8 Amazing Ul.trasound Photos You Will Ever See

I never got ultra.sound pics of my boys, for the first two, born in 1974 and 1977 – it wasn’t common to get ultra.sounds done unless there was a problem. I had numerous episodes of early labor while pregnant with my son in 1988, so they ran ultra.sounds to check on him. When I asked for pictures, the doctor stated they didn’t have any! So I never realized there were such things as cute ultra.sound pics. Seeing their photos in the womb side-by-side with their newborn photos takes my breath away!  It was all so magical and special! I’m sure these humorous Sca.ns sh.ock doctors and parents. Just when the baby thought nobody was looking…

Baby Sticks Out Their Tongue!

This laughing baby!

This yawning baby!

A Happy Thumbs Up From This Baby!

This baby is going to be in trouble!

Toe Sucker!

Hand Sucker

Nose Picker!

What’s really surprising… at least to me… and a bit sca.ry… there are also cre.epy ul.trasounds!!

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