23 Best Educational TV Shows For Toddlers For Early Learning

Did you know the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that children between ages two and three can be allowed to watch a maximum of one hour a day of high-quality online educational content under the supervision of a parent or caregiver (1). Educational TV shows can help children learn new subjects and improve their listening, vocabulary, and social skills at the same time.

Here is a list of educational TV shows and programs for toddlers and preschoolers that might be beneficial for them.

23 Educational TV Shows For Toddlers And Preschoolers

1. Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig educational

Peppa is an outgoing pig who goes to preschool. Along with her brother George, she participates in various energetic activities, which help them learn something new and interesting every day. She also has a lot of fun playing with her family and friends. Peppa pig teaches children to be thankful while improving their language skills on the other hand. Father and author, Matthew Wakelee opines that Peppa Pig has definitely improved his daughter’s vocabulary. He says, “Charlotte, who will turn two in May, absolutely loves the show. It’s definitely her favorite. It is something that will almost always succeed in calming her down… The kids also have a few Peppa Pig toys. They have the house and schoolhouse, Grandpa’s train, and a lot of the characters. Charlotte plays with them quite often now. She also has a Peppa Pig dress, two pairs of pajamas, and probably more clothes that I can’t think of… While Peppa may not be the best role model on TV, I do think the show has helped Charlotte improve her vocabulary (i).”

Available On: Netflix

2. Sesame Street

Sesame Street

Sesame has been a long-time favorite among toddlers and preschoolers. It combines live-action, sketch-comedy, animation, and puppetry. In this show, Big Bird leads a cast of characters and helps in teaching numbers, alphabet, and colors. The kid-friendly content in this show also helps develop ties of friendship and good behavior through their fun and interactive lessons.

Available On: HBO, PBS KIDS

3. Beat Bugs

Beat Bugs

With the help of songs made famous by The Beatles, this story talks about the adventures of five friendly bugs who learn big lessons about the world around them, all from the comfort of their backyard.

Available On: Netflix

4. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Minnie, Pluto, and their other clubhouse friends go on various adventures each day and learn many important lessons about day-to-day life. Watching this show may help your child develop their vocabulary and analytical skills. It also involves games related to math skills and shapes. You can find the program on Disney Junior.

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Available On: Disney+ Hotstar

5. Bob The Builder

Bob The Builder

To solve various problems while keeping a positive attitude and getting things done on time, Bob the Builder and his friends dig, haul and build together, all while helping each other out in the process. This show may motivate your child as well to build things independently. As a result, it helps improve their motor skills and also encourages teamwork.

Available On: Prime Video

6. The Octonauts

The Octonauts

This show is a bonafide adventure series that your children may get hooked to. The Octonauts live under the sea in their Octopod, which serves as their home base. They are a team of undersea explorers who are always ready to dive into action and explore new underwater worlds, rescue amazing sea creatures, and protect the ocean. This show is designed to educate children about ocean life and the environment.

Available On: Netflix

7. The Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus

The magic school bus is an animated television series for children based on the book series of the same name written by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen. The story follows Ms. Fizzle and her class on field trips on the magic school bus. Magically transforming into a plane, train, submarine, or spaceship, the bus carries Ms. Fizzle and her students on various interesting adventures and teaches them about science. It also teaches them that it is okay to make mistakes while learning.

Available On: Prime Video

8. Blippi


Blippi is an energetic character that jumps off the screen and has a goofy persona. While exploring various objects such as trucks, zoos, animals, and space, this show teaches children about numbers, colors, shapes, and words.

Available On: Netflix

9. Bubble Guppies

Bubble Guppies

Bubble Guppies features the adventures of six fish-tailed kids – Molly, Gil, Oona, Deema, Nonny, and Goby. These little kids attend classes in an underwater school. Along with Molly, Gil, Oona, Deema, Nonny, and Goby, your children will also learn about various subjects such as math, science, and literacy. Your child might also learn the value of friendship, honesty, hard work, and teamwork as they follow the bubble guppies on their adventures.

Available On: Prime Video

10. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood features a four-year-old tiger called Daniel who puts on his red sweater every day, ties his shoes, and invites a new generation of preschoolers into his make-believe neighborhood to share his experiences. The key impact of this show is the constant repetition of songs helps toddlers remember behavioral cues without the need to downplay any feelings they may be experiencing.

Available On: iTunes

11. Ask The Storybots

Ask The Storybots

The story bots are curious little creatures who live inside a computer and are tasked with the job of answering questions that children are usually curious about, such as, “What makes night happen” or “why is the sky blue.” Together, these little bots live across the world and keep making new friends along the way.

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Available On: Netflix

12. The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That

The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That

This show aims to promote children’s literacy in science. It follows the magical adventures of 6-year-old kids Nick and Sally, who travel the world with the Cat in the Hat, as their guide. As they travel in the Cat’s customized vehicle, the Thinga-ma-jigger, who can float, fly, drive and even ski, learn about natural science, visiting the rain-forest, the bottom of the sea, and all places in between. This show helps answer questions about natural science simplified and teaches them about seasons, habitats, animal behavior, and more.

Available On: Prime Video

13. Tumble Leaf

Tumble Leaf

Fig, the blue fox, and his friends go on various adventures and learn how various concepts work in the world. The virtues of friendship, cooperation, and kindness are present throughout the show.

Available On: Prime Video

14. Word Party

Word Party

Word party is a unique concept that is highly engaging for toddlers. This show can help your child in building their vocabulary and learning the language independently.

Available On: Netflix

15. Elinor Wonders Why

Elinor Wonders Why

Elinor wonders why, features the adventures of an observant and curious bunny rabbit named Elinor and her friends Ari, a bat, and Olive, an elephant. This show aims to encourage children to ask questions and find answers using science. It allows them to experience the joy of discovery and learning something new.

Available On: PBS KIDS

16. Blue’s Clues

Blue's Clues

Host Steve Burns welcomes his preschool audience to the Blue’s Clues house, where his animated puppy Blue helps find three clues to something they are trying to figure out. Blue’s clues treat its viewers as active participants and make them an integral part of every episode. It also helps them develop their reading skills and improve concepts regarding shape recognition, coloring, numbers, and more.

Available On: Prime Video

17. Super Why

Super Why

Super why is designed to help children learn through interactive story adventures. It teaches preschoolers key literacy skills, including letter identification, spelling, and reading comprehension. In addition, it may also improve letter and word recognition speeds in children and aid in their language development.

Available On: PBS KIDS

18. Timmy Time

Timmy Time

Timmy is a little lamb with a lot to learn as he heads off to nursery school. As he was the “only lamb,” he’s had his way most of the time, without having to consider anyone’s feelings or thoughts. But when he goes to Nursery, a cozy little school in an old farm building nestled in rolling hills, Timmy will be faced with a situation where he would have to learn taking others’ feelings into account.

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19. Peep And The Big Wide World

Peep And The Big Wide World

Peep is a newly hatched chicken who goes on daily adventures with his friends Chirp the robin and Quack the duck. They live in a large urban park they call “the big wide world” and is the setting for all their lessons. As Peep travels, he learns science concepts, and the preschool series includes real kids playing and experimenting in different worlds. This series is innovative in teaching science and math to preschoolers.

Available On: Prime Video

20. Llama Llama

Llama Llama

From learning to share to handling bullies, this little llama is sure to help your early reader understand important life lessons. With silly stories filled with rhyming, sight words, and many lovable characters, your child can follow the adventures of Llama Llama while he meets new friends and waits for mama at bedtime.

Available On: Netflix

21. Dora, The Explorer

Dora the explorer

An eight-year-old girl, Dora, embarks on a journey with her best friend Boots to find something that interests her. This fun learning program teaches children counting, reading, sharing, and being accepting of others. Dora allows her viewers to be a part of her journey and interacts with them by asking questions and stating interesting facts.

Available On: Prime Video

22. Bluey

Bluey is a cartoon show about a cute puppy called Bluey. Bluey lives with her little sister Bingo and their parents. The show beautifully captures their exciting adventures. Bluey loves playing and using her imagination. She teaches children about important things in life while having fun with her family. It is a great show that tells heartwarming stories of family bonds.

23. Little Einsteins

Little Einsteins is a captivating children’s show. It is about four friends, Leo, Annie, Quincy, and June, and their magical rocket, Rocket. Together, they set out on musical adventures worldwide, solving problems and learning about art and classical music. The show sparks curiosity in young viewers and makes learning easy and fun.

Many toddler shows aim at teaching new concepts through exciting visuals and catchy music. Educational shows for toddlers listed above are available on most online platforms. Play and let your children watch them, so they learn new concepts and enjoy them simultaneously. You can also join them as you might discover different fascinating concepts. You can try to customize these concepts and apply them to multiple subjects to make learning fun.

Key Pointers

  • Play the TV show Peppa Pig to improve your child’s language skills.
  • TV shows such as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Peep And The Big Wide World, and Bubble Guppies combine Math and entertainment.
  • Children also learn empathy when watching shows such as Tumble Leaf.

Learn about the recommended screentimes that shoud be followed by children and adults simulatneously, and the possible side effects of excess digital exposure.

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