Top 10 Food Ideas For Your 16 Months Baby

Most first-time moms are unsettled about their little one’s eating patterns. Having a 16-month-old baby fuss around with food frequently could leave you agitated. Introducing new foodstuffs by experimenting with food ideas for 16 months babies could be a great way to feed them nutritious and delicious food. At 16 months, your baby is rapidly growing, and their energy levels are soaring. However, with their intuitive minds driving them to explore their surroundings, it is not easy to have them sit calmly and finish their meals. Hence, it may be challenging for parents to maintain a balanced diet and a regular feeding schedule. Read on as we share some nutritious and interesting ideas to help you feed your 16-month-old.

Top 10 Food Ideas For Your 16 Months Baby

1. Grains

From pasta to brown bread, there are a whole lot of grain choices to include in your baby’s meal plans. Whole grain muffins will make a quick breakfast and snack option for your baby. You can also sneak in extra fruits while preparing muffins. Cut out sandwich with a pastry or cookie cutter in interesting shapes to make it more appealing. Animals, stars, dinosaurs, and hearts are all fun options.

2. Milk

Give your child a minimum of 350 to 400 ml milk every day.

After your baby’s first birthday, you can continue breastfeeding him if you want. Or you can introduce him to cow’s milk. But avoid bottle feeding the breast milk and give it in a cup. You don’t need to give him formula milk. Give your child a minimum of 350 to 400 ml milk every day. Milk does play an important role in your baby’s growth, but don’t give him more than the required amount. It may reduce his appetite for solid foods while weaning. It is better if he obtains all the nutrients from a varied childhood diet. The best 16 months baby foods are excellent to feed. It’s essential that they get vitamin D and calcium in their daily diet. You may consult your pediatrician to know about dairy milk alternatives.

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3. Yogurt

If your baby doesn’t like milk, then you can offer him some yogurt. Threeservings of yogurt a day are enough for the development of a 16-month-old baby. Mix yogurt with his favorite fruit puree to serve as a delicious snack.

4. Fruits

The different hues, aromas, textures, tastes, shapes and sizes of fruits are sure to appeal to your toddler. So serve him a new fruit every day to tantalize his taste buds in a healthy way. You can offer him the goodness of seasonal fruits.

5. Poultry

Explore some chicken recipes that will make your toddler drool

Almost 15% of kids under three years of age may not meet their recommended iron requirements. Hence, it is important to include iron-rich foods in your baby’s diet. Poultry is an excellent source of iron and is a sure shot hit among children. Go ahead and explore some chicken recipes that will make your toddler drool.

6. Vegetables

Veggies are an essential source of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. Adding vegetables to your baby’s diet will work wonders for his immunity and protect him from various infections and illnesses. You can also prepare vegetable stock and add it to the different baby foods you prepare for your little one.

Sharmila, a mother, describes how her baby, Aashvi, finds joy in both eating and playing with her food during her morning snack. She says, “It’s time for her morning snack, so today I’m offering her some cottage cheese with some steamed carrot. Morning snack is something that she enjoys playing with, I would say. Rather than eating, she will just eat a few bites, and then she will start playing (i).”

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7. Beans And Legumes

Beans and Legumes are a rich source of protein, iron, dietary fiber, and B vitamins. You can serve your toddler baked beans for breakfast or lentil soup at dinner.

8. Eggs

Eggs are a powerhouse of proteins and other essential nutrients. You can serve this versatile food in various forms like hard-boiled eggs or egg scramble. Eggs are so healthy and yummy that you would want them to be a part of your toddler’s diet for years to come. Eggs can give so many 16 month old baby food recipes.

9. Fish

Your baby’s brain needs essential fats like EPA and omega three fatty acids to develop well. These healthy fats come mainly from fish. So at this stage, you must make fish a significant part of an early childhood diet. Choose fishes that contain minimal mercury like Herring, Atlantic mackerel and salmon for your baby. Remember to remove all the tiny bones while feeding your baby.

10. Porridge

Porridge will keep their tummy full for a couple of hours

Porridge will make a highly nutritious breakfast for your baby. It is an excellent source of nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, and dietary fiber. Moreover, it will keep his little tummy full for a couple of hours and keep crankiness at bay.

Simple Recipes For Your 16 Months Baby

Now that you have an idea of all the different kinds of foods you can include in the diet of your 16 month old baby, below are a few simple recipes that are nutritious and easy to make.

  1. Mashed sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes are a powerhouse of nutrients. To make mashed sweet potatoes, simply peel and cut potatoes in chunks and boil them for around 15-20 minutes. Using a masher or hand blender, blend the sweet potatoes, add some butter and seasonings and serve warm.
  1. Pumpkin puree: A pumpkin puree would be a simple and wholesome recipe for your baby. Take a fresh pumpkin, peel it and chop into chunks. Boil the pumpkin chunks until they are tender and then add it to the blender and blend it into a smooth consistency. You can also add a pinch of seasoning and serve.
  1. Steamed broccoli florets: To make this, just cut broccoli into small florets, and steam it for around six minutes. Take the florets in a bowl, drizzle some olive oil or butter with some seasonings and serve it as a finger food or as a side dish.
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These energy and nutrient-rich foods for a 16-month-baby could help you add different flavors, vitamins, and minerals to your baby’s diet. Incorporate various grains, dairy products, eggs, fruits, and vegetables into your baby’s meals for a balanced diet. Try giving them whole grains or boiled eggs for breakfast or snack time, or make a wholesome meal with various veggies for lunch and dinner. You may try customizing a few healthy recipes as per your toddler’s age and taste preferences. However, it is wise to seek a pediatrician’s advice before adding a new food variety to your tot’s diet.

Key Pointers

  • To support their high energy levels and growth, a 16-month-old baby requires a balanced diet.
  • Your child’s daily diet should include 350-400 ml of milk.
  • Fruits are not only nutritious but also add flavor and color to your child’s diet. Encourage your child to try a new fruit every day.
  • Vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber that help to build your child’s immunity.
  • Eggs are an excellent source of iron and protein, which are crucial for boosting your child’s concentration and focus.

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