111 Strong And Powerful Baby Girl Names

Having a baby girl is a dream of many couples. You want your little one to grow up strong and fearless and carve a niche for herself. Choosing powerful baby girl names can be the first step in that direction, as the name will portray a sense of fortitude and valor. It will give her the strength to take on life and overcome all odds that come her way. We have combined a list of beautiful rare girl names in this post for you to pick from.

Strong And Powerful Girl Names

1. Aadya

The name Aadya is rooted in Sanskrit. It means the power that gave rise to the five elements and five senses. Aadya is also the other name of Goddess Durga.

2. Adira

A strong little girl

This Hebrew name, meaning ‘strong’ is both simple and exotic. This lovely name is given just to a handful of girls every year, making it one of the rarest exotic names. We think it would make an excellent substitute for favorites Ariana and Ava.

3. Althea

Althea is an ethereal name found in Greek mythology and pastoral poetry. The meaning of Althea is ‘with healing power’. In the modern times, this name is associated with Althea Gibson, the first African-American tennis player to win at Wimbledon.

4. Amari

A sweet name that elegantly combines profound meaning and cultural diversity. Derived from the Yoruba language of West Africa, Amari signifies ‘strength’ or ‘eternity.’ The name also has Hebrew origins, where it means ‘promised by God.’

5. Amalia

Derived from the Germanic element ‘amal,’ Amalia embodies qualities of industry, strength, and bravery. It is connected to the revered seventh-century saint Amalberga of Maubeuge.

6. Amelie

An enchanting name with European roots. Amelie is a variant form of Amalia, meaning ‘vigorous’ or ‘brave.’ The name also symbolizes hard work.

7. Amery

Amery, derived from the Norman French name Emmerich, can be used for both boys and girls. It carries the connotations of ‘ruler, king,’ ‘unceasing,’ ‘vigorous,’ and ‘brave.’

8. Andrea

Andrea is the feminine variation of the name Andrew and means ‘strong.’ It has a good selection of pronunciations too, like ahn-DRAY-a, ANN-dree-a, and AHN-dree-a- each sounding downright exotic. This moniker has remained surprisingly steady for decades.

9. Audelia

Audelia is an English origin name and embodies ‘strength and nobility’. Also considered the variation of Audrey, Audelia is used more like a surname than as a first name.

10. Audra

Audra is an English name, meaning ‘noble strength’. This name, used primarily in Scotland, is associated with singer Audra McDonald. But there is a slight possibility of it being overshadowed by the classic Audrey.

11. Audrey

Audrey, meaning ‘noble strength’ has risen in popularity, primarily because of its connection with the radiant and chic actress Audrey Hepburn. It’s also the name of a sixth-century saint revered during the Middle Ages.

12. Averi

Having originated as a surname, its main variant Avery has transformed into a given name with deep roots in both Old English and Old French. It has its roots in the name Alfred. Averi symbolizes ‘ruler of elves’ and ‘elf counsel.’

13. Aziza

Aziza is a powerful and cherished name originating from, and Swahili roots. It symbolizes strength and holds importance in Islamic tradition. While not extensively popular, it possesses a distinct and significant character.

14. Azize

A meaningful feminine name with Turkish roots, Azize means ‘powerful,’ respected,’ and ‘beloved.’ It carries importance in Islamic tradition and was associated with the renowned 10th-century caliph, Al-‘Aziz.

15. Beren

Beren is a Turkish name for females, with meanings such as ‘strong,’ ‘well-known,’ or ‘clever.’ While not widely popular, its distinctiveness makes it an intriguing and unique option for parents who desire an uncommon name for their child.

16. Berendina

An uncommon feminine name originating from the Germanic name Bernard. Berendina means ‘strong and courageous like a bear.’ The name holds historical importance with notable individuals like saints and influential figures associated with it.

17. Bernadette

Brave as a bear

Bernadette is a German name, meaning ‘strong and brave as a bear.’ This friendly and overtly feminine name does not feel dated even in the slightest sense. In fact, it is much more widely used now than it was before.

18. Berna

A name with multiple possible origins and meanings, Berna means ‘brave bear’ and ‘young’ in Turkish. Choosing this bold name for your child reflects a desire for a name that is both distinctive and meaningful.

19. Braelynn

Braelynn is supposed to be the combination of Brianna and Lynn, therefore, means ‘strength.’ This moniker will appeal to non – traditionalist parents as it is trendy, modern and has no cultural or historical significance.

20. Breanna

A delightful feminine name with Irish and Celtic origins, Breanna means ‘noble,’ strong’ and ‘virtuous.’ It is a variation of the name Brianna that was quite popular in the 1970s in the United States.

21. Bree

Bree is a short and breezy name with a sophisticated image. It first came into notice via the movie “Klute”, which got Jane Fonda an Academy Award. It also featured in Stephenie Meyer’s novel “The Short Second Life of Bree Turner”. The meaning of Bree is ‘strength or an exalted one’.

22. Bria

The name Bria is inspired by the Irish name Bridget and means ‘power, strength, vigor.’ It first appeared on the American naming charts in 1991 and shot up 176 spots in just two years.

23. Briana

Briana is the feminine version of the name Brian and means ‘strong, virtuous and honorable.’ This moniker was first coined by Edmund Spenser in his literary work, “The Faerie Queen”. This association gave Briana a classy pedigree.

24. Brianna

Brianna, an enchanting name of Irish origin, is derived from the masculine name Brian. It radiates an irresistible blend of might, power, charm, and Celtic allure, making it the most popular variant spelling of the name Briana.

25. Bridget

Bridget is the Anglicized variation of the name Brighid and means ‘strength or exalted one.’ Also the name of the Celtic goddess of wisdom, Bridget is used widely by traditionalists. It’s also the name of the most famous female saint of Ireland.

26. Brie

Brie is a shortened, feminine variation of the names Brianna and Gabriella. It means ‘strength,’ ‘marshland,’ and ‘might.’ Its rarity adds to its attractiveness and appeal for parents looking for a unique name.

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27. Brighid

Brighid is the Irish variation of the name Bridget and means ‘strength.’ It’s the name of the mythical goddess of poetry, fire, and wisdom. Brighid Fleming, the American child actress, is its modern namesake.

28. Bryanna

Bryanna is a modern and unique variant of the name Brianna. With Irish roots, this name originates from Brian, signifying ‘might’ or ‘power.’ Bryanna embodies a sense of uniqueness and strength, making it a captivating choice for parents.

29. Carla

Carla is a Portuguese name, meaning ‘one who possesses strength’. Despite its strong meaning. This name sounds very romantic. Carla Bruni, the actress, singer, former model and former French First Lady is its most famous bearer.

30. Ebba

Ebba means strength of an animal

Ebba is a German name, meaning ‘strength of an animal.’ This feminine version of Eberhard is currently one of the top 10 names in Sweden.

31. Edrei

Edrei is an Old Testament name, meaning ‘strong and powerful.’ In the Bible, Edrei is one of the chief towns of the Kingdom of Bashan.

32. Elfrida

Elfrida is a highly appealing English name, meaning ‘elf power.’ This relatively rare moniker has some worthy namesakes like Elfrida Andrée, the Swedish organist and composer and Elfriede Jelinek, the Austrian playwright and novelist.

33. Emelia

Emelia, a well-liked variant of Amalia meaning ‘brave,’ is often mistaken for Emilia. The other meanings of the name Emelia include ‘industrious’ and ‘rival.’

34. Emersyn

Emersyn, a powerful baby girl names

Emersyn is the female variation of the name Emerson and means ‘bravery or powerful.’ The French brought this name to England after the Norman Invasion. Pet forms like Emma, Emery, and Emmy would work well with this name.

35. Erica

An enduring name with origins in the Old Norse name Eiríkr. It embodies qualities of strength, leadership, and endurance. The name Erica also means ‘heather’ in Latin, Erica is a timeless choice for parents seeking a name with character.

36. Gabriella

Gabriella, a powerful baby girl names

Gabriella is the Italian feminine variation of the name Gabriel and means ‘God is my strength.’ This strong, yet graceful baby name is on the rise and is given to more than 5000 baby girls every year. You can also try its Spanish spelling variation, Gabriela.

37. Gertrude

Gertrude, meaning ‘spear of strength’ was at the pinnacle of fashion industry a century ago. It reached its highest, #23 in 1990. In Norse mythology, Gertrude is the name of a goddess. Gertie would make a very cute nickname for Gertrude.

38. Gesa

Gesa is a lovely Dutch name, denoting the ‘strength of a spear’. This perennial classic Dutch name has been on the top 100 list since the year 1990.

39. Isa

Isa is a German name, meaning ‘strong-willed.’ You may consider it as the short form of Isadora or Isa, but it can be used on its own too! Isa Chandra Moskowitz, the vegan baker, and chef of the Post Punk Kitchen would be its namesake.

40. Jian

Discover the diverse and meaningful name Jian for your baby. With origins in Chinese, Jian carries connotations of strength and health. Embrace this unique and globally-inspired name for your precious little one.

41. Jaiyana

This Arabic name translates to ‘strength’ in English. This name sounds slightly uptight. So we’d suggest you use Joy as the nickname for Jaiyana. It would make this serious name sound cool.

42. Karleen

Karleen is an Old German name, meaning ‘womanly strength.’ This moniker sparkled all through the 80s and 90s, reaching as high as 340 in the year 1988.

43. Kendra

Kendra is an uncommon baby girl name, meaning ‘enthusiastic power or wise ruler.’ This moniker got a boost in the years 2005 to 2007, influenced by Kendra Wilkinson, a reality television actress.

44. Keren

Keren is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘strength and power.’ Keren Ann, the Israeli singer, introduced this name to the United States. Do not mistake this name for Karen. It also belongs to Israeli Paralympic swimmer.

45. Lenna

This meek sounding, Old German name has a very powerful meaning. It means ‘lion’s strength,’ something which we all want our daughters to have. Lenna Arnold, the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League pitcher, is the famous namesake.

46. Lera

A diminutive of Valeria and a form of Valerius that means ‘to be strong,’ Lera is associated with the names of many early saints. It offers a meaningful and distinctive choice for parents seeking a name with historical resonance.

47. Maajida

We think Maajida is an undiscovered gem and would make an excellent option for parents looking for something original. This traditional Islamic name means ‘powerful.’ So this one’s out and out a keeper.

48. Maliha

Maliha is an all-around peach of a name. This Muslim name, meaning ‘beauty and strength’ is very popular with the Muslim parents and is given to over a thousand baby girls every year.

49. Matilda

Matilda was first introduced to the English-speaking countries by the Matilda of Flander, the queen of William the Conqueror. It is currently at #34 in Germany and #45 in England. This vintage name means ‘might strong.’

50. Melisende

Melisende is the mellifluous name belonging to the 12th-century queen of Jerusalem. Its spelling variation Melisande is associated with a fairy tale heroine too! The meaning of Melisende is ‘strong in work’.

51. Mildred

Mildred is an English name, meaning ‘gentle strength’. This ancient moniker was popularized in England via the 8th century Saint. And in the United States, Mildred was one of the top 10 names from 1903 to 1926.

52. Millicent

This sweet and feminine name, meaning ‘strong at work’ is coming back to the forefront, along with names like Cecilia and Madeline. This moniker has been in use since the Middle Ages and was even on the top 500 list in the 1920s.

53. Millie

Millie, the diminutive of Mildred, is in vogue again in Wales, England, and Scotland. It’s a winner in the United States as well, where it is favored by parents looking for frilly, offbeat and old-fashioned names.

54. Nakhti

Sweet, short, pretty and straightforward, Nakti is an easygoing name, meaning ‘strong.’ And it’s even advancing up the charts.

55. Philomena

Philomena is a charming and earthy Greek name, meaning ‘lover of strength.’ In the Greek mythology, Philomena was the Athenian princess whom the gods transformed into a nightingale to save her from the lecherous king. It’s also the namesake of the 13-year old martyr of Rome.

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56. Rainey

Rainey, meaning ‘counsel power’ has an old-time appeal to it, primarily because of Ma Rainey, who was fondly referred to as the “Mother of the Blues.” Andie MacDowell also named his daughter Rainie, the variation of this name.

57. Ricky

Derived from the English name Richard, Ricky is a gender-neutral name meaning ‘brave ruler.’ Choose Ricky to give your child a name that will bring courage and strength to their journey.

58. Trudy

Trudy is a German name, meaning ‘spear of strength.’ This sincere, innocent and bright-eyed name is the first name of one of the most famous American racehorse breeders. And we have Trudy Marshall, the American actress as well.

59. Val

Val, a short and meaningful name with diverse origins, embodies the qualities of strength and bravery. Its connections to names like Valerie and Valentine evoke a sense of power.

60. Valda

Valda is a German name, meaning ‘rule and power.’ You can also try its variation Velda, which sounds equally beautiful.

61. Valencia

Valencia is an orange-scented Spanish place name, which means ‘brave and strong.’ The city of Valencia, the third largest in Spain was founded as a Roman colony. It was its highest #633 in the year 1969 to 70.

Did you know?

Valencia is home to three important UNESCO sites, i.e., Llotja de la Seda, El Tribunal de las Aguas, and Las Fallas.

62. Valentina

Valentina is the feminine variation of Valentine and means ‘strength.’ This artistic and lovely name entered the United States list in the year 1994 but performed its best in 2015.

63. Valeria

With its ancient Roman origins, Valeria has transcended different cultures over time. It carries the powerful meaning of ‘strength’ and is the feminine form of the name Valerius.

64. Valerie

Valerie is the French variant of the name Valeria and means ‘strength, health.’ This moniker has been on the popularity list since the 1880s. The association with world valor gives it a sense of boldness. It also belongs to a martyred medieval saint.

65. Vanshni

We love this name. It’s old school yet has a sweet-southern sensibility. And with the trend of the old-fashioned name, would make a great pick. The meaning of this Biblical name is ‘strong’.

66. Wangchuk

Wangchuk is a Tibetan name with the powerful meaning ‘mighty.’ It’s also the Tibetan term for the Hindu god Lord Shiva. Wangchuk has rich cultural and spiritual importance in Tibetan culture.

67. Wyetta

Wyetta is an old-English name, meaning ‘war strength.’ This moniker is pretty, dainty and loaded with antique charm. It can be easily spelled and pronounced, making it a lovely all-round name.

Powerful Women Personalities

1. Alexandrine

Alexandrine Tinne was the first European woman who attempted to cross the Sahara in the year 1859. This unusual baby name has royal ties in several nations. It was also the first name of Queen Victoria.

2. Amelia

This moniker is associated with some strong feminist symbols. One is the famous Amelia Earhart, the aviator who flew solo across the Atlantic Ocean. The other is Amelia Boynton Robinson, the Civil Rights Leader. This German name means ‘work.’

3. Angela

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, has been the most powerful woman on earth for ten years, as per Forbes. She is renowned for fighting off the national recession during the economic crisis.

4. Beatrix

Beatriz Potter was the name of the creator of Peter Rabbit series. It will make a great pick for parents looking for a distinctive, classic name.

5. Brigit

In Irish mythology, Brigit was the goddess of fire, poetry, and wisdom, the daughter of the god Dagda.

6. Coco

The fashion icon Coco Chanel was the goddess of the fashion industry. She set trends that are alive even today. Did you know the Coco Chanel original name is Gabrielle? Even Courtney Cox chose this name for her daughter.

7. Coretta

Coretta Scott King was the name of Martin Luther King Junior’s wife, who carried on his legacy. Just like her husband, even Coretta was an activist and civil rights leader. Coming to the name, Coretta is the elaborate form of Cora and means ‘maiden.’

8. Dilma

Dilma Rousseff is the first female President of Brazil. She works with the aim of ending poverty in the world’s seventh largest economy.

9. Elizabeth

England’s legendary Queen has a name that is indeed timeless. This name has a dozen nickname options like Bess or Eliza.

10. Ella

This singer’s name, meaning ‘bright light’, indicates someone who is destined to be a superstar.

11. Ellen

Ellen is synonymous with Ellen DeGeneres, the talk show host and the animal rights activist. But in the past, this name was associated with Ellen Ochoa, the astronaut. The name may sound a bit old-fashioned, but it emerged as the top baby name in the year 2015.

12. Emily

Emily Dickinson was the beloved poet of the 19th century. It has been a top name for girls for the past several decades.

13. Freya

Also called the “last of the Romantic travelers,” Freya Stark was the first European woman to enter Iran. Her name also belongs to the Norse goddess of beauty and love.

14. Frida

Frida Kahlo is the Mexican artist whose brilliance was not recognized until decades after her demise. This German name means ‘peace.’

15. Gloria

This lovely name belongs to Gloria Steinem, who pioneered women’s rights in the 60s and beyond. She was the leader and representative of the feminist movement from the 60s to 70s. This name was first used by George Bernard Shaw in its full form Gloriana in “You Never Can Tell”.

16. Harriet

Harriet is the name of the former slave who guided a dozen of slaves to freedom through the Underground Railroad. She even fought for the women’s suffrage.

17. Hester

Hester Stanhope was a highborn British lady who led a life of ultimate adventure. She sailed to Athens, set out for Egypt and even met with the rulers.

18. Hillary

Hillary Clinton, the former first lady and former secretary of state, is one of the most powerful women of today.

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19. Indira

This name has two powerful references. One is Indira Nooyi, the CEO of Pepsi, who balanced her high profile career with motherhood. And the other is Indira Gandhi, the first woman prime minister of India.

20. Irena

The name Irena is associated with the 8th century Empress of the Byzantine Empire. This fierce lady gouged out her son’s eyes so that he becomes unfit for the ruling. She became the first woman to rule the Byzantine Empire.

21. Isabella

Isabella Bird was the first person to be inducted into the Royal Geographical Society. She became a household name for her writings and explorations on Korea, Morocco, China, India, and Australia.

22. Jane

Jane Austen, the writer, was the grande dame of her time. Even her name is as classic as her novel. This name has seen a surge in popularity in recent years.

23. Janet

Janet Yellen made history when she became the first female head of the Federal Reserve. Janet is a pet form of the name Jane and means ‘god’s gracious gift.’

24. Junko

Junko Tabei was the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest. This Japanese name is very popular in its native place.

25. Kamala

Kamala Khan is not just the first Muslim superhero to grace the vibrant world of Marvel, but also a Pakistani teenager, inspiring teens in so many ways.

26. Karen

Karen, as in Karen Kaplan, the CEO of marketing agency Hill Holiday. This Scandinavian name means ‘pure.’

27. Khaing

Mi Mi Khaing was a scholar and writer from Burma who wrote various articles and books about life in 20th-century Burma.

28. Louisa

Louisa May Alcott, the writer of the novel “Little Women” is widely popular even today. We feel that this beautiful name, meaning ‘fame’ deserves a second chance.

29. Mae

The reference here is Mae West, one of the first movie stars. She captured the imaginations of several men for decades. This sweet name had vanished the baby name charts for forty years but made it back again in the year 2010.

30. Mary

Here, we are referring to Mary Barra, the CEO of GM. Mary was the top name for girls from 1990 to 1962.

31. Maya

The name Maya here refers to Maya Angelou, who was an American memoirist, poet, and civil rights activist. She is renowned for her series of seven autobiographies that focus on childhood and adult experiences. The meaning of the mystical and exotic name is ‘water’.

32. Melinda

Melinda Gates, the wife of Bill Gates, has cemented her dominance in global development and philanthropy. The name Melinda was created in the 18th century when it was a fad for names ending with ‘India’.

33. Melisende

Melisende is a 12th-century Queen of Jerusalem. She was the daughter of Baldwin II of Jerusalem.

34. Michelle

Michelle Obama, the first lady of the United States, has earned a name for herself. She pushed an initiative for improving the well-being and financial stability of women.

35. Natalia

Fans of the “Avengers” films would know whom we are referring to here. Scarlett Johansson kicks some asses real good as Black Widow.

36. Nellie

Nellie Bly was New York’s famous investigative and adventurous journalist who was on a trip to the world for 72 days.

37. Pilar

Pilar is the name of the brave heroine in Hemingway’s novel, “For Whom the Bell Tolls.” This name also honors Virgin Mary, which gives it a special sense of elegance, style and strength, making it a worthy choice.

38. Rosa

Rosa Parks was the first lady of the American civil rights movement. As a name, we think Rosa is a better variation of the name Rose.

39. Ruth

I think we all know Ruth, the freelance writer who worked hard for women’s rights in New York City, United States during and after World War 1. Ruth is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘compassionate friend.’

40. Sandra

Sandra was the name of the first woman jurist in the Supreme Court of the United States. This moniker is a diminutive version of the name Alexandra and means ‘defending men.’ Sandra Bullock, the American actress, is another namesake.

41. Sheryl

Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of social site Facebook, wrote a popular book inviting women to embrace the leadership roles. She is the role model for many entrepreneurs. Another powerful namesake is Sheryl Denise Swoopes, the American basketball player.

42. Susan

Susan was the first name of the most famous suffragist in the 20th century. Despite such a beautiful meaning (Lily) and such a powerful namesake, Susan is not very common today.

43. Valentina

Valentina Tereshkova is a pioneering Soviet cosmonaut. She made history as the first woman to travel to space in 1963.

44. Zora

Zora Neale Hurston was the pioneer of African-American literature of her time. This moniker was used fairly well from the 1880s until 1940 and reached its all-time high #293 in the year 1885.

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Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Your baby girl is special, so should be her name. Hence, give your little angel an influential name that oozes confidence and strength. Select a name from this list of powerful baby girl names that best describe your baby girl’s attributes. Take opinions from friends and family if you feel confused. Remember, finding a suitable name for your child is essential as that name is a part of their identity. So choose the best name that your baby girl can cherish forever.

Key Pointers

  • Choosing names that denote strength and power can serve as lifetime motivation and reminders for your daughter.
  • Some special yet popular powerful feminine names like Berna (brave bear), Karen (pure), Valeria (strength), and Althea (with healing power) are endearing options to look out for.
  • Strong names such as Ruth, Zora, Dilma, Elizabeth, and Coco have been borne by notable personalities across the globe, adding a popular touch to it.

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