October Baby Names – 21 Wonderful Baby Names For October Borns

When seeking inspiration to name a baby, you may take inspiration from their birth month for a personal touch. If your baby is arriving in October, our list has got you covered. The October baby names in our list reflect the beauty and festivities linked to this month. Some names are also inspired by prominent leaders and celebrities. Their talent, tactical skills, and bravery would motivate your child. So, read on to find the right name for your October-born baby.

October Baby Names For Girls

1. Opal

It is a gem-inspired baby name and the particular gemstone suits babies born in the month of October. The translucent gem serves as a hologram-like birthstone. And if you want your little angel’s future shine bright, you should choose the following name.

2. Winona

Stylish October baby name

The name has a Native American origin, and it symbolizes “firstborn daughter” in Dakota language. If you are the biggest fan of famous actress Winona Ryder (born on October 29), it can be the perfect name for your spunky little one.

3. Sabrina

Sabrina is the name of a legendary Celtic goddess, who was known for her bravery and heroic activities. The sweet name is an all time favorite for the parents, and it is adorable, cute and unique.

4. Esme

Esme is a charming, distinct, and sophisticated name, derived from the classic story For Esmé, With Love and Squalor. The name means beloved or esteemed, and it sounds perfect for your little angel.

5. Raven

Inspired from one of the poems by none other than Edgar Allen Poe, the name signifies that the person has an obsession for darker shades or the color black. It suits your beautiful baby girl, born in October.

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6. Octavia

It is the feminine version of Octavius. Octavia was the name of Roman Emperor, Augustus’s sister. She was the youngest sister and later became the wife of Mark Antony. The strong character Octavia earned huge admiration and respect from the historians because of her humanity and loyalty. If you want your little angel to grow up with nobility and genuine feminine virtues, Octavia would be a great fit.

7. Ottavia

The female version of Ottavio means vigorous and confident. It is also the name of the famous mixed martial arts (MMA) athlete, Ottavia Bourdain. If you want your girl to have a strong personality, you can call her Ottavia.

8. Tavia

Tavia is a pretty name for baby girls born in the month of October. Inspired by the name Ottavia, you can further shorten the name and call your little angel Tavia. The name emphasizes on strong and noble features, and you would surely like your girl to get those admirable aspects. In the competitive era, where a woman needs to stand equal with man and compete in every field, Tavia is the name that can symbolize your child’s strong personality.

9. Annona

Latin name symbolizing ancient Roman goddess

Annona is a Latin name, and it symbolizes the ancient Roman goddess of the annual harvest. Since the month of October brings to you the joy of harvest you can name your baby as Annona.

10. Alice

Inspired by the name of popular actress Alicia Silverstone born in October, you can call your little angel by that name. The name means morally strong and truthful person. The name also became popular after the success of Lewis Caroll novel, Alice in Wonderland.

October Baby Names For Boys

1. Octavius

Octavius inspired from the name of the Roman Emperor Gaius Octavius. It is a Latin origin name, which symbolizes strength and power. People with this name may have an inner desire of leadership and personal independence. If you wish your little guy to have these strong manly attributes, you can call him with that name!

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2. Bonnie

The name originated from the Scots and inspired by the name of famous personality Bonnie Elizabeth Parker born in October. The name symbolizes good or pretty face. It is a likable name and generates a pleasant feeling in the mind.

3. Jimmy

It is a Hebrew originated name and inspired from the name of renowned politician Jimmy Carter, which means “He who supplants.” People with this name may have a deep desire to serve the humanity and use the creative skills and artistic ability to earn huge fame. The name particularly suits baby boys, who seem to be dominant in nature.

4. Kipp

Unique October baby name

Inspired by the name of popular athlete Fred Kipp born in October and it means ‘high hill.’ People with this name have an excellent ability to understand, learn and analyze new things in life. If you want your son to achieve success in life, you can call him by this name.

5. Vance

Inspired by the name of famous baseballer Vance Aaron Law born in October, the name signifies a person who resides near the marshland.

6. Walter

Inspired by the name of the popular actor Walter John Mattahau born in October, the name means a person who rules an army. It symbolizes great strength and leadership quality. Individuals with this name may have a deep inner desire for a loving and stable family bonding. If you want your little guy to get those strong attributes, please call him Walter!

7. Gordon

October baby name, Gordon

Inspired from the name of the famous singer Gordon Sumner born in October, it means a hero. If you want your son to attain heroic features, name him Gordon.

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8. Odis

The Greek originated name means “keen of hearing” and symbolizes a person with utmost patience and calmness. When you wish your baby boy learn those subtle characteristics, you can call him by the above name.

9. Tyso

Inspired by the name of the famous athlete Tyson Cleotis Chandler born in October and it means a high-spirit person. Tyson may even remind you of the famous personality and the champion boxer, Mike Tyson.

10. Warner

Warner, October baby name for boys

Inspired by the name of the popular actor, Warner Oland born in October, you can call your baby boy by that name. The name means one who belongs from the defending army.

11. Damon

The name Damon means ‘to tame’ and when you feel inspired by the literary works of Damon Runyon, you can call your baby boy with that name.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

If your baby is born in October, you can try choosing any of these October baby names. Some fun names are Winnona, Sabrina, Raven, Esme, Octavia, Ottavia, Alice, Bonnie, Jimmy, Vance, Gordon, Odis, Octavius, Walter, etc. We have included the origin, meaning, and connection to October for each of these names to make things easier for you. So, together with your partner, choose one of the best names you believe is more relatable and ideal for your baby.

Key Pointers

  • October baby names have roots in different cultures and carry beautiful connotations.
  • Esma, Octavia, Vance, and Dame are some popular October names.
  • Ensure that the name you pick pairs well with your baby’s last name.

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