135 Baby Names Meaning Happy And Joy

The joy of holding your baby for the first time knows no bounds. You may look for baby names meaning happy for your little bundle of joy. Isn’t it the beginning of a lifetime of unforgettable life-changing experiences? So, if you think they deserve a grateful name that perfectly depicts this priceless first moment, we’ve compiled a list specifically for them.

To commemorate your child’s birth, we’ve compiled a selection of boy and girl names that signify happiness and joy. Continue reading!

Baby Girl Names Meaning Happy Or Joy

1. Abigail

In the Old Testament, Abigail was David’s wife renowned for her wisdom and prophetic powers. Parents prefer Abigail for its vintage charm. Abigail means ‘my father is joyful’.

2. Ada

Ada, taken from the Old German name Etta or Eda, meaning ‘happy’, was introduced in the 18th century. Its worthiest namesake is Ada Lovelace, Lord Byron’s daughter.

3. Aida

This melodic Arabic name, meaning ‘happy’, is associated with the lead character of Verdi Opera, in which an Ethiopian princess dies to save her native people.

4. Aine

The traditional Irish name Aine, tied with the Celtic goddess of summer and prosperity, means ‘happiness and success’. We love Aine not just for its beautiful meaning, but also its easy spelling and pronunciation.

5. Alaia

Despite sounding similar to several other stylish names, Alaia is one of the fastest rising girl names in the US. meaning ‘joyful and happy’, Alaia has its namesake in Azzedine Alaia, the Parisian designer.

6. Alair

Alair is the cheerful and uncommon form of Hilary and means ‘happy or cheerful’.

7. Alanis

Alanis is a unique feminine name of English origin. It means “cheerful.” The name creates a sense of joy. It became famous after the actress Alanis Morrissette.

8. Alisa

This Hebrew name, meaning ‘great happiness’, sounds like Alyssa and Alicia, but means entirely different. It has several notable bearers, including Alisa Arnah, the British actress.

9. Aliza

Aliza is a romantic sounding Jewish baby girl name, meaning ‘joyful’. Aliza is also the translation of the Yiddish name Freyde.

10. Allegra

Allegra is the feminine form of the Italian adjective allegro and means ‘happy or jaunty’. It is also a term for a musical tempo in the English language.

11. Annabella

With the popularity of –ella and -belle names, we predict even Annabelle will rise up the list. Annabella’s American meaning is ‘joy’.

12. Aoife

If you want an alternative to the English name Eva, you can pick its closest variation Aoife, which means ‘joyful or radiant’. Aoife is also the name of the greatest female warrior of all time.

13. Arcadia

This classic name of Greek origin means “happiness.” It is often related to a region offering “peace,” thereby making it an alternative paradise to Eden.

14. Beah

The name falls into the Beatrice clan and can also be used as its nickname. Beah meaning “cheerful,” is a name of Latin origin.

15. Beatrice

A favorite of Dante and Shakespeare, Beatrice is back, after being in the attic for over a century. Beatrice means ‘she who brings happiness’.

16. Beatrix


This Italian meaning, ‘she who brings happiness or joy’ has a solid history of its own. This name is associated with Beatrix Potter, the creator of Peter Rabbit. Trixie and Bea would make adorable nicknames for Beatrix.

17. Beeja

It is a name of Indian origin and it means “new beginnings” or “happiness.”

18. Behati

A perfect name to describe your daughter as it means “one who brings joy.” If you’ve always wanted a baby girl, then this African origin name depicts that joy perfectly.

19. Bliss

Just as the name implies, Bliss or blissful means ‘cheer, joy, and extreme happiness’. A famous bearer of this name is Kirby Bliss Blanton, the American actress.

20. Blythe

This modern, recently coined name is a tweaked spelling of the word blithe, which means ‘cheerful, happy, and carefree’.

21. Bonnie

The name Bonnie has French and Scottish origins. It means “cheerful,” “good,” and “attractive.”

22. Caia

Caia, the name of the Roman Goddess of women and fire means ‘to rejoice’. It rhymes with Maya, yet sounds and looks very different.

23. Carol

Carol is one of the happy girl names, meaning ‘the song of happiness’, started getting popular at the end of the 19th century. It reached its highest, #4 in the year 1941.

24. Caroline

The name Caroline is the feminine version of the name Charles, which means “song of happiness.” Its root word Carl, derived from Karl, is of English and French origins.

25. Chara

Chara is the name of the star that represents hunting dogs in the Greek mythology, meaning ‘joy’. This unique name would make a distinctive alternative to Charlotte and Sarah.

26. Delicia

A popular Latin name that dates back to the Roman empire, Delicia is the older version of the contemporary name Alicia. This stunning baby girl name means “cheerful.”

27. Delilah

It is a name of Hebrew origin and means “delight.” In the Old Testament, Delilah, the mistress of Samson, betrayed him by revealing the secret of his strength to the Philistines.

28. Dita

A cute and simple name, Dita means “happy” in Indonesian.

29. Duscha

Whether you take it as an alternative to the familiar name Sascha or as an exotic European name, Duscha would make a beautiful name for your daughter. But it would be a bit difficult for your girl to carry this name in an English-speaking world. Duscha means happy or elated.

30. Eda

This short and sweet name, meaning ‘wealthy and happy’, has lately been in limbo.

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31. Eden

Eden is a unisexual name of Hebrew origin, and it means “delight.” According to the Bible, Eden was a paradise created by God. Also, Adam and Eve were created here.

32. Edith

Edith, meaning ‘happy warfare’, is one of the longest surviving Anglo-Saxon names today. It’s the name of two of the American First Ladies, Mrs. Woodrow Wilson and Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt.

33. Edna

The name Edna is an alternative form of Eden. It means “delightful” and has Hebrew origins. Be sure to be delighted by the name.

34. Euroa

Euroa is a name of Aboriginal slang, meaning “joyful.”

35. Falisha

One of the sweetest sounding variations of Felicia, Falisha means ‘happy and fortunate’.

36. Farrah

This Arabic baby girl name meaning ‘happiness or joy’, would be a fitting pick for the little girl who brought joy to your life. This lovely sounding name is back on the charts after ages, thanks to the teen mom sensation.

37. Felicia

Felicia, taken from the vocabulary word felicity, aptly describes the feeling of parents on seeing their child. It means ‘happy and lucky’.

38. Felicidad

An exclusive Spanish family name, Felicidad means “happiness.”

39. Felicity

Felicity, meaning ‘fortunate and happy’, is one of the most usable virtue names in our opinion. After coming into the spotlight after the television show “Felicity”, this name got further notice via American actress Felicity Huffman.

40. Frayda

The name Frayda is common in Jewish households. It is of Jewish origin and means “joy.” Frieda and Fraida are other variants.

41. Geila

Geila, from the Hebrew name Gila, has a joyous meaning ‘joy of the Lord’. The only catch is that it is also related to Gila Monster, the deadly lizard native to the Mexican state of Sonora. And that’s why we recommend the spelling variation Geila to you.

42. Giaconda

Giaconda means happy in Italian

The name Giaconda is of Italian origin and it means “happy.” Mona Lisa is the wife of a Florentine businessman with a surname Giocondo, and thus, received an Italian name as La Gioconda. Since then, the name became popular as a sign of happiness for its correlation to the mysterious smiling face of the Mona Lisa.

43. Gwyneth

This mellifluous name has been attracting several parents lately, thanks to the sensational actress Gwyneth Paltrow. It is an anglicized form of the name Gwynedd and means happy and ecstatic.

44. Halona

Halona is an unusual and rarely used Native American name, meaning ‘happy fortune’.

45. Hana

Hana means many things to many people. In Poland, Hana is a short form of Johanna, in Japanese, it’s a flower name, and in English, it means ‘happiness’. Even though Hannah broke into the top 1000 list in the year 1993, it never really made above top 600.

46. Hani

Hani is an utterly adorable Hawaiian name, meaning ‘joyful’. This name has all the qualities of being a multicultural name. It is short, sweet, sounds lovely, and does not suggest any culture or religion.

47. Helga

Helga is a derivative of the Old Norse word ‘heilagr’, which means ‘prosperous and successful’. It entered England before the Norman Conquest, but failed to survive long. It reappeared in the 20th century in Germany and Scandinavia.

48. Hillary

Hillary is popular, strong, has a three-syllable structure, and a lovely meaning (happy and cheerful). In the Middle Ages, Hillary was given only to boys, but it is now exclusive to girls.

49. Ilaria

Another interesting and fresh alternative to Hillary, Ilaria means ‘happiness’.

50. Joie

This French version of Joie, also pronounced as the English word joy, would make a perfect option in this category. Its bearers include Joie Chen, the American news anchor and Joie Lee, American actress.

51. Jovie

The name of the female lead in the movie ‘Elf’, Jovie has a joyous and happy sound to it. Meaning ‘joyful’, you can pick Jovie as a given name or short form of Jovana, Jovena, or Jovita.

52. Joy

It cannot get more ‘joyful’. Joy is taken from the French vocabulary word joie and Latin word gaudia. The name Joy was hugely popular in the 17th century, when the Puritans took the duty of being ‘joyful in the Lord’ too seriously.

53. Joyce

Joyce, meaning ‘joyous’, was once a male name, but shifted to the female territory in the mid 20th century. Its most famous bearer is James Joyce, the author of “Ulysses”.

54. Jubilee

Jubilee, meaning ‘joyous’, has a jubilant aura, but it could be a tad tough for your girl to carry. So pick it either as a middle name or as a nickname. Beall Phillips selected this name for his daughter.

55. Kalea

A Hawaiian origin name, Kalea means “filled with joy.” It is a breezy name for your little pumpkin.

56. Keiko

Keiko is a Japanese name with a supremely positive meaning, ‘happy child’.

57. Kiki

Of French origin, Kiki is a Bohemian style name that means “double happiness.”

58. Laticia

The name Laticia, alternatively written as Letitia, is of English and Latin origins. It means “joy” and is an enchanting name for your munchkin.

59. Leda

This Greek name, meaning ‘happy’, originally belonged to the mother of Helen of Troy. Leda was renowned for her beauty and wisdom. A modern association of this name is Leda Gloria, the Italian actress.

60. Leta

This hipster name, meaning ‘glad and joyful’ is a variation of Greek mythological name Leda. Leta was also the name of the second wife of Roman Emperor Gratian.

61. Letitia

This delicate and peppy name, meaning ‘joy’, has various phonetic spellings. We love its glamorous update Letizia the most.

62. Luana

Luana is an exotic Hawaiian name, meaning ‘happy’, in the Polynesian language.

63. Lykke

Lykke is a baby girl name of Danish origin. It means “good fortune” and “happy,” a name that is bound to bring out the optimistic side of your daughter.

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64. Mabbina

It is a stunning name with a European vibe to it. Mabbina means “happiness” and is of Irish origin.

65. Maeve

Maeve, pronounced as ‘may-ve’, is a beautiful Irish name, meaning ‘cause of great joy’, which we feel is fitting for your little bundle of joy. It is also associated with the Irish warrior queen.

66. Makenna

It is a name with a lot of positivity intertwined. Makenna is of African and Irish origins and means “happy one.”

67. Marnie

Marnie is the perfect example of the short form being more famous than the original. Marnie is attached to several celebs, like Marnie Stern, the American guitarist and Marnie McPhail, the American voice actress.

68. Merewen

The name Merewen is of Anglo Saxon origin, and it refers to “supreme happiness.” It is a unisexual name.

69. Merry

A girl with such a cheerful name is bound to be Merry. Merry means ‘happy’.

70. Naomi

A soft and melodious Biblical name with a positive and cheerful meaning, this name means ‘cheerful and pleasant’. At the #77 spot, Naomi is currently at its peak.

71. Nara

This soft and simple Japanese name, meaning ‘happy’, is used occasionally as a surname and more for the first name. Its pop culture references include Kwon Nara and Nara Lofego Leao.

72. Nayo

Nayo is an African-American girl name meaning joyful

Of African-American origin, this beautiful baby girl name Nayo means “joyful.”

73. Phylicia

The name Phylicia is of Greek origin. It originally means “fortunate.” But as luck brings along happiness, this name is with a synonym of joy.

74. Rafa

Rafa may sound like a nickname for Raphael, but it is a given name in its own right. This Arabic name means ‘happiness and prosperity’.

75. Rena

This Hebrew name, meaning ‘joyous melody’, would work on its own as well as an abbreviation of Irene. You can also spell it as Rina.

76. Ronia

Also spelled as Roniya, Ronja, and Ronya, Ronia is a Hebrew name meaning ‘joyful child’. This name is practically unknown in the English-speaking world.

77. Rowena

This beautiful Latin name was popularized by Sir Walter Scott in his novel “Ivanhoe”, in which it was the name of the female lead.

78. Seelay

Seelay is an uplifting English surname now used principally for girls as a first name. It means ‘blessed and happy’.

79. Trixie

Trixie, the diminutive of Beatrix, is a sassy and spunky name, meaning ‘she who brings happiness’. Damon Wayans recently picked Trixie as a given name for his daughter.

80. Winifred

The time is perfect to revive this Old English name meaning ‘peace and joy’. As a bonus, you get three nicknames Winnie, Freda, and Freddie.

81. Yuki

Yuki is a Japanese name meaning ’happiness or snow’. You can use Yuki for any name that has Yuki in the beginning.

Baby Boy Names Meaning Happy Or Joy

82. Alan

It is a popular name for a boy, and it means “cheerful” in Irish.

83. Ancel

The cool name Ancel is of Yiddish origin, and means “blessed” and “happy.”

84. Anit

The name Anit of Indian origin has a beautiful meaning. It is an ideal way to describe your baby boy as it means “eternal joy.”

85. Anschel

Anschel is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘happy’.

86. Arnan

It is of Hebrew origin and means “joy.”

87. Asher

This Jewish name, meaning ‘happy or fortunate’, was borne by one of Jacob’s sons in the Bible.

88. Bahjat

Babies, as we all know, are harbingers of joy. So name your son Bahjat, which means ‘happiness’ in Arabic. It will suit him perfectly.

89. Bayo

Bayo is a fun-filled name that describes your feelings about your baby. It is of African origin and means “the crown meets joy.”

90. Bennet

Bennet is a beautiful masculine Anglo-Norman and Old French origin name meaning “blessed” and “happy.”

91. Caius

This classic, yet simple name has a joyful quality, which will appeal to traditional parents. It was the name of an early Christian writer and a third century Pope.

92. Cayo

This rare and rhythmic Spanish name, taken from the Roman family name Caius, would make a lovely pick for your son. It means ‘rejoice’.

93. Denish

The name Denish is a English name that means “happy.”

94. Edwin

In German, Edwin or Edwyn means “a happy friend.” You could name your son Edwin, as it rightly describes the bond you’re about to have with him.

95. Faegan

Faegan is a baby boy name of English origin, and it means “joyful.” The name may have a traditional sound, but is a unique modern name for your baby.

96. Fane

In the Middle Ages, Fane was used as a nickname for someone with a happy and cheerful disposition. Today, Fane will fit well in the Kane and Zane family. Fane means ‘happy, joyous’.

97. Feliciano

Feliciano is Italian for Felix and means happy or fortunate

Upbeat and energetic, Feliciano is Italian for Felix and means ‘happy or fortunate’.

98. Felix

This Latin name, meaning ‘happy or lucky’, has been used as a given name in Britain and everywhere else in Europe as a lucky omen. Felix was highly popular amongst the early Christians as well, evident from the fact that it was borne by several early saints.

99. Festus

If you wish for an entirely out-of-the-box name, pick the Latin name Festus for your son. Your son will share his name with the third President of Botswana, Festus Mogae.

100. Gae

Gae, coming from the English word ‘gay’, meaning ‘cheerful or blithe’, was used as a given name in the early 20th century, but fell out of favor in the 21st century.

101. Gaius

As the trend for ancient Latin names is increasing, picking Gaius for your son would be an excellent idea. It is a Latin name, meaning ‘to rejoice’. A famous bearer of this name is Gaius Charles, the American actor.

102. Gale

Gale works both ways, as a masculine version of Abigail and a standalone Irish name, meaning ‘happy and cheerful’.

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103. Gil

Pronounced as zheel, Gil is a dashing Hebrew name, meaning ‘happiness’. Several celebrities have Gil as their middle or first name, like Gilbert Allen-Gil Meche, the American baseball player and Gilbert “Gil” Gerard, the American actor.

104. Gili

Gili is a spirited Hebrew name, meaning ‘my joy’. Pronounce this name as ‘gee-lee’.

105. Helier

If you need an unusual name, then Helier is the one for your baby boy. It is of Jerrais origin and means “cheerful.”

106. Ike

The name Ike has Nigerian and Hebrew roots. It means “one who brings laughter.” Isn’t it a wonderful title for your little one?

107. Isaac

Isaac, meaning ‘laughter and joy’, has shed the middle-aged name image to leap to the top 50 spot on the baby name list. And there is a high possibility of it heading higher.

108. Jevin

Jevin is a popular name with its roots in Indian origin. It means “joyful” and “brave.”

109. Keyes

Keyes is the Hebrew version of Caius and means ‘rejoice’. Its nickname option Key is also a definite asset.

110. Macario

Macario, often heard in the US, is the Spanish form of Makarios and means ‘happy and blessed’.

111. Maddox

The eccentric name is of Welsh origin. Maddox describes what your child means to you as it means “fortunate” and “joy.”

112. Marnin

Accessible, yet exotic, Marnin is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘one who creates joy’. Marnin also gives the option of the friendly nickname Marn.

113. Naim

Of Arabic and Hebrew origins, Naim means “pleasant” and “joyous.”

114. Naom

This modern Jewish name, with Noam Chomsky as its namesake, comes from the Hebrew vocabulary name, meaning ‘delight, joy’.

115. Nario

A cool alternative to Mario, Naro is an Italian word for ‘cheerful and happy’.

116. Onni

It is an adorable name for your little bear. Onni is a name of Finnish origin that means “luck” and “happiness.”

117. Oron

Oron is a friendly and substantial baby boy name, meaning ‘happy’.

118. Revel

The American origin name means “rejoice.” It is a unisexual name.

119. Ron

An exciting name for Harry Potter fans. Ron is a popular name of English origin, and it means “joyous.”

120. Ronel

The name Ronel is said to have its roots in Welsh origins. It means “God’s joy.”

121. Ronli

Ronli is a common Hebrew name, and it means “joy is mine.” The name is bound to add a promising touch to your baby.

122. Saeed

Bringing the Middle Eastern vibe is the name Saeed. It is a name of Turkish origin, and means “happy.”

123. Selig

This Jewish name is taken from the Yiddish word ‘selig’, which means ‘happy or fortunate’.

124. Shreyash

Shreyash is a common name with its roots in Indian origins. It means “happiness.”

125. Simcha

This Hebrew name, meaning ‘joy’, was originally a female name, but is used for boys among the Ashkenazic Jews.

126. Tarub

Happy baby names ending with ‘b’ are gaining immense popularity these days. The Arabic name Tarub stands for ‘happy’.

127. Tate

Tate, meaning ‘happy and cheerful’, is finding a place on several birth certificates. This strong, single syllable name has been hovering the top 400-baby name list for the last five years now.

128. Toshan

Toshan is an Arabic origin name meaning content and happiness

Toshan is an Arabic origin name that means “content and happy.” It is a blessed name that instills kindness into one’s heart.

129. Ullas

The name Ullas is of Indian origin and means “uncontrollable joy.”

130. Vidor

Vidor, the Hungarian version of the name Hilary, would make an interesting pick for cinema lovers. King Vidor, the American director, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the director with the longest career. Vidor means ‘happy’.

131. Vuyo

Quite a unique name for your baby boy. Vuyo means “happiness” and is of Xhosa origin.

132. Winston

This English name, meaning ‘joy stone’, got a boost during the Second World War via the towering figure Winston Churchill. Win or Winnie would make a viable nickname for Winston.

133. Zahal

An uncommon name, Zahal is of Hebrew origin. It means “joy” and would be a wonderful calling for your little boy.

134. Zelig

Zelig, the variation of Selig, is more popular than the original. This moniker was introduced to us by Woody Allen in his film of the same name. This quirky name means ‘blessed or happy’.

135. Zorion

Zorion may seem like a combination of Zorro and Onion to some of our readers, but it is a Basque name, meaning ‘happiness’.

So what is your favorite name meaning ‘happy or joy’? Let us know by commenting below!

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

A baby brings euphoric happiness to parents. You may be thrilled to make the blessed moment more special by choosing a baby name meaning happy and joy. For your baby girl, you could consider Aine and Caia, which are the names of goddesses and also mean success and rejoice. You may consider Alan, Felix, Maddox, or Ullas for boys and Delilah, Duscha, Hani, Keiko, or Luana for girls. These names are synonymous with joy and happiness in different languages worldwide. People carry their names their entire life, so choose meaningful ones. Use our comprehensive list to choose the one that would fit your baby the best.

Key Pointers

  • Picking baby names that mean happy can be an excellent way to celebrate the joy of holding your newborn for the first time.
  • Names that signify joy will remind your child of the happiness they bring and how much you love and cherish them.
  • These names can have Biblical roots, too, such as Naomi, Issac, Baruch, and Simchah.

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