120+ Spiritual Baby Boy And Girl Names Full Of Positive Energy

If you are quite a religious individual, you may also want your child to choose that path and pick spiritual baby names for them. Spirituality is a journey towards self-discovery and seeking meaning in a broader spectrum that results in positive emotions, peace, contentment, acceptance, gratitude, and emotional wellbeing.

Finding a spiritual name for your baby paves the way for them to lead a fulfilling and content life. We share some spiritual names that may be perfect for your little one in this post.

Spiritual Baby Girl Names With Meanings

1. Abigail

A traditional biblical name, Abigail, means ‘the one who brings joy.’ It makes for a perfect name for your little bundle of joy.

2. Ada

A short and sweet Hebrew name, Ada, means ‘noble.’

3. Adrija

A name out of Hindu mythology, Adrija, means ‘the one born out of a mountain.’ It is another name for Goddess Parvati and signifies power and strength.

4. Aja

A unique Sanskrit name, Aja, means ‘the unborn and self-existent.’ Sikh Mool mantra also references this quality of the supreme energy in the term ‘Ajoonee.’

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5. Amara

A stylish name, with its origin in Greek, Latin, and Sanskrit, means ‘grace, immortal one.’ It is a multicultural name.

6. Anika

Anika is one of the names of Goddess Durga, the Goddess of strength and courage in Hindu mythology.

7. Anahita

A traditional Persian name, Anahita means ‘Pure.’ Anahita is also the name of the ancient Persian Goddess of health and wisdom.

8. Ariana

A beautiful Greek name for your sweet girl, Ariana, means ‘scared and revered.’

9. Bhuvi

Bhuvi is a Hindu name meaning heaven

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A beautiful Hindu name, Bhuvi means ‘Heaven.’

10. Brita

Brita means ‘the exalted one.’ Brita is of Norwegian, Gaelic, and Swedish origin. Another popular variation of this name is Brittany.

11. Cami

A short and stylish Latin name, Cami means, Priest. Another variation of this name is Camilla.

12. Chetal

A unique Hindu name, Chetal, means ‘the one who is full of life and vitality. It is a perfect name to bless your girl with a long, healthy life.

13. Devina

Devina is an Indian name. Devina means ‘the blessing of the God.’

14. Dityaa

A unique name from Indian mythology, Dityaa is another name of ‘Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity.’

15. Emma

Emma is a popular English name with Latin origin. It means ‘a universal one or whole’, signifying the oneness of our existence.

Briefing the story behind naming her daughter Emma, an anonymous blogger and mother says, “When deciding the name, my husband and I agreed that if the baby were a girl, I would name the baby. And if the baby was a boy, he could. For some reason, I’ve always loved the name Emma. And Emma Stone was one of my favorite actresses. So I decided on her first name being Emma (i).”

16. Firdaus

A traditional Arabic name, Firdaus, means ‘paradise.’

17. Freya

Freya is a Scandinavian name with roots in Norse mythology. It is the name of the Goddess of love and fertility.

18. Hanna

Your daughter is a blessing; Hanna will be a good choice. It is a name of Hebrew and Swedish origin meaning ‘his grace.’

19. Hanvika

Hanvika is a unique Sanskrit name. In Hindu mythology, Hanvika is a name for Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of wisdom and knowledge.

20. Heidi

Being noble is a spiritual virtue. Heidi is a German name, signifying the same. It means ‘the one who is noble.’

21. Ilhaam

Ilhaam is a name of Urdu, Arabic origin. It means ‘a divine inspiration’. It is a good name for a Muslim baby girl.

22. Ipsita

Ipsita is a name for the Hindu Goddess of Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth.

23. Ira

In Hindu mythology, Ira is one of the many names of Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of music, art, and learning.

24. Iva

A short and stylish name, Iva means ‘God is gracious.’ It has multiple origins, with its roots in Slavic and Hebrew.

25. Irene

It is a sweet and graceful name of Greek origin. In Greek mythology, Irene is the name of the Goddess of peace.

26. Ishleen

A Sikh name, Ishleen, means ‘the one who is absorbed in the almighty.’

27. Jawna

Jawna is a name of Arabic origin. It means ‘the sun,’ signifying the life-giving forces of the Sun.

28. Katherine

A classic name with Greek origin means ‘the pure one.’ It has many variations like Kate, Catherine, Katrina.

29. Krishnavi

A beautiful Hindu name, Krishnavi means ‘Lord Krishna’ in the Gujarati language.

30. Karin

A modern and stylish name, Karin is of Scandinavian origins, meaning Pure.

31. Lina

Lina is a short name of Greek and Persian origins. It means ‘sunlight, the life-giving energy of the sun.’

32. Luna

It is a short name of Latin origin and means ‘moon.’ In ancient Roman mythology, Luna is another name of ‘Goddess of the moon.’

33. Livjot

Livjot is a traditional Sikh name. It means ‘the one who the lord illuminates.’

34. Misha

A beautiful name Misha is of biblical origins, meaning the one who resembles God.

35. Nura

A beautiful, traditional, Arabic name, Nura, means ‘the divine light.’

36. Prama

A unique name of Sanskrit origin, Prama means ‘knowledge of the truth.’ A perfect name for a spiritual seeker.

37. Pranavi

The first sound of the Universe, aum, is called Pranavi in Sanskrit. It is a unique and wonderful name.

38. Prisha

Prisha is a Hindu name meaning ‘divine grace.’ Your daughter is the fruit of his love and kindness, and this is a perfect name for her.

39. Rhea

If you are looking for a short, vintage name, then this name is for you. Rhea is a Greek name and means ‘the mother of Gods and Goddesses.’

40. Rubani

A traditional Sikh name, Rubani means ‘the soul’s voice.’

41. Saavya

In Hindu mythology, Saavya is another name of Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the Universe. Saavya is a perfect combination of tradition as well as style.

42. Sanya

A popular name, Sanya, is a name of Arabic origin and means ‘the fortunate one.’

43. Selena

Selena is a Greek name meaning the moon

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A name with Greek roots means ‘the heavenly body – moon.’ Some other variations of the name are Celina, Celia.

44. Sehaj

Sehaj is a Hindu name meaning ‘the one in a state of perfect balance,’ which is the ultimate goal of our existence on Earth.

45. Shayla

The name comes from India. In Hindu mythology, it is one of the names of Goddess Parvati.

46. Sophia

A classic and famous name, Sophia means ‘the one with the greatest wisdom.’ It makes for a beautiful Greek name for your princess.

47. Sri

A name of Sanskrit origin, Sri denotes wealth and prosperity.

48. Suchi

A short and sweet Hindu name, Suchi means holy and pure.

49. Tarani

A unique name of the Sanskrit origin, Tarani, means ‘the Sun.’

50. Thea

A unique, Greek name for your girl, Thea means ‘a gift from almighty.’

51. Twisha

A modern name of Sanskrit origin, Twisha means ‘the rays of the Sun’ or ‘sunlight.’

52. Udita

Udita is a traditional Hindu name meaning the one who has risen.

53. Vamika

A unique name from Hindu mythology, Vamika is another name of Goddess Durga, the Goddess of courage.

54. Vashti

Vashti is a Persian name meaning goodness, an important virtue for living a good life.

55. Vida

A short Latin name, Vida means ‘life.’

56. Vimukti

Vimukti in Sanskrit means ‘liberation from earthly existence,’ which is often the goal of a spiritual seeker.

57. Yana

Yana is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘God is gracious’ or ‘a new birth.’

58. Zahira

Zahira is a name of Arabic origin. It means ‘the shining one.’

59. Zoe

Looking for a name that summarises our existence in one word? You must consider Zoe as your daughter’s name. It means ‘life’ and has a Greek origin.

60. Zoha

A beautiful Arabic name, Zoha, means the divine light.

61. Zobia

A unique Arabic name meaning divine gift, which defines what your daughter is for you.

Spiritual Baby Boy Names With Meanings

62. Aaron

A Hebrew name, Aaron means ‘high mountain.’ Erin is another name with the same meaning. In Abrahamic religions, it also signifies a high priest and a prophet.

63. Abel

Abel is a Biblical name meaning ‘breath’, denoting the very existence of life.

64. Abhideya

A beautiful name, straight from the heart of Hinduism, Abhideya means ‘the chief function of the living entity’.

65. Abram

A beautiful Hebrew name, Abram means ‘high father or exalted father’. It is a great option if you are looking for a short but deeply spiritual name.

66. Advay

Advay – the name has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? It is a Sanskrit name and means ‘union of soul and God’.

67. Anhad

A name of Indian origin but transcends all boundaries. It means ‘the one without limits’ and is used to name the ‘unstruck sound or sound of the creation.’

68. Anagh

Anagh is another name of Lord Vishnu in Indian mythology. It signifies the one without faults.

69. Alo

Looking for a short name? It doesn’t get shorter than this! Alo is a Native American name and means ‘spirit guide.

70. Arel

What a beautiful and unique name! Arel means ‘sprit’ in Hebrew.

71. Bodhi

Bodhi is a Sanskrit name used to refer to the Buddha

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The beautiful name Bodhi means ‘enlightenment or ‘awakening’ in Sanskrit. It is also used to refer to the Buddha.

72. Calum

A beautifully different name, Calum means ‘disciple of Saint Columbus, purity or Holy Spirit’.

73. Chanann

The Hebrew name Channan means ‘cloud’. It also means ‘spiritual light’ – a wonderfully unique name for a special baby!

74. Christopher

A traditional Christian name means ‘the one who carries Christ in his heart.’ This name has been around for centuries but is still a trendy name. Some other variations of this name are Chris, Christos, and Christoff.

75. Cullan

Cullan means ‘spirit of God’ as well as ‘handsome’ in the Gaelic language. It is a popular baby name in the west and is worth a consideration.

76. Cyrus

Cyrus is a very popular Persian name meaning ‘the Sun.’

77. Dhanak

Rainbows are a reminder of all the beautiful things in life. A classic Urdu name, Dhanak, means ‘Rainbow.’ It could be a nice name for your rainbow baby.

78. Dhanvin

Dhanvin is a trendy name from Hindu mythology. It is another name for Lord Shiva.

79. Dhitik

A beautiful, stylish Buddhist name, Dhitik means ‘the wise one.’

80. Divayam

A beautiful Sanskrit name, Divyam means ‘divine or unique’. It is an amazing name without many religious trappings.

81. Dusan

A popular Croatian name, Dusan means ‘spirit or soul’. If you are not averse to going out of your comfort zone, Dusan will be a good option for you.

82. Dvita

Dvita is a Sanskrit name and means ‘existing in two forms’. It reflects the duality of life and is a deeply spiritual name.

83. Elijah

A biblical name, Elijah refers to the only prophet in the Bible who reached heaven alive.

84. Ganeve

A common Sikh name, Ganeve means ‘priceless wealth’. The name does not sound religious and can work for any family.

85. Gurdit

A trendy Sikh name, Gurdit means ‘divine blessing.’ It is a perfect name for your baby, who is a blessing indeed.

86. Harin

A stylish, trendy name from Indian mythology, Harin means ‘the one who is pure.’ The name also refers to Lord Vishnu.

87. Hoyt

A very uncommon name, Hoyt means ‘’descended from the mind or spirit’ in the Norse language.

88. Ishwa

A cute little name, Ishwa should surely be a part of your shortlist. It means ‘spiritual teacher’ in Sanskrit.

89. Idhyah

An uncommon name from Hindu Mythology, Idhyah, means ‘the praiseworthy one,’ and is also used for Lord Shiva.

90. Kanav

A beautiful Hindu name, Kanav, means the wise one.

91. Lior

A short and trendy Hebrew name, Lior, means ‘the illuminated one’.

92. Livchit

An uncommon Sikh name, Livchit means ‘the one who is conscious or aware.’

93. Micah

The name Micah means ‘one who resembles the Lord’. It is a wonderful name and will be perfect for your special boy.

94. Moksha

The very essence of Hinduism and Buddhism, Moksha means ‘freedom from the cycle of life and death’. It is a beautiful name that is fast becoming popular around the world, especially India.

95. Ninad

Ninad is a spiritual boy name

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It is a stylish Hindi name meaning ‘the sound of flowing water,’ signifying one of the elements necessary for life.

96. Nathan

A very popular Christian name, Nathan means ‘the Gift of the almighty”.

97. Nirvaan

A trendy name in the Eastern world, Nirvaan means ‘liberation of the soul’ or ‘enlightenment.’

98. Om

The word Om today has transcended physical and religious boundaries. It is a beautiful Sanskrit names and means ‘creation’.

99. Omaja

An interesting name, Omaja means ‘result of spiritual unity’. It is a Sanskrit name but has universal appeal.

100. Purvik

Purvik is a name of Indian origin with Sanskrit roots, and it is a synonym of the ‘Sun.’

101. Padmaj

Lotus is an exotic flower and is significant in both Hinduism and Buddhism as it denotes spiritual growth. Padmaj means ‘born from lotus’ and is another name for Lord Brahma.

102. Pax

Pax is a simple name, but with a profound meaning. It means ‘peace’. It was originally a feminine name, but both boys and girls use it today.

103. Ritam

A beautiful name of Indian origin, Ritam, means ‘the divine truth.’

104. Ritvik

A trendy name from Sanskrit, Ritvik, means ‘a seeker of enlightenment.’

105. Ruhan

Ruhan is fast becoming popular not just in India, but also around the world. It means ‘spiritual’ and will be a good fit for your family.

106. Sanay

A unique Hindu boy name with universal appeal, Sanay means eternal.

107. Sanjit

An interesting Sikh name, Sanjit, means ‘the victorious one,’ signifying the victory over all the vices.

108. Sarosh

A beautiful, unique name of Arabic origin, Sarosh means ‘prayer.’

109. Saul

A classic and stylish name of Hebrew origin, Saul means ‘prayed for.’

110. Shlok

It is a traditional name from the Sanskrit language Shlok means ‘the Vedic chant or ‘hymn.’

111. Subhan

Subhan is a unique Arabic name meaning ‘in his (almighty) praise.’

112. Shiloh

Your son is a gift from God. Name him Shiloh, which means ‘his gift’ in Hebrew.

113. Shaya

An uncommon name, Shaya means ‘god’s gift’. It has Hebrew origins and can be used for both girls and boys.

114. Silas

A very popular name, Silas means ‘man of the woods’ in Latin. It is a biblical name and will be perfect for Christian families.

115. Turya

Turya is a Sanskrit name and means ‘spiritual power.’ It is a name with universal appeal. So no matter your nationality, this name can be a good option.

116. Ulick

A unique name with Irish and Norse roots, Ulick means ‘heart, mind, or the spirit’. It does have a difficult spelling, but if you want something ‘different’, this will be a good choice.

117. Veda

You don’t have to be a Hindu to appreciate this deeply spiritual boy name. Veda, in Sanskrit, means ‘knowledge or wisdom’.

118. Vibhu

Vibhu is a short and sweet name from Hindu mythology. It is used for Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the world. It signifies strength and excellence.

119. Yajur

Yajur refers to one of the four Vedas of Hindu scripture

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An uncommon name, Yajur is of Indian origin. Yajur is one of the four Vedas of ancient Hindu scripture.

120. Zen

Not a commonly used name, the name Zen does have its virtue. If you want a spiritual name, you cannot find a better one! Zen means ‘absorption, meditative state, calm or tranquility.’

121. Zion

Here’s a name that is fast becoming popular around the world. It means ‘holy land’ and comes from the rich and beautiful Hebrew language.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Giving your baby spiritual names allows you to create a life of contentment and happiness for them. But choosing the right name from the vast available options might not be as easy as it sounds. Thus, we have come up with a list of spiritual names for boys and girls, along with their meanings. Choose the ones that you like and relate to the most, and use them to name your little one. You can also keep the list handy for when you need to give suggestions to others about the same.

Key Pointers

  • Spiritual names are found in all religions and cultures.
  • These names have positive and religious meanings.
  • They are usually derived from holy texts and prayers.
  • Brita, Katherine, Prama, and Zahira are some of the well-known spiritual names for girls.
  • Boy’s names like Aaron, Moksha, Ruhan, and Zion are commonly used across the globe.

Explore some of the most meaningful spiritual names for a baby boy. This video lists names from the Hindu culture that have a timeless appeal.

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