50 Unusual And Weird Baby Boy Names You Have Never Heard Of

Finding a meaningful name for the baby is one of the first responsibilities of a parent. Sometimes, in the pursuit of picking an unusual name that will make the baby stand out from others, many parents end up choosing weird baby boy names for their little one.

While some parents find adorable names for their baby, others fail miserably in the task. In this post, we list down some unusual and eccentric names parents have chosen for their babies to help you decide.

50 Most Weird Boy Names

1. Anthem

Yes, you read that right. Anthem is a rare yet genuine name and sounds pretty catchy too.

2. Castle

The name may not sound ‘real’ to you, but Castle is a genuine Latin name. If you are a fan of the TV series by the same name, this can be an odd yet interesting choice for you.

3. Denim

Denim is a name. If it is good enough for Toni Braxton, it must be good enough for us common people.

4. Falcon

Falcon, weird boy name

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Falcon, as in the bird! Yes, it is a popular name. It sounds masculine. and is pretty fancy too. The name is associated with precision and beauty.

5. Indy

Short for Indiana or Indigo, Indy is a great name, especially if you are a Harrison Ford fan.

6. Nutella

Don’t worry, we are still discussing baby names and not foods!

7. Matix

Nothing to do with the movie Matrix! Matix is still a peculiar name that finds a mention in popularity charts.

8. Koy

In 2013, a total of 13 boys had the name Koy. It means that there are 13 parents out there who are not averse to taking risks!

9. Judge

Is this a name? Yes, it is! There are parents out there who call their sons Judge. If it is a lawyer family, it may be an indication of their love for the law and judiciary.

10. Lorde

Made popular by a 17-year-old songwriter from New Zealand, the name Lorde is an ode to all things royal.

11. Roper

Okay, this may sound strange but this is not a make-believe name, and it means ‘maker of rope.’ Now, why parents would want to name their son Roper is anybody’s guess.

12. Zealand

Years ago, this might have been a good idea for a name. Now? Not so much. Zealand means ‘the sea land’.

13. Zeppelin

If you are a rock music fan, this name may resonate with you. But for other people, it is just a weird name.

14. Rexx

As in T-rex? Well, it does sound outlandish but also macho and strong.

15. Tallon

Here’s an idiosyncratic name that shouts ‘aggressive.’

16. Wolf

Wolf, weird boy names

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This name should top the list of weird names for boys.Yes, you know about the word, but as a boy name? We are sure this one caught you by surprise.

17. Diezel

Well, changing the spelling a little does not make this name any less weird! You can thank Toni Braxton for this gem of a name too.

18. Pilot Inspektor

The less we talk about this name, the better. Jason Lee thought it was a good idea to name his son Pilot Inspektor. Maybe he knows something we don’t?

19. Jermajesty

Maybe, just maybe, in another 1000 years Jermajesty would be a good choice for a baby boy name. But not today.

20. Banjo

Banjo, as in the musical instrument!

21. Rocket

The weird boys names are definitely out of the box. You want your son to grow up and reach the sky of success. So, of course, you should name him Rocket. This uncommon name makes complete sense, at least to some celebrities.

22. Bronx Mowgli

Jungle Book meets New York City – this name is a winner!

23. Satchel

Someone, somewhere thought that it was okay to name their child after ‘a bag’.

24. Famous

Yes, you want your son to be famous. No, that doesn’t mean you can simply name him ‘Famous’!

25. Laughter

You wish a lifetime of fun and laughter for your child. If you want to name your little darling Laughter, more power to you. But it sure is not everyone’s cup of tea.

26. Alucard

This name may work for families who are into Goth. It is, after all, the name of the central character in the movie Son of Dracula!

27. Ledgend

If you want to name your son Legend, do so. Don’t beat around the bush with a tweaked spelling!

28. Jokr

One thing we can promise about this name – you’ll see your baby change his name as soon as he can.

29. Linkin

The name is a fan’s homage to the popular rock band, Linkin Park.

30. Xsavior

These weird and quirky baby boy names given in the list will leave you astounded. Do you want a unique name? How about this version of Xavier?

31. Moody

Moody as a last name is pretty common. But as a first name? Names help define you. What does the name Moody say about a baby?

32. Onix

If you are into anime, you’ll immediately identify the source of this name. Onix is a rock Pokémon from the popular cartoon series.

33. Hershey

This weird bob baby names list would be incomplete without this one. Here’s a walking advertisement for the famous chocolate brand!

34. Audi

Name your son Audi

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Do you love luxury cars? Name your son Audi!

35. Xander

Alexander is old school, so is Alex. Xander is an interesting twist.

36. Gage

No, this is not a made-up name. It is a real name and means ‘measurer’. Each one to their own, right?

37. Cotton

Yes, it is a legit name. No, we don’t know why this was even an option.

38. Livingston

Jonathan Livingston Seagull – now calling a seagull Livingston is okay. But a little kid? You be the judge!

39. Indio

Indio means ‘Indian’. Still a weird name in our book.

40. Audio Science

Trust celebrities to come up with names one can never even imagine! Actress Shannon Sossamon and her partner, Dallas Clayton call their son Audio Science!

41. Sailor

Sailor, weird boy names

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This weird boy names list is surely rocking with this name.When a parent names their child Sailor, do they hope that the child would become a seaman? We are still looking for a logical explanation for choosing this name!

42. Damoney

As in ‘the money’! We all like money, but this is taking it too far. But the fact remains that in 2013, seven kids were named Damoney!

43. Chaos

Somehow, nine set of parents thought it was a great idea to name their child Chaos.

44. Story

Yes, that’s a name. There must be a ‘story’ behind this name, we are sure.

45. Rage

Did the parents name their son in a fit of rage? We can’t think of any other reason someone would call their little one ‘Rage’.

46. Hannibal

Hannibal was a cannibal. We are sure that’s not what the parents hope their child will aspire to be!

47. Eh

We don’t think too much about this name. It is pretty ‘Eh’ in our book.

48. Gin


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As in Gin and Tonic! Not a great name for a kid, we agree.

49. Khiing

It is a weird name with a capital W!

50. Granite

Some parents want their son to be as strong as granite! But does it work? Not so much.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

You may have come across many interesting names while scouring for unconventional names for your baby. You must have been curious to know their meanings as well. While some might sound modern, a few of them may not be a proper title for your baby. We have included such weird boy names that we could find on the internet in this list. A few of these names add an interesting and different twist to the already existing names, while some are fascinating names seldom heard. So, now that you have seen the list, the choice is yours.

Key Pointers

  • Weird names don’t necessarily negatively impact a child’s life, as they are just unusual. Weird names may have positive meanings, but ensure to avoid negative social or cultural implications.
  • Parents can combine traditional and weird names to create unique and balanced options.
  • Some unique weird names for baby boys include Anthem, Castle, Falcon, and Indy.

Discover unique and uncommon baby boy names you don’t hear often! Get inspired by our list of unusual baby names for boys and find the perfect one for your little one.

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