35 Best Baby Names That Mean Purple Or Violet

Purple and violet have a unique place in the color spectrum. Because these colors are frequently linked with royalty, aristocracy, elegance, and power, you may wish to give your baby a name that means purple or violet. As parents look for unique and different names for their children, naming them after these colors can feel quite chic.

Names shape your child’s identity throughout their lives, so picking the ideal one for your baby boy or girl is crucial. This post includes a list of baby names to choose from if you wish to follow the trend of naming your baby that symbolizes purple or violet.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Purple Or Violet

There are many exciting names for baby girls that mean purple or violet. Here are a few of them.

1. Amethyst

This is the name of a purple quartz gemstone and is considered a unisex name. It is derived from the Greek word ‘amacthystos,’ which means ‘not intoxicated.’ Amethyst is one of the famous purple names for boys and girls. If you are looking for a unique name for your precious little one, then go with Amethyst.

2. Bora

In the Korean language, Bora means ‘purple.’ This could make a cute name for your little angel, as it not only sounds exotic but is also a one-of-a-kind name. If you are a fan of all things Korean, then go for this name.

3. Calfuray

Calfuray means ‘violet’ in Mapuche. Though it is a rare name, this would be a unique name for baby girls. If you are looking for a name that is out of the ordinary and means violet, then choose this name.

4. Evolet

This is a combination of two words, where ‘Eve’ means ‘living,’ and ‘violet,’ means the color violet. It also has the meaning ‘the promise of life.’ So, either way, this name would suit best for your little princess.

4. Fialova

Fialova is the feminine form of Fiala and originated from Czech lands, and means ‘violet.’ It also means ‘purple,’ or ‘violet’ in Slovakian. This could be a unique name meaning violet for your baby girl.

5. Hyacinth

Hyacinth, a name that means purple or violet

This name is derived from the name of the beautiful flower that is violet in color. It is derived from a Greek word that means blue larkspur flower or the color purple. The English variant of this name is Hyacintha or Hyacinthia. If your baby girl’s smiles are as beautiful as the Hyacinth flower, then give her this unique name.

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6. Indigo

This is another unisex name that means violet. It is the name of a color that is a perfect combination of the colors violet and blue. The name Indigo originated from Greek and means ‘Indian dye.’ Looking for an artsy name for your little one? Then, Indigo should be on your list.

7. Iolanthe

Looking for a beautiful name for your baby girl that means violet? Then go for Iolanthe which means ‘little violet flower’ in Greek. This name is elegant and would give your child a unique identity.

8. Ione

If you feel your baby girl is one in a million, then she deserves a unique name. Here is a catchy name that is given to a violet flower. Ione is of Greek origin and will surely give a special identity to your precious little girl.

9. Iris

Lavender, a name that means purple or violet

This name is taken from a flowering plant that has showy violet flowers. Iris is derived from the Greek word for a rainbow. Give your child this unique name that stands for purple.

10. Lavender

This is an English name that originated after the Lavender flower, which is light purple in color. If you love the color purple or the smell of the Lavender flower, then consider naming your baby girl with this unique yet beautiful name. Just like the flower, if your daughter’s smile reduces your stress and anxiety, then she is your Lavender.

11. Lila

This name means ‘purple’ in German; it also has multiple meanings, such as ‘night’ in Arabic and ‘beauty’ in Hindi. This is a sweet and adorable name for your baby girl, who is the epitome of all the meanings this name carries.

12. Lilac

Lilac is the name of a bluish-purple flower. This name is of Latin origin and makes a magnificent name for a baby girl. If you are looking for a classic name for your baby girl that means ‘purple,’ then go with this one.

13. Magenta

It is an Italian origin name that means ‘purplish-red.’ This color is derived from purple-red and was patented by the French chemist Francois-Emmanuel Verguin. Give this vibrant name to your little girl, who has an equally vibrant personality.

14. Mauve

Mauve, a name that means purple or violet

This French origin name means ‘mallow plant,’ the flowers of this plant are purple in color. So, this name could also mean ‘purple.’ Mauve would be an apt name for your little one who is as special and unique as this name.

15. Phoenix

Though the popular meaning of this name is associated with an immortal mythical bird, its true meaning is ‘reddish-purple.’ This name is derived from the Greek word ‘phoinix,’ which means ‘crimson,’ ‘dark,’ or ‘purple-red.’

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16. Roxa

Roxa is a Portuguese Brazilian name that means ‘purple.’ In Brazil, purple is a sign of royalty, wealth, spirituality, and nobility, so it is a popular practice to give children names that mean purple.

17. Salvia

This is the name of a plant that has beautiful violet flowers, so this name can also mean violet. In Latin, Salvia means ‘whole,’ or ‘healthy.’ This name also has a trendy and stylish pronunciation and would be a good name for your little one.

18. Sigal

Sigal may sound like an unusual name, but if you search for a unique name, this could just be it. The name means ‘violet and treasure,’ which fits perfectly for your precious little one. This name of Hebrew origin is sometimes considered a gender-neutral name.

19. Sumire

Originated from Japanese, Sumire means ‘violet.’ It is also derived from the words ‘sumi,’ which means ‘clear,’ and ‘re,’ which means ‘tinkling of jade.’

20. Suren

This native Scandinavian name is an elegant form of lilac that means ‘purple.’ This unisex name can also be used for boys. This would make a good middle name for your little one.

21. Temenuzhka

Temenuzhka is a Bulgarian name for a baby girl, which means ‘violet flower.’ If you are searching for a Bulgarian name for your little one, then go for this one.

22. Tyrian

Tyrian is the name of a type of purple dye used by the ancient Phoenicians. This name is famous by the character Tyrion Lannister from the Game of Thrones series. If you are a die-hard fan of the series, then give your child this name.

23. Violet

Known to be one of the most popular names, Violet means ‘purple,’ in Latin. Viola is the Italian and Scandinavian versions. If you are looking for a name that is popular and means violet, then go for this name.

24. Viorel

Wisteria, a name that means purple or violet

This Romanian name means ‘sweet violet,’ which is a type of alpine flower. If the name violet seems common to you, then go with this unique name for your special little girl.

25. Wisteria

Named after the beautiful Wisteria flower, this name is unique and means purple. The flowers of this plant are white and purple, and the whole plant is covered with them. Give your baby girl this name if she is also as beautiful as the Wisteria flower.

26. Yolanda

This given name means violet in Greek. In German and Dutch, this name is spelled as Jolanda, whereas in Czech and Slovak, it is Jolantha, and in Polish, it is spelled as Jolanta. One famous personality with this name is Yolanda Hadid, who is a famous Dutch-American television personality.

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Baby Boy Names That Mean Purple Or Violet

There some unique and special baby boy names that mean purple or violet.

27. Burgundy

Do you love the color purple and anything and everything related to it? Then here is a name of a purple shade. It is also the name of a region in France.

28. Dhumra

It is an Indian origin name that means ‘smoke-colored,’ ‘purple,’ or ‘grey.’ It originated from Sanskrit and is a common name among the Indians.

29. Hadlee

Looking for a baby boy name that means purple? Choose Hadlee, which means ‘a field of heather.’ Heather is a purple-flowered Eurasian heath.

30. Heliotrope

This given name for baby boy is the name of a variable color that is moderate to reddish-purple. This is also the name of a plant with purple flowers, and its name is derived from the Greek words ‘helios,’ which means ‘sun,’ and ‘trepein,’ which means ‘to turn.’

31. Kovidar

Another Sanskrit origin name which means ‘purple orchid tree’ is Kovidar. This is a unique name for your baby boy that means purple. It is also a strong and masculine name, which could be apt for your baby boy.

32. Morado

Derived from Spanish and Portuguese, Morado means ‘deep violet.’ This might make a cute name for your baby boy.

33. Murasakino

Plum, a name that means purple or violet

This is a Japanese origin name which means ‘purple.’ It is a popular name in Japan. It is believed that this name also symbolizes strength, and a baby with this name will stay strong in any situation.

34. Plum

Plum is an attractive deep purple fruit, but this became a baby name when it was first noticed as the name of a novelist Plum Sykes. This is also the nickname of the novelist P.G. Wodehouse.

35. Porfirio

Porfirio is an Italian and Spanish word that is derived from the word ‘porphyra,’ which means ‘purple dye.’ This name was made popular by several early saints.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Naming a cute, little munchkin is a big responsibility for parents as names are the first identity of their children. Names should be stylish and bear a deep meaning as well. A name that means purple or violet reflects riches and royalty. Besides that, it is also thought to be related to imagination and spirituality. You may name your little blooming baby girl Lavender, Lilac, Iolanthe, Viorel, or Wisteria, whereas Suren, Morado, Hadlee, or Plum suit your charming baby boy. Choose a name from the list if you aspire for your child to reach new heights or connect to the higher consciousness.

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