120 Most Popular Colombian Boy Names, With Meanings

Colombia is a cultural paradise with American, African, and European ancestry. It’s the fifth largest country in Latin America and has the world’s second largest population of Spanish-speaking people in South America. If you are looking for some beautiful and meaningful Colombian boy names, this post is for you.

Colombia is a spiritual haven, with Roman Catholics constituting more than 86% of the population. Here we have curated the list of Colombian boy names highlighting this diversity. In this list of Colombian names, most names have European derivations or include the common American names (1) ( 2).

Most Popular Colombian Boy Names

These Colombian boy names are stylish, classy, and adorable. They are an easy guide to help you pick the best name for your little guy.

1. Aaron

This Hebrew origin name is conventional but never out of trend. It means “strong” and “exalted.”

2. Adam

The Biblical name Adam is of Hebrew origin. It means “son of the red earth.” The American actor Adam Sandler and the singer Adam Levine are celebrities with whom your child would be sharing the name.

3. Adrien

The name Adrien is patronymic, and it means “son of Adria.”

4. Alejandro

If you’re a fan of regular names with a twist, this Spanish and Greek origin is for you. Alejandro is the vintage take on Alexander. It means “man’s defender.”

5. Alroy

If you think Alroy is an old-fashioned name, worry not. Its Gaelic and Spanish origins make it exotic enough, and it means “king.”

6. Andres

You would have guessed the meaning of this Greek origin name already, as it is quite common. It means “manly” and is the traditional version of Andrew.

7. Angelo

You must have guessed it already. The baby boy’s name Angelo is of Greek and Latin origins and means “angel” or “messenger.”

8. Arturo

The name may remind you of Arthur since it is the Spanish version of it. Arthuro is an Italian origin name meaning “bear.”

9. Arvin

The Spanish and Old German name is gaining popularity again after its fall since the ’50s. It is a compassionate name as it means “people’s friend.”

10. Austin

The name Austin is derived from the Latin Augustus. It is a pretty name for your boy and means “great.”

11. Baltasar

Baltasar is of Greek origin and means “Baal protects the king.”

12. Benedicto

You must have heard of this name’s English version, Benedict. In the Spanish version, it is Benedicto and means “blessed.”

13. Benjamin

The popular name reminds one of Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin is of Hebrew origin and means “son of the right hand.”

14. Benson

Benson is a patronymic name as it means “son of Ben.” The name is of Old English origin.

15. Bernardino

It is another adorable, aesthetic name for your baby. It means “brave” and is of Old German and Old French origins.

16. Bradley

The actor Bradley Cooper is a celebrity your child would be sharing the name with. Bradley means “broad meadow” and has Old English origins.

17. Brian

We have to say Brain is the most native European name on our list. It is a name of Celtic, Irish, Gaelic, and English origins and means “noble.”

18. Bruce

The name is quite popular among action-film fans due to the legendary martial artist and actor Bruce Lee. The name has Scottish, French, and English origins and means “from the brushwood thicket.”

19. Bryson

The patronymic name of Welsh origin means “son of Bryce.”

20. Canda

Canda is a classic pick amongst Latin names and means “clarity.”

21. Carlos

Carlos is an adorable democratic name of German origin. It means “free man.”

22. Cisco

It is effortlessly the cutest name for your baby boy. It has mixed origins of Portuguese, Spanish, and French, meaning “freeman.”

23. Chico

It is of Portuguese origin and means “young” or “little.”

24. Christian

The vintage name never gets out of style. It means “follower of Christ.”

25. Colombo


Colombo is a name of Italian origin. It means “dove,” which is a reference to “love.”

26. Colby

Perfect name for babies with brown and black hair, as this Biblical name of Old English origin means “dark-haired.”

27. Cory

Cory is a unisexual name of Greek and Gaelic origins, meaning “in a hollow.”

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28. Cyrus

The unisexual name has gained popularity as the family name of singers Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus. It means “sun” and is of Persian origin.

29. Dante

It is a name popular among Disney fans, thanks to the name of the dog in the 2017 Disney film Coco. It has been a popular name since 1910 and has Italian origins and means “enduring.”

30. Dario

If you need a name reflecting wellness, then this Italian and Croatian name is for you. It means “possessing goodness.”

31. David

The all-time popular name is of Hebrew origin and means “beloved.” With many celebrities such as David Bowie, David Beckham, and David Schwimmer bearing this classic name, it is the most common name in the States.

32. Daza

It is a topographic name of Spanish origin, meaning “sorghum.”

33. Desmond

It is a royal Anglo-Saxon name that means “gracious defender.”

34. Diego

The variant of Santiago means “supplanter” and has Hebrew origins.

35. Dominic

The name is common among Roman Catholics. It is of Roman and Latin origin and means “belonging to the Lord.”

36. Donatello

It is of Spanish origin and means “gift from God.”

37. Easton

The name has been surging in the popularity charts. It is a habitational name of Old English origin referring to “one from the east.”

38. Eberardo

It is another unusual Old English origin name on our list meaning “brave as a boar.”

39. Elonzo

Finding its roots in German, the name Elonzo is a powerful name for you little guy. It means “ready for battle.”

40. Emiliano

This sweet yet stylish boy’s name is derived from the Roman family name Aemilius. It means “eager” or “rival.”

41. Emmanuel

Emmanuel or Immanuel is a Biblical name of Hebrew origin. It means “God is with us.”

42. Enrique

Probably a name describing your household’s future master, Enrique is of Portuguese origin and means “home-ruler.” Also, your baby would be sharing this game with famous singer Enrique Iglesias.

43. Ezra

The name Ezra has been trending since the ’60s. It is of Hebrew origin and means “helper.”

44. Fabian

The name Fabian is of Roman origin. It was a name given to the descendants of the female line.

45. Felix

The magical name Felix is of Latin origin. It means “fortunate.”

46. Fernando

Here’s another great name for your baby boy. Fernando is of Greek and Spanish origin, and it means “boldness” and “peace.” Your baby would be sharing the name with the painter Fernando Gallego.

47. Finley

Finley is a Colombian boy name meaning a fair warrior

Of Old Irish and Old Norse origin, the name Finley means “fair warrior.”

48. Francesco

The Spanish version of Frances means “free man.” This name also has a Latin origin.

49. Gabriel

Gabriel is a name synonymous with style. It is of Hebrew origin and means “God is my strength.”

50. Gabrio

The name Gabrio is of Spanish origin and means “God is my strength.”

51. Gage

The short and sweet name Gage is an occupational name of Old English and Old French origins. It means “surety” and was a term used in the banking and monetary businesses.

52. Gideon

Gideon is a common Jewish name, meaning “one who cuts down.”

53. Gilberto

Gilberto is a different take on Gilbert and is ideal for those parents who want something unusual. With Old French origins, it means “bright promise.”

54. Gregory

Gregory can be a great name for your little one as it tests the times. Derived from the Greek name Gregorius, it means “vigilant.”

55. Hamish

The beautiful name is of Scottish origin and means “may God protect.”

56. Herculano

Meaning “glory of Hera,” Herculano is a Greek origin name. Hera is also referred to as the planet Venus.

57. Holden

Holden is an occupational name of Old English origin. The name was meant to refer to someone living near the “hollow in the valley.”

58. Hugo

Its English version is Hugh. Although Hugo is not as popular as Hugh, it still tops our list of adorable names. The name means “mind” and is of German, Portuguese, and Spanish origins.

59. Ian

Of Scottish and Hebrew origins, this traditional name means “God is gracious.”

60. Isaac

The name of the firstborn son of Abraham, Isaac, means “one who rejoices.” It is a name for those parents who never want it to go out of trend.

61. Isiah

Isiah is a great choice for those parents who wish their baby’s name to be eternal. It means “God is salvation” and is of Hebrew origin.

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62. Ivan

Ivan is a name that might have started low on the popularity charts but is always trending now. It means “God is gracious” and has Hebrew origins.

63. Jacobo

It is an attractive, Spanish name of the English Jacob. It has Hebrew origins and means “he who supplants.”

64. Jalen

This modern version of the name Galen would be an unusual pick for parents. It means “healer” and is of Greek origin.

65. Jeronimo

Jeronimo of Spanish, Greek, and Italian origins tumbled down the popularity charts during the 1960s. But it is back on trend again and is an ideal comeback name for your little guy. Geronimo and Jerome are its other variants.

66. Joshua

The name Joshua is derived from the Hebrew Yehoshua. He led the Hebrews to the promised land. Thus, Joshua means “God is deliverance.”

67. Jovan

Jovan is an adorable Slavic origin name, meaning “God is gracious.”

68. Julio

Julio is a Greek-origin name and has a stylish touch to it. It means “Jove’s child.”

69. Kale

The short and delicate name has Gaelic origins and means “affectionate.”

70. Karl

Karl is a timeless name with origins in Dutch, Scandinavian, German, and Slavic. Your child would be sharing the name with the German economist and philosopher Karl Marx.

71. Kian

Of Gaelic, Irish, and Hebrew origin, Kian means “God is gracious.”

72. Kieman

It is an unusual name that makes your child stand out. The name is of Irish origin and means “son of Lord.”

73. Kolby

Kolby is a name meaning dark haired

It is a name ideal for boys with black and brown hair as it means “dark-haired.” The name is of Old Norse origin.

74. Kyle

Kyle is an adorable and stylish name with origins in Scottish, Gaelic, and Irish. It means “a narrow piece of land.”

75. Lance

Lance is an appealing Old English name, and it means “God-like.”

76. Lando

Lando is a classic name of Spanish origin, meaning “famous land.”

77. Leonardo

The name Leonardo never goes out of trend. The Spanish, Italian, German, and Portuguese name means “brave.” The artist Leonardo Da Vinci, actor Leonardo Di Caprio, and the soccer player Leonardo Bonucci are a few people your child would be sharing the name with.

78. Lochlan

The name Lochlan is a Scottish origin habitational name meaning “from the land of lakes.”

79. Lorenzo

The stylish name is derived from the Latin Laurentius, which means “one from Laurentum.” It is equivalent to the English name Lawrence.

80. Macario

It is a unique name of Greek origin. It means “blessed” and would perfectly summarize the birth of your little angel.

81. Marcos

The moniker Marcos is a name with reference to the God of Mars as it means “dedicated to Mars.”

82. Martin

Derived from the Latin name Martinus, Martin is inspired by the Roman God of war and agricultural guardian, Mars. Your baby boy could also draw inspiration from another motivational figure sharing his name, Martin Luther King Jr.

83. Mateo

Mateo is a gorgeous Spanish origin name meaning “gift of God.” It is the Spanish version of Mathew.

84. Matias

It is quite a chic name for your baby boy. It is of Hebrew, Greek, and German origins, meaning “gift of God.”

85. Maximo

You must have guessed the meaning of this name for its root word max. The upbeat and fresh name, Maximo, is of Spanish origin, and it means “the greatest.”

86. Myles

The patriotic Latin origin name means “gracious soldier.”

87. Nacio

Nacio is derived from the Latin word “egnatus” and it has Etruscan origins. It is a powerful name as it means “fiery one.”

88. Nathaniel

The name Nathaniel is the unglorified version of Nathan. It has origins in Hebrew and means “given by God.”

89. Nicolas

The variations of this Greek origin name never cease to be off the charts. It is also a motivating and philanthropic name as it means “victory of the people.”

90. Norman

The name Norman is the conjoined version of two words, “north” and “man.” It is a topographical name and is ideal for someone from the northern countries.

91. Oliver

It is a classic name that never fails to impress. This Old French and Old English origin name mean “warrior.”

92. Orion

It is a celestial name for your baby boy. The name Orion is of Greek origin and it means “rising in the sky.” Isn’t this an enchanting name for your baby?

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93. Orlando

The name reminds one of the English actor Orlando Bloom. It is of Italian origin and means “glorious land.”

94. Oscar

Oscar means the friend of a deer

The stylish name Oscar means “friend of deer,” and is of Scandinavian and English origin.

95. Pablo

The sweet name is the Spanish version of Paul. It means “humble” and is derived from the Latin word Paulus.

96. Paul

It is a popular masculine name meaning “small.” It has English, German, French, and Dutch origins. If you’re a fan of action film franchises such as Fast & Furious or Marvel, then this could be the name for your boy, thanks to Paul Walker, Paul Rudd, and Paul Bettany.

97. Reece

The name Reece is a sweet name of Welsh origin, meaning “enthusiasm.”

98. Philip

Philip is a name that needs no introduction. It is of Greek origin and refers to “one who is fond of horses.” It is a great name for your baby if you’re an animal lover.

99. Quito

The simple yet cute name means “fifth.” It is perfect for babies born in May or the fifth of any month.

100. Quinlan

Of Gaelic and Celtic origin, Quinlan is a unique name that means “perfection of form.”

101. Rafael

Rafael means “God has healed.” According to the Old Testament, Rafael was one of the archangels and was an expert healer. It is also one of the currently popular names across the world.

102. Ramiro

Ramiro is a unique name of Portuguese, Old German, and Spanish origins. The name means “renowned counselor.”

103. Rico

Rico is the alternative version of the name Enrique and means “home-ruler.”

104. Rocco

Rocco is a beautiful name for your baby boy. It is a peaceful name meaning “rest.”

105. Ruben

It has Spanish and Hebrew origins. Ruben was a popular name during the 19th century, and it means “a son” and has Hebrew and Spanish origins.

106. Salvatore

The classy name Salvatore or Salvadore means “savior” and is of Italian origin.

107. Samuel

Meaning “God has heard,” Samuel is a Biblical name of Hebrew origin. If you seek a timeless name for your baby boy, this could be the one for your little one.

108. Santiago

The moniker Santiago is of Latin origin and is derived from the Hebrew name SantIago. Its root word Santo means “saint,” and Iago is the Old-Spanish version of “James.”

109. Santos

Santos is a name of Latin origin and means “saint.”

110. Sebastian

The modern yet vintage name Sebastian is derived from the Latin word “Sebastianos.” It is a habitational name referring to someone from the Roman city, Sebastia. The name also means “venerable” in Greek.

111. Sergio

It is a common name in Europe. Sergio has Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish origins and means “guardian.”

112. Solomon

The biblical origin name means “peace.” Solomon is a traditional name that lasts forever.

113. Stefano

Stefano is a royal name meaning crown

Stefano is a royal name of Greek origin and means “crown.”

114. Tate

Tate is a cute name of Anglo-Saxon origin, meaning “pleasant and bright.”

115. Teodoro

Teodoro is an uncanny version of the most common name Theodore. It is of Greek origin and means “God’s gift.”

116. Tiago

Isn’t Tiago an adorable name? It means “supplanter” and is of Latin origin.

117. Vicente

The name Vicente is equivalent to the name Vincent, which means “conquering.” This name is of Spanish and Portuguese origin and is derived from the Latin word Vincentius.

118. Victor

Victor is one such name that never tumbles down the trending chart. It is a name of Latin origin and is a motivational name, meaning “warrior.”

119. Wilfredo

The name was quite popular between the ’50s and ’80sbut has been out of trend for a while. Nevertheless, you could still make it popular as this unique name means “desiring peace.”

120. Zacarias

The name may be unusual, but it is quite fashionable. Zacarias is a name of Hebrew origin and means “God has remembered.”

The spiritual country of Colombia derives its rich culture from Europe, America, and Africa, and hence the popular names have various origins. You may name your son Donatello, a gift from God or Gilberto, meaning a bright promise. There are also many Colombian boy names that depict a warrior. You may go for Oliver, Maximo, or Desmond. A child’s name is an important part of his identity, and the ones mentioned here are sure to make him special.

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