21 Best Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas For Preschoolers

Introducing unique bulletin board ideas for preschoolers to your children can help boost their creative and artistic abilities. And as a bulletin board is available in almost every classroom, it becomes easy for children to try their hands on these ideas any day.

Working on the attractive board can improve their fine and gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It can also help children develop interest in crafts and painting. It can also help them plan their schedules and stick to them. So, read this post to get some creative ideas to motivate your children to use the board and reap as many benefits as they can.

21 Bulletin Board Ideas For Preschool

Here are some fun and interactive bulletin board ideas for preschoolers that also aid in the development of their fine motor skills.

1. Butterfly study board.

Butterfly bulletin board idea for preschoolers

Learning the life cycles of various insects could be not only informative for a preschooler but also very engaging. You can either take an example of a butterfly or a frog and show the entire process from a pupa to an emergence of a butterfly and pin it to the bulletin board. All you need for this activity is some paper, scissors, glue, crayons, and glitter.

2. Sun study board

This is an interesting activity that would need cutouts of the sun and clouds. For this activity, you need to ask the toddlers to observe the sunrise and sunset. Throughout the school day, it is easier to observe the movement of the sun. Instruct the children to keep a watch on the timing and direction of sunrise and sunset at home and pin the ultimate result to the board.

3. Study the profession

This activity barely requires any material. Discuss various professions that exist. Now grab newspapers, magazines, or material from the internet. Print, cut, and then stick images of these professionals on the board. This boosts a child’s knowledge about career options and professions they can take up later in their lives.

4. Self-picture activity

For this activity, you will need pictures of each student in the class. Paste each of their pictures on the board with some space left to add stars later on. The stars act as a reward for when the child excels in any activity. This induces a sense of healthy competition amongst peers and pushes them to do better.

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5. Envelope board

Pick out an envelope for each child, let them color, and pin it on the board. Then, either daily or weekly, you can add stickers and creative printouts of cartoons and animals in the envelope opening. You can even start games around this by dividing the children into groups and choosing the best envelope by the end of the week.

6. Candy board

Help kids make a candy board

Who doesn’t love sweets and candies! For this activity, you will need paper, scissors, glitter, and lots of crayons. Cut out the paper in various candy shapes and let the child color them. You can then douse them in glitter, making it a fun classroom activity. You can encourage the children to try their hands at storytelling by giving the candies names and developing their characters and stories.

7. Sunflower activity

For this activity, take the toddlers to visit the sunflower field. Ask them to observe the beautiful flowers around and draw them on a sheet of paper. Once you are back, pin all the cute sunflowers to the board.

8. Jigsaw bulletin board

This bulletin board gives an idea to the students that they are all different, having individual identities, but fit so well as a team. Jigsaw bulletin board gives a creative display in the classroom for the students to decorate, add photos, and color the puzzle pieces.

9. Rainbow bulletin board

The colorful decor on the walls of the classroom inspires kids to be creative. Small cutouts using different colored papers can be glued together to create a fun atmosphere. The students instantly feel welcomed once they find their names on the rainbow bulletin board.

10. Kite cut-outs

Kite cut outs on bulletin board

As the wind is blowing and the sky is clear during spring, you must take the opportunity to teach the toddlers kite flying. Looking at the kites will be amusing for the toddlers. So, hand over a colorful kite to each toddler and teach them how to soar their kites high up in the sky. Now ask them to make their own paper kites and pin them on the board.

11. Books

Let every child pick a book of their choice. It can be any book that they enjoy reading. Now let every child print the cover page of these books and pin them to the board. This encourages both avid and non-avid readers to take up a new book.

12. Favorite animals

Cutouts of each child’s favorite animal can be pinned on the board and their features mentioned. This will help children learn about different animals and broaden their knowledge of the animal kingdom. It can be birds, land animals, or sea creatures!

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Nicole Delaney, a credentialed teacher, discusses kindergarten bulletin board ideas she implemented during her teaching. She shares, “During the two week “Down on the Farm” unit of my student teaching experience in kindergarten, I created a farm bulletin board. I added sky, grass, clouds, a fence, and a barn. I displayed artwork the students created over the two week unit (paper plate pigs and paper bag cows) to complete the board – the kids loved visiting the ‘farm’ to admire their work (i).”

13. A giant tree on the board with a planting activity

This is a fun craft activity for kids to learn togetherness and have a sense of belonging. For this, you will need green and brown color paper, a cutter, paint, and a sharpie. Give each of these items to the kids and ask them to make a big tree on the board. Each of the branches can have their names on it. Also, they can be given saplings to plant, connecting them to nature.

14. Butterfly project in class

For this activity, take the toddlers outdoors and ask them to observe the butterflies around them. Give them a sheet of paper and crayons and ask them to draw the mesmerizing spring butterflies that they see around them, then add each of these drawings onto the bulletin board.

15. Socializing activity

Bulletin board ideas for preschoolers for socializing

For this activity, you will need a pencil and a sheet of paper. Now, let each child pick a friend from the classroom and get to know them. Then, ask them to write ten things about their new friend and pin their sheets to the board.

16. Different seasons in a year project

For this activity, you will need some gray, blue, yellow, and green wool, paper, sharpie, and glue. Divide the class into four groups and discuss the seasons throughout the year. Now each of the four groups can draw the weather, the kind of clothes they wear, and the activities they can perform during that season. You could also have the kids stack colored wool for each season onto the paper.

17. Hot air balloon board

For this activity, you need paint, colored paper, and scissors. Have the children cut out hot air balloons using their favorite colored paper and glue them. You can then write each of their names on the hot air balloons and stick them on the bulletin board. Engaging kids in such interactive sessions will help them grow creatively.

18. Flowerpot bulletin board

This one is for the gardening enthusiasts. For this activity, you will need crayons, paper, and glue. Ask the children to draw a flower and color them using their favorite colors. Now make a flower pot and pin it to the board. Lastly, ask each child to bring their flowers and place them on the pot, giving it a colorful bouquet look.

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19. Crayon bulletin board

Ask children to make cutouts

For this activity, you will need a sharpie, printed cut out of crayons, scissors, and glue. Now ask the children to color the crayon cutouts and write their names on them. Let every child pin their crayons to the board.

20. Festive board

A classroom can consist of children from different ethnicities who celebrate unique festivals. This will help the students interact with each other, developing awareness and sensitivity to each other’s cultures and practices. They can put images of people dancing and singing to make the poster more attractive. Not let every child write about a festival each on craft papers and pin them to the board.

21. Emoji bulletin board

Children go through several emotions every day. An emoji bulletin board can represent these emotions in an engaging way. For this activity, you will need color printouts of emojis, scissors, and glue. Cut out the emojis, ask the children to choose one expression, and glue it to the bulletin board. You can ask them to write out the expression on a piece of paper and pin it below the relevant emoji. This can be a daily or weekly activity where children can point out how they feel by selecting an emoji on the board and pinning their name (written on a piece of paper) below it.

Classroom bulletin boards are effective teaching tools that help children express their ideas using imagination and creativity. These boards may also help to display the concepts taught in the class, making it easier for children to understand and remember them. It can also be used to put up a creative notice for upcoming events such as field trips, nature walks, art projects, water play, sand play, and similar activities. This unique list of bulletin board ideas for preschoolers help make their classrooms more attractive and welcoming. Encourage children to share their opinions on various topics, such as books, favorite animals, or seasons, and display their thoughts on the bulletin board. It will surely light up their faces with excitement.

Key Pointers

  • Engage preschoolers in creating the life cycle of insects and displaying it on the bulletin board.
  • Encourage healthy competition by putting children’s pictures on the board and placing stars beside them when they achieve something.
  • Develop their fine motor skills through cheerful festive themes, candy boards, season projects, and more interesting ideas.

Watch this interesting video on creative bulletin board ideas for preschool and classroom decoration! Let’s get creative and make our classrooms look amazing!

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