133 Fiercest Gladiator Names For Baby Boys And Girls

Gladiator names have been gaining popularity. These names reflect valor, concrete virtues, and the strength of swordsmanship. Hailing from the Roman era, Gladiators were skilled warriors who fought with a killer, wild animals, and other gladiators. They primarily captured war prisoners with Roman martial ethics, who were then trained to overcome challenges amidst extreme conditions and conquer death.

Naming your child after gladiators can be a great idea as it portrays courage and bravery. If you are a fan of gladiators, read on for a list of interesting gladiator names for boys and girls to see similar power and strength in your children.

Gladiator Names For Girls

1. Asprilla

It means “cruel” or “harsh.” The name is of unknown origin and was given to a female gladiator in the long past era.

2. Audacia

It is a name of Latin origin and means “boldness and courage.” The feminine name also signifies valor and intrepidity.

3. Bellica

Bellica is a Latin origin name, which means “military” or “warfare.”

4. Bellicinia

The name has Latin roots and is suitable for a courageous female warrior.

5. Cita

Gladiator name meaning royal beauty

Cita is a Latin origin name, and it means “royal beauty.”

6. Celeriana

The Latin name means “a speedy woman.” It was commonly given for female gladiators.

7. Citata

Citata means an “agile warrior.” It is of Latin origin and signifies power and courage.

8. Excitata

The Latin origin name means “awaken.” It was given to female gladiators for extraordinary courage and lethal nature.

9. Ferocia

Ferocia is a Latin word that means “cruel” or “violent.” It was given to savage females.

10. Ferociana

It means “a savage woman,” the one who is fierce and cannot be tamed easily. The word is of Latin origin.

11. Ferocilla

The Latin word is a feminine version of ferox, which means “small yet ferocious.”

12. Ferocina

It means a ferocious female warrior. This Latin name symbolizes fierceness and courage.

13. Fervida

It is a Latin name that symbolizes rage and fierce nature. Fervida means “enthusiast.”

14. Fervidia

The name has Latin roots and is given to an angry woman.

15. Importuna

The gladiator woman’s name is derived from Latin origin, which means “cruel or persistent.”

16. Incitata

It is a Latin origin name with several meanings, some of which are “passionate,” “aroused,” and “fast-moving.”

17. Mala

Mala has numerous meanings as per different cultures and religions. In Indian origin, it means a garland.

18. Mevia

Mevia is a Roman origin female gladiator name. It means “strong” and “independence.”

19. Nerviana

Derivative of Sanskrit origin, this pleasing name means “liberation” or “bliss.”

20. Nervilla

In Latin, Nervilla stands for “tough and small.” The feminine word makes a great choice for your brave little girl.

21. Potentia

The name is self-explanatory, symbolizing “might,” “power,” and “force” in Latin.

22. Potentilla

In Latin, the name Potentilla is given to a courageous woman as the name means “a powerful female.”

23. Potentina

It is a Latin origin name that means “a strong and powerful woman warrior.”

24. Strenua

Strenua is a Roman name for healthy female gladiators. It means “goddess of the new year” or “wellbeing and purification.”

25. Tetricilla

The name symbolizes destructiveness, which means “a cruel and harsh woman.”

26. Valentia

The gladiator female name has a Latin origin and means “healthy.”

27. Valentilla

Valentilla is a female gladiator name of Latin origin. It means “a strong and healthy woman.”

28. Valentina

A feminine version of the name “valentinus” comes from Latin origin and means “a strong, powerful, and healthy woman with impressive strength.” The name is commonly used among Spanish, Romanian, Serbian, Greek, and Russian.

29. Violentilla

The roman female gladiator is suitable for someone with a small stature but violent nature.

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Gladiator Names For Boys

30. Acacius

Unique gladiator name for baby boy

In Greek origin, the ancient name has its roots connected to Acacia. For some modern twist and to make it attractive, “us” is added to offer a new life to this name, and Acacius means “thorny, innocent, and not evil.”

31. Acidus

A derivative of Latin origin, the name Acidus means “sour.”

32. Antonius

The Latin name is a modern Roman form of Anthony, which means “of value.”

33. Armipotens

This English origin word has quite a few meanings including, “powerful,” “mighty in battle,” and “powerful in arms.”

34. Asper

Asper is an American origin gladiator name that means “hope and unity.”

35. Asprinus

Asprinus was the name of a Roman Gladiator. It Latin, it means “peace.”

36. Atrox

Atrox has plenty of meanings, in Latin, it means “savage.”

37. Audacius

Audacius means “brave or courageous.” It also means “spiritual.”

38. Audax

The Latin origin name, Audax, means “daring and bold.”

39. Augustus

If you are looking for a name that will make a statement, you can name your baby boy Augustus. In Latin, it means “magnificent and great.”

40. Aurelius

Aurelius is a Latin origin name and means “the golden one.” The name signifies a warm golden aura, and it was also the name of one of the Roman emperors.

41. Bellicus

Bellicus is related to war, fierce in war, or warlike. In Celtic origin, it means “brave warrior.”

42. Belliger

The Latin derived word means “bringer of war.” It also means “warlike and valiant.” In the U.S, Belliger is a surname.

43. Caius

Caius may seem like a serious name, but it has a playful meaning, “rejoice.” Caius was also the name of the pope from the third century.

44. Caldus

Caldus is a common Roman name of Latin origin, and means “warm or hot.”

45. Celer

The Roman origin name is associated with speed. The meaning of Celer is “quick and swift.”

46. Celerianus

Celerianus is a Roman origin word related to speed and swiftness. The meaning of this quick-stepped gladiator name is “one who is quick, fast or swift.”

47. Celerius

In Roman, Celerius means “faster.”

48. Citatus

It means “one who is excited” in Latin.

49. Citior

In Latin, the word Citior means “with an extreme speed.” It stands for “swiftness and agility.”

50. Citus

In Latin, Citus means the one with speed. It also stands for a “stronger and faster person.”

51. Cornelius

The Latin origin name, Cornelius means “horn.”

52. Claudius

The name is counted as one of the most user-friendly ancient Roman names and means “lame or enclosure.” Here, the meaning lame signifies the rise of Claudius.

53. Crixus

Well-known gladiator involved in a war

According to Gaulish, Crixus was a well-known gladiator involved in a war with the Roman Empire. The meaning of this name is “one with curly hair.”

54. Decimus

In Roman, Decimus means “tenth,” a Roman numeral. This name is preferred in large Victorian families.

55. Durus

The meaning of the Latin name Durus is “hard or fast.”

56. Excitatus

Excitatus is a name of Latin origin, and it means “awaken.”

57. Exitiosus

The Latin word has several meanings, such as “deadly,” and “destructive.”

58. Ferocianus

The name is one of the most fitting names given to Roman gladiators. In Latin, it means “ferocity or one who is ferocious.”

59. Ferox

Ferox is a Latin word, which means “warlike” and “fierce.”

60. Ferullus

The name has its roots connected to Ferrous or iron in layman’s terms. The meaning of this Latin word is “as strong as iron.”

61. Flamma

Hailing from an unknown origin, the capable gladiator name Flamma means “the flame.” This name was given to a Syrian prisoner of war, who was forced to fight as a gladiator in the ancient Roman era.

62. Flavius

In Latin origin, this ancient Roman family name means “yellow or blond.” The name is linked with the emperor’s dynasty.

63. Frontosus

The meaning of this Latin name is “broad head.”

64. Funestus

Funestus is a Latin origin name, which means “calamitous” or “deadly,” or “fatal.”

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65. Gaius

Gaius is a Latin name, which means “to rejoice.” The name belongs to many ancient rulers, including the famous Julius Caesar.

66. Hermes

Derived from Greek origin, Hermes means “God of good luck” and “a skillful fighter.” The name was given to the most skillful gladiators of that time.

67. Imperiosus

Imperious is a Latin name given to the gladiators. The meaning of this name is “dynamic.”

68. Importunus

Having a Latin origin, the meaning of Importunus is “well-timed or suitable.”

69. Incitatus

In Latin, Incitatus means “quick or swift.”

70. Iniuriosus

Iniuriosus is a Latin origin name given to gladiators, and it means “spontaneous.”

71. Julius

Julius is a popular Roman name of Latin origin that means “youthful and downy-bearded.” It was also the name of the famous Roman emperor’s clan.

72. Junius

A derivative of Latin origin, Junius is given to the one born in June.

73. Lars

Originating from Scandinavian, the meaning of the name Lars is “crowned with laurel.”

74. Lividus

Lividus is a Roman name given to gladiators. It means “blue or envious.”

75. Lucius

In Latin, Lucius means “light.” It is also the name of an old and famous Roman clan.

76. Lucretius

This Latin clan name means “wealth.” It was the name of a Roman philosopher who was the inventor of Epicureanism.

77. Malus

In Latin, Malus means “apples.”

78. Marcellus

Hailing from Latin origin, Marcellusss means “ a young warrior.” This Roman name was first given to the firstborn by Marcus Claudius Marcellus and later passed on to two popes.

79. Marcus

Hailing from Latin, the meaning of the name Marcus is “dedicated to Mars”. It is quite a popular name across many countries.

80. Marcus Attilius

This Roman name was given to those gladiators who chose to become a gladiator as per their choice rather than choosing to be a slave.

81. Marius

Marius name originated in Latin and means “sea.” The name is common in France and Germany.

82. Mordax

Mordax is a cool gladiator name of Latin origin and means “snapping or biting.”

83. Maximus

Latin name symbolizing power

This Latin gladiator name symbolizes power, and it means “the greatest.”

84. Nero

This short yet impactful gladiator name means “energetic.” The name is derived from Latin origin.

85. Nocentianus

The Latin name means “a fierce warrior or determined killer.”

86. Octavius

In Latin, Octavius means “eighth.”

87. Pollentius

Pollentius is a Latin name, which means “the one with power.”

88. Pontius

Pontius is a Roman name, which means “bridge.” The name also featured in the New Testament as the name of the governor of Judea.

89. Potens

This name means “power or potency.” It is a derivative of Latin origin.

90. Potentinus

The male gladiator name is from Latin origin, and means “one with strength.”

91. Primus

Primus is a long-dormant Roman name of Latin origin, and it means “first.”

92. Priscus

Priscus is a Latin name that means “ancient.” It was given to the famous gladiator who fought an epic battle with Versus.

93. Properatus

The meaning of this Latin origin name is “speedy or hastened.”

94. Prudes

It is a Latin origin name given to a famous gladiator who fought battle against Tetraites. It means “brave.”

95. Rapidus

This Latin name is self-explanatory. It means “rapid.”

96. Robaratus

The Latin origin word means “one with strength.”

97. Roburius

The name was given to a gladiator with immense power and strength. In Latin, the word Roburis means “one with fury and strength.”

98. Robustianus

Originating from Latin, this ancient Roman gladiator name means “strong and muscular.”

99. Romulus

In Latin, Romulus means “citizen of Rome.”

100. Severus

The Latin origin name means “stern.” The name was also used in the famous Harry Potter books for a mean-spirited teacher Severus Snape.

101. Septimus

In Latin, the meaning of the name Septimus is “the seventh son.” It is one of the Latin number names to be revived by the Victorians.

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102. Strenuus

In Latin, the name Strenuus means “vigorous.”

103. Seneca

Seneca is a Native American and Latin surname, which means “people of the standing rock.” The name has been used by ancient Romans and makes an interesting choice for a girl and a boy.

104. Silvanus

As per Roman mythology, this Latin name was given to the God of the forests. The meaning of Silvanus is “wood or forest.”

105. Silvius

Silvius is a Latin name that means “wood or forest.” It was also a name given to many early saints and legendary kings.

106. Spartacus

The name is after a famous Roman gladiator, whose story has been retold for a long time. The meaning of this name is “from the city of sparta.”

107. Spiculus

Spiculus was a famous gladiator who built a close relationship with a Roman emperor Nero and won several battles in the amphitheater. The meaning of this name is “ear of grain.”

108. Tarquinius

Tarquinius was a name of a Toman clan.

109. Taurus

Taurus is a famous gladiator name of Latin origin, and it means “bull.”

110. Tetraites

The name was given to one of the popular gladiators who fought many battles with a gladiator named Prudes.

111. Tetricus

The Latin name means “sullen.”

112. Thelonius

Originating from Latinized variation of Tillo, the meaning of this name is “lord.”

113. Tiberius

The Latin name Tiberius means “of the Tiber.” The name belongs to an important roman emperor.

114. Titus

The meaning of Titus is “title of honor” in Latin origin.

115. Torentius

Hailing from Latin, the meaning of the name Torentius is “a treacherous river.”

116. Valerius

This ancient Roman surname from Latin origin means “strength and health.”

117. Valentinus

Valentinus is a Roman name that means “strong and healthy.”

118. Validus

Latin origin name meaning powerful

The name hails from Latin origin, which means “powerful.”

119. Vegetianus

The gladiator name was given to the “one with immense power” in Latin origin.

120. Vegetinu

The meaning of the name Vegetinus means “powerful one” in Latin.

121. Vegetius

Vegetius was the name of a gladiator from Rome who was known for his “power and muscular strength.” The name belongs to Latin origin.

122. Vegetus

The Latin origin name, Vegetus, means “fresh and vibrant.”

123. Vehemens

Vehemens means “forceful energy.”

124. Velocianus

This Latin word means “fierce warrior.”

125. Velox

Velox is a Latin word that means “swift.”

126. Verus

The Latin name means “a true one.” It belongs to those gladiators who excelled in the battle with Priscus.

127. Vigor

This English name means “physical strength and good health.”

128. Violens

Violens is an English name that means “destructive action.”

129. Viratus

The name of Latin origin means “God of truth.”

130. Virgil

Virgil is a Latin name that means “staff bearer.”

131. Virilianus

The meaning of this Latin origin word is “manly and energetic.”

132. Volantius

Volantius means “flying” in Latin.

133. Xanthus

This name is of Latin origin and is an alternative name for Apollo. The meaning of Xanthus is “golden-haired.”

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When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

The ancient Roman Gladiators have gained popularity in pop culture since they are many moviemakers’ favorite topic. Parents who want their children to be strong and brave may have an inclination towards Gladiator names that signify power, agility, and determination to win against all odds. While Audacia, Celeriana, Ferocia, Nervilla, or Valentilla are great choices for your fearless baby girl, Caldus, Ferox, Maximus, Nocentianus, Valerius are suitable for your valiant son. We hope this list will help you choose the best and the most meaningful name for your beloved child.

Gladiators were known to possess exceptional combat skills and bravery. You can imbue the essence of this warrior spirit by naming your child with the best gladiator names provided.

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