Is It Safe To Detox While Breastfeeding?

Detox is a method of cleansing your body. You may consider undergoing a detox while breastfeeding due to your apprehension about toxins accumulating in your body from eating constantly.

However, some detox methods may involve over-the-counter (OTC) products. In addition, detox diets may restrict the intake of certain nutrients that are essential during lactation. Since anything you eat may pass on to your breastmilk, it’s crucial to be cautious and consult a doctor before making changes to your diet or using any supplements.

Read this post to learn more about whether detox is safe for nursing mothers and how to do it naturally.

What Is The Meaning Of Detox?

Detox is a natural way to cleanse your body of all the toxins and wastes. Various practitioners of alternative medicine also promote detoxification diets (1).

Does A Detox Diet Really Work?

Healthy food can help detox while breastfeeding

There are diverse opinions about whether a detox diet works or not. Believers say they see a marked difference in their weight and overall health. On the contrary, scientists feel that a detox diet is a sham and a waste of time and effort. The many tablets and products that claim to help you detox are all vivid examples of marketing gimmicks. Instead, all you need is some drinking water, fresh air, and good quality sleep to clean your body of harmful chemicals (2).

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Five Tips To Detox While Breastfeeding:

Sure, it is not safe to go on a detox while breastfeeding. Your baby needs all the nutrition and depends on you for sustenance. So what do you do? Get smart and formulate a plan that will eliminate waste yet take care of your nutritional requirements. Here are a few tips to help you:

1. Drink Lots Of Water:

Staying hydrated can help you detox while breastfeeding

Maintaining a proper fluid balance is crucial for new mothers, especially when breastfeeding, as the body loses fluids regularly. Drink water to prevent dehydration. As a new mom, this should be your main mantra. Water helps your kidney in the elimination of all the toxins from the body (3).

2. Binge On Fresh Natural Juices:

Include lots of fresh natural juice in your daily diet to ensure your milk flow remains steady. You can easily combine various fruits and vegetables and enjoy a new flavor every day. The juices will keep you hydrated and boost your bowel movement and kidney functioning (4).

3. Snooze Your Way To Health:

Sleeping for eight hours may be impossible for new moms like you. Hence, try and take a short nap as and when you can as it will help you detox as well. According to a study, your brain does help to flush out toxins while you are asleep (5).

4. Add Fiber To Your Diet:

Breastfeeding mothers should eat a fiber-rich diet

Fiber helps your digestive system eliminate the toxins effectively as it regulates your bowel movement. Smooth and regular bowel movements are a signal that your body is trying to get back to normal after a recent binging spree. Include lots of fiber-rich foods in your daily diet to keep constipation at bay (6).

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5. Say Yes To Homemade Food:

If you wish to detox, eat homemade food only. Prepare a balanced meal and spend time with your family over dinner. Avoid packaged and processed foods as much as you can. Do not skip meals, but ensure you eat small meals at regular intervals (7).

Are There Any Side Effects Of A Detox Diet?

Consult your lactation consultant before starting a detox diet

Following a detox diet can have some serious side effects, especially while you are still breastfeeding. If the detox diet is deficient in nutrients, it may affect your milk supply and overall health. Thus, it is necessary to exercise caution. Speak to your doctor before trying any detox diet as a lactating mother, no matter how safe or popular it is (8).

Detox diets and supplements are thought to cleanse the body of toxins. However, detox while breastfeeding may not be suitable as it may directly affect the baby’s health. A healthy lifestyle with good nutrition and adequate fluid and fiber intake are often sufficient to detox the body naturally. Allow your body to heal, avoid junk food, and get as much sleep as possible while taking care of your baby. It is not advisable to start any fad diet or supplements for detox without discussing it with your doctor.

Key Pointers

  • Detoxing helps remove toxins and waste materials from the body.
  • When following a detox diet while breastfeeding, women should stay hydrated and consume homemade, fiber-rich foods.
  • A deficiency of nutrients in a detox diet might interfere with milk supply and lead to adverse health effects.
  • It is important to avoid any detox supplements or alternative medicines while breastfeeding.
  • It is best to consult with a doctor before going on a detox diet while nursing.
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