100 Most Popular Hispanic Boy Names With Meanings

Picking Hispanic boy names for your children is a great way to connect with your roots and showcase your love for the Spanish language and culture. Hispanic refers to Spain, the Spanish language, and the Spanish-speaking nations of the world.

Hispanic culture is rich with customs and traditions that are also reflected in their names. We bring you some adorable Hispanic boy names with their meanings in this post.

100 Most Popular Hispanic Boy Names

1. Aaron

The moment your baby boy was born, you life became a little brighter. Aaron means ‘light bringer’ – that’s exactly what your son is, isn’t he?

2. Alarico

Looking for a masculine name? Try Alarico. It means ‘all powerful and one who is a ruler of all.’

3. Amador

A lover of life, of art, of nature – let your baby discover and fall in love with all that is beautiful in this world. Name him Amador, which means ‘lover’ in Spanish.

4. Amancio

What is the one thing you feel when you see your newborn son? Irresistible love, right? Amancio is a great name for your cherished baby. It means ‘loving.’

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5. Andres

Because everyday life is filled with battles

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One doesn’t need to go into war to be a warrior. Everyday life is filled with battles that need to be won. Andres means ‘warrior’.

6. Aureliano

Your baby is the golden boy if your family. Call him Aureliano, which means ‘golden’ in Latin.

7. Armando

A popular Hispanic name, Armando means ‘a bold man’, a quality you’ll surely want in your child!

8. Amidio

Amedio means ‘demigod’. A wonderful name for your baby, but do make sure your baby knows that he is not really a god!

9. Alejo

Let your baby grow up to be emphatic and kind. Teach him to be on the team of the weak and the downtrodden. You can use the name Alejo, which means ‘defender.’

10. Agapito

A melodious name for a handsome Hispanic baby! Agapito means ‘beloved’ in Latin.

11. Fernan

Spread love and peace! That is what the world today needs. Fernan means ‘ardent for peace.’

12. Geraldo

You may have heard this name a thousand times but it never grows old. Geralod means ‘spear ruler.’

13. Fonsie

Your little prince deserves the best! Call him Fonsie. It means ‘noble and ready.’

14. Florencio

A classic name with a cute meaning! Flrorencio is a good option if you don’t mind mixing sensitivity with the masculine. The name means ‘blossoming.’

15. Gilberto

Another classic Hispanic name, Gilberto means ‘pledge bright’.

16. Goito

An interesting name, Goito means ‘watchful and vigilant’. It is a short name with an interesting meaning.

17. Gualtiero

Do you want your son to become a leader when he grows up? Name him Gualtiero, which means ‘ruler of the army.’

18. Hermenegildo

Being kind is a virtue. But not many are willing to empathize and giving in today’s world. It is up to you to teach your son the joy of sharing. This exotic but beautiful name means ‘all giving.’

19. Hernando

A beautiful name with an even more beautiful meaning! Hernando means ‘dedicatedto peace.’ This name gets an A+!

20. Horacio

Horacio is a common name but awesome nonetheless! It means ‘one who has a good eyesight.’

21. Basilio

So, has the center of power shifted at your home? That is but expected! A baby becomes the ruler the minute he smiles! Basilio is the perfect name for his little highness. It means ‘king.’

22. Benedicto

Your little boy is a blessing from the heaven above. Benedicto means ‘blessed’ and will be perfect for your bundle of joy.

23. Benito

Another name that means ‘blessed’, Benito is a great option for parents looking for a good Hispanic name that is not too complicated.

24. Balduino

A friend is someone we all need. But to find a good friend, we need to be a good friend first. So, teach your son to be a true friend. Name him Balduino, which means ‘brave friend’.

25. Carlos

Do you want a name that is truly macho? Carlos will be the perfect choice for you. This popular name means ‘man.’

26. Cayo

A sweet little name with a royal meaning! Cayo is the name for you if you want to keep things uncomplicated. It means ‘lord.’

27. Celino

Your little one’s smile is no less than divine! The name for your baby boy means ‘heaven.’

28. Celestino

Here’s another name that fits your angelic child’s personality. Try Celestino, which means ‘heavenly’ in Latin.

29. Clemente

It is time we said goodbye to gender stereotypes. Not all boys need to be all-macho! Allow your son to embrace all facets of his personality. Clemente means ‘gentle and merciful.’

30. Custodio

Your son is the custodian of your heart. And you’ll never find a cuter person to hold your heart! Custodio means ‘guardian or keeper.’

31. Humberto

Humberto means ‘bright support.’ It is a beautiful name that will hopefully inspire your son to become a better person.

32. Iago

Iago means ‘supplanter.’ It is a short name but has a nice ring to it.

33. Hieronimo

Are you religiously inclined? Then Hieronimo will be a good fit for your family. It means ‘holy name.’

34. Ildefonso

As a mother, it is your responsibility to equip your son to fight the battles of life. Ildefonso means ‘battle ready.’

35. Injgo

No matter how much your son grows up, he’ll remain your baby. Injgo means ‘my little one.’

36. Jaime

The name Jaime means ‘supplanter.’ It may not have a great meaning but it does sound nice!

37. Jenaro

Was your son born in the month of January? Then you can name him Jenaro, which means ‘January’ in Latin.

38. Jesus

If you are religious, this will be the perfect name for your son. Jesus means ‘God is salvation.’

39. Jorge

Jorge is a popular hispanic boy name

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Jorge is a popular name and means ‘farmer.’

40. Josue

Another religious name, but this one sounds more exotic! Josue means ‘God is salvation.’

41. Demetrio

Are you someone who loves nature? Then you’ll hope the same from your baby boy. Name him Demetrio, which means ‘one who loves the earth.’

42. Diego

There is so much we can learn from children! Diego means ‘teaching’. It is a popular name with an amazing meaning.

43. Dimas

Dimas – such a lyrical name! It means ‘sunset’ in Latin.

44. Domingo

Children are god’s greatest gifts! Name your son Domingo. It means ‘one who belongs to the Lord.’

45. Doroteo

Everytime you see your baby smile, you can’t help but send a prayer of thanks to the heaven above. Doroteo is a beautiful name and means ‘gift of God.’

46. Donato

The name for your baby boy means ‘given by God.’

47. Desiderio

Desiderio is a beautiful Hispanic name and means ‘longing.’

48. Edmundo

A popular and trendy name, Edmundo means ‘protector of prosperity.’ The name is a good choice for your little one.

49. Enrique

Even before Enrique Iglesias made the name popular in the rest of the world, the name Enrique was topping popularity charts in Latin America. The name means ‘home ruler.’

50. Emigdio

Emigdio means ‘demigod – the perfect name for the divine being you call your son!

51. Ladisloa

With the hope that your son will go on to become a great leader in the future, name him Ladisloa. It means ‘one who rules with glory.’

52. Leocadio

Babies are pure and untouched

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Babies are pure and untouched. Your baby is like a clear drop of water. Name him Leocadio, which means ‘bright clear light.’

53. Leoncio

Looking for a masculine and strong name? Go for Leoncio, which means ‘lion-like.’

54. Macario

All children are blessings. So is your son. Give him the name Macario. The name means ‘blessed.’

55. Manolete

There is nothing bigger than faith to keep you going in life. Let your baby boy to live with the same faith. Call him Manolete. It means ‘God is with us.’

56. Marcio

Marcio means ‘defense.’ It is an easy to spell name and will help your little boy fit in anywhere in the world.

57. Mario

Looking for a popular Hispanic name? Mario is the name for you. It means ‘man.’

58. Mateo

Mateo is a beautiful name and means ‘gift of God.’ Go for it if you want your son to shine in a crowd.

59. Maximiano

No matter what your little baby does in life, for you he’ll always be the best. Maximiano means ‘the greatest.’

60. Maximino

Maximino is a variant of Maximiano and also means ‘the greatest.’

61. Elpidio

Let your son be the hope for a better, more beautiful tomorrow. Elpidio means ‘hope.’

62. Essua

A popular Hispanic name, Essua means ‘God is salvation.’ It sounds trendy but is a very traditional name.

63. Eugenio

Your baby may not have royal blood but for him you are royalty! Eugenio means ‘well born.’

64. Eulalio

Teach your son the joy of language, of the spoken word. Eulalio means ‘well spoken.’

65. Fausto

We are sure your son is lucky for you. So name him Fausto, which means ‘lucky’ in Latin.

66. Federico

Feverico means ‘peaceful ruler’. It is a traditional sounding name but has its own charm.

67. Fermin

As your little baby grows up into a young man, make sure he has the charcter that helps him acieve greatness. Fermin means ‘steadfast and firm.’

68. Fernando

Let your son be the source of happiness for not just you, but the whole world. Fernando means ‘messenger of peace’. It is a popular name in Latin America.

69. Gonzalo

Gonzalo means ‘battle genius.’ It is an interesting name, worth a consideration.

70. Hernan

Let there be peace! That’s the message you need to teach your son, who in turn will spread this peace throughout the world! Hernan means ‘ardent for peace.’

71. Miguel

We were all created in God’s image. The name Miguel is an homage to the divine within us and means ‘one who is like God.’

72. Nazario

The name Nazario means ‘of Nazareth’ referring to Jesus who was from Nazareth. It is a deeply religious name, fit for traditional families.

73. Natalio

Does Christmas day hold special meaning in your life? Or was your son born on the 25th of December? The Natalio will be the perfect name for him. It means ‘Christmas day.’

74. Natanael

Your son was the answer to your prayers. Natanael means ‘given by God.’

75. Melchor

Melachor means ‘king of light.’ It is a beautiful and unique name for your son.

76. Moises

Looking for a Hispanic name that will not drown in the many common Latin names? Opt for Moises. A beautiful name that means ‘drawn out.’

77. Octavio

The meaning of the name Octavio may not have much going for it, but it does sound pretty! The name means ‘eighth.’ If your son was born on the eighth, you can try this name.

78. Nicolas

We are sure you have heard the name Nicolas several times. It is a very common name and means ‘victor of the people.’

79. Modesto

Modesto which means ‘sober’.’It is an interesting name among the cute hispanic baby boy names category.

80. Nicodemo

A very Hispanic name, Nicodemo means ‘victory of the people.’

81. Isandro

Your son has set you free of many past demons and filled your life with happiness. Isandro is a pretty name and means ‘liberator.’

82. Ismael

Ismael means ‘God will hear.’ If you are looking for a common name that will not make your son the perfect victim for bullying, try this name.

83. Jeronimo

Pay homage to the divinity within all of us by naming your son Jeronimo, which means ‘holy name.’

84. Joaquin

We can only pray and hope. It is God who plans everything. Jaoquin means ‘God establishes.’ It is a spiritual yet trendy name.

85. Juan

Juan is among common hispanic boys names which means ‘God is gracious.’

86. Leonardo

Now, for families who like to stick to traditional names, nothing can be better than Leonardo! It means ‘strong as a lion.’ It is listed among widely popular hispanic boy names.

87. Leon

Leon, hispanic boy name

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Leon means ‘lion.’ It is a short name but has a very strong meaning. A truly masculine name!

88. Lucio

Your baby is the light that can make even the darkest of moments worth living for. Name him Lucio, which means ‘light’ in Latin.

89. Luis

Give your son the best possible start to life with the name Luis. It means ‘famous warrior.’

90. Manuel

Allow the mercy of God to stay with your son all his life. Name him Manuel means ‘God is with us.’

91. Oscar

If you don’t mind naming your son something very common, opt for Oscar. The name means ‘God’s spear.’

92. Osvaldo

Osvaldo means ‘divine power.’ It is the perfect name for God’s beautiful gift – your son!

93. Patricio

Your little prince may not have a palace to live in, but for you he is no less than royalty. You can call him Patricio, which means ‘of noble birth.’

94. Pepito

Pepito means ‘God shall add.’ It is an interesting name for families who are ready for the off beaten.

95. Primo

Is your son your first baby? Then you can call him Primo, which means ‘first’ in Latin.

96. Placido

To stay calm amidst the chaos

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To stay calm within the chaos of life is a trait your child should definitely develop. Placido means ‘calm.’

97. Prospero

Your baby is so lucky to have parents like you! Name him Prospero, which means ‘fortunate’ in Latin.

98. Quique

Your little baby boy rules the roost at home, doesn’t he? So give him a name that befits his new position! Call him Quique, which means ‘home ruler.’

99. Ramiro

Amidst beautiful hispanic baby boy names, this name bestows greatness on your baby. The name Ramiro means ‘wise and famous’ in Latin.

100. Ramon

Among the popular hispanic boy names Ramon is the most sought after. It means ‘wise protector.’

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Spanish culture has a rich history and wide diversity. Therefore, if you want to name your baby boy after your culture, this list of names is the right one for you. This list of Hispanic boy names has been curated based on the culture and heritage of the language and the country. Giving your little one a unique name will also allow them to connect to their roots and appreciate their culture. The meanings of these names have also been provided to make the process easier for you.

Key Pointers

  • The term Hispanic denotes Spain, the Spanish language, the Spanish-speaking people, and worldwide nations where Spanish is spoken.
  • To honor your ‘God’s gift,’ you can explore naming options such as Domingo, Doroteo, and Mateo.
  • Popular Hispanic names such as Demetrio and Demas are associated with the natural elements.
  • You can also explore names such as Prospero, Elpidio, and Fernando that symbolize happiness and hope for your little one.

Have you been searching for a cute Hispanic boy name for a long time to no avail? This video features top 100 names. Uncover the best name for your child.

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