dominican Republic Baby Names

Dominican Republic Baby Names For Boys

91. Alejandro

This Dominican boy name is a softer and smoother alternative to Alexander, Alejandro means ‘defender of mankind’.

92. Emilio

This dashing name is Spanish for Emil and means ‘rival’.

93. Usain

This moniker got a boost via Usain Bolt, the world’s faster man. This name means ‘beautiful’.

Dominican Republic Baby Names For Girls

94. Dominica

This bubbly Dominican girl name will nod to the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. It means ‘belonging to Lord’.

95. Irie

The meaning of this Dominican Republic is as sweet your baby girl. It means ‘positive and powerful’.

96. Isla

This Spanish word for ‘island’ would make a beautiful name for your daughter.

97. Leta

Leta is one of the classic names of the Dominican Republic. It means ‘gladly’.

98. Oria

Oria is a Dominic version of Oriana and means ‘golden haired’.

4. Haitian Baby Names

Haitian Boy Names

99. Agewe

This Haitian boy name, meaning ‘spirit of the sea’, would be a lovely name for a Piscean or Cancerian baby.

100. Guerdy

This French version of Gerdi is borne by the renowned Haitian painter Guerdy Jacques Preval. It means ‘guardian or peace’.

101. Hennrick

This spelling version of Henrik has a long history of usage in Haiti. It means ‘estate ruler’.

102. Stalin

This Spanish moniker meaning is well known in Haiti. The name is a combination of steel and linen.

103. Toussaint

This charming name would honor Toussaint Louverture, the leader of the Haitian revolution, who freed the island.

Haitian Girl Names

104. Ayida

This attractive Haitian name for girls means ‘who is the spirit of love’.

105. Bijoux

Another name super popular in Haiti, Bijoux means ‘jewel’.

106. Brigitte

This French version of Brighid is associated with Brigitte Bardot, the sex symbol of the 1950s. It means ‘strength’.

107. Dayana

Dayana is the Hispanic for Diana and means ‘luminous or perfect’.

108. Laurette

This evocative variation of Laura sounds feminine and delicate without being fussy. It means ‘laurel bay’.

109. Lourdes

Lourdes, the name of the French town, is preferred by Catholic Caribbean parents. It means ‘craggy slope’.

110. Mirlande

Mirlande is a Trinidadian version of Merle

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Mirlande is a Trinidadian version of Merle and means ‘blackbird’.

111. Violine

A name perfect for musically inclined parents, Violine is a variation of Violin and means the same.

5. Trinidad Baby Names

Trinidadian Boy Names

112. Jaden

Jaden is the popular spelling of the Biblical name Jadon and is symbolic of ‘God has heard’.

113. Kingston

This handsome and bold baby name comes with the fun short form King. It means ‘king’s town’.

114. Nikoli

Nikoli is the spelling variation of Nikolai and means ‘victory of the people’.

Trinidadian Girl Names

115. Anya

This dynamic version of Anna currently ranks #555 on the popularity list. It means ‘grace’.

116. Jade

This gemstone name, meaning ‘stone of the side’, has been rising in usage even since Mick and Bianca Jagger selected it for their son.

117. Mia

This appealing short form of Maria is enjoying a meteoric rise in Trinidad. It means ‘bitter’.

118. Naomi

While Neoma is popular in Trinidad, Naomi rules in West Indies. This Old Testament name means ‘pleasantness’.

119. Sanaa

A simple, yet exotic name, meaning ‘brilliance’ has been on the US popularity list 2003.

120. Steebeth

Steebeth is a name from Trinidad, meaning ‘great beauty’. Don’t you think it sounds like a combination of Stephanie and Elizabeth?

6. Barbados Baby Names

Barbados Baby Names For Boys

121. Hosea

Hosea is a distinctive Biblical name, meaning ‘salvation’.

122. Lyron

Lyron is a form of Hebrew name Leron and means ‘my song’.

123. Malik

Malik is an Arabic name, meaning ‘sovereign’.

124. Talin

Talin is a variation of Talon and refers to the claw of a large bird.

125. Vin

This shortened version of Vincent is more popular than original. It means ‘prevailing or victorious’.

Barbados Baby Names For Girls

126. Ayanna

This African name, meaning ‘beautiful flower’, has been used by the people of Barbados since ages.

127. Lesia

An uncommon variation of Alicia, Lesia means ‘noble’.

128. Marissa

Pretty and not as overused as its cousins Maris or Melissa, Marissa means ‘of the sea’.

129. Raeni

Raeni is a name with a regal ring. It means ‘queen’.

7. West Indies Baby Names

West Indies Baby Names For Boys

130. Aman

This beautiful variation of Arabic name Amin is quite popular in West Indies. It means ‘honest’.

131. Azacca

Azacca, meaning ‘spirit guide of agriculture’, can be shortened to Zac for the nickname.

132. Bastian

Bastian is the short of Sebastian and means ‘man from Sebastia’.

133. Cayman

Cayman, similar to Cameron and Cayden, would make a modern island name for you. It means ‘Cayman Islands’.

134. Damarae

There cannot be a name more apt for your bundle of joy than Damarae, which means ‘a joy of joys’.

135. Janiel

A well-known bearer of this name is Janiel Simon, the Antiguan soccer player. It means ‘God is my judge’.

136. Jorell

This West Indian name is probably inspired by Superman father’s name Jor-El.

137. Josue

Josue is the Caribbean version of Joseph and means ‘God will increase’.

138. Omeria

Omeria, an inspiring name, is the Caribbean version of Omar, and is tied with the maternal grandfather of Bob Marley. The name means ‘eloquent’.

139. Yari

Yari is a West Indian name

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This West Indian name is taken from a Taino word, meaning ‘small gold jewelry’.

West Indies Baby Names For Girls

140. Alpharita

Alpharita is a spelling variation of Alvarita and means ‘army of elves’.

141. Alvita

This moniker, meaning ‘lively’ is quite popular in Jamaica.

142. Amani

Amani is a Kiswahili name, meaning ‘peaceful’.

143. Anacaona

Anacaona, the name of the queen of Hispaniola means ‘golden flower’.

144. Cedella

This moniker is best known for Cedella Booker, Bob Marley’s mother. It means ‘beautiful princess’.

145. Dorsey

This West Indies girl name is taken from the French word d’Orsay, which means ‘from Orsay’.

146. Gillain

This West Indian version of Gillian is associated with Gilliain Bery, the Jamaican model. It means ‘youthful’.

147. Jacinta

Jacinta, the Spanish for hyacinth sounds a lot sweeter than the English version. The correct pronunciation of this name is ‘Ha-seen-ta’.

148. Nevis

Nevis, the name of a tranquil Caribbean island, would make a soft and feminine Caribbean girl name. This place name was recently picked by Nelly Furtado for her daughter.

149. Quito

Quito is a Spanish name with loads of energy. Since it means ‘fifth’, Quito would be an ideal option for the fifth child in your family.

150. Vea

A short and sweet Jamaican name, it means ‘seen’.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Naming a baby is a special occasion for every parent. Before narrowing it down to one name, you may go through several trends and ideas. To help you search for the perfect baby name, we have formulated this list of Caribbean baby names that reflect the beauty of the tropical islands. So, explore these unique and lively names from Cuba, the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, and other regions. Go through their meanings and choose the one that touches your heart. Your child will carry the name for their entire life, so ensure your choice will be suitable even when they grow up.

Key Pointers

  • Baby names in the Caribbean islands perfectly represent the region’s beauty, diversity, and rich culture.
  • Caribbean names sound distinctive and lively and often blend Spanish, Latin, and Greek influences.
  • The Cuban Alvaro, the Barbadian Talin, and the Dominican Isla are only a few examples of the variety found in Caribbean baby names.

Looking for a unique name for your baby? Check out this video for Caribbean names! Get inspired and find the perfect name for your little one.

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