35 Popular And Modern Virtue Names For Baby Boys And Girls

Popular among Puritans, virtue names have gained popularity in recent years. However, the traditional Puritan names may seem outdated, so we have brought some modern virtue names for babies. These names represent the quality you wish your child to possess. Moreover, they serve as an inspiration and allow your child to walk on the path of justice and morality. So, scroll down for our comprehensive list of virtue names. We have included the classic ones and a few modern monikers that we think would suit children today.

Virtue Names For Boys

1. Leon

Leon is a name of Greek origin and its literal meaning is ‘lion’ which comes from the word ‘Leo’. According to Greek Mythology, Leon was a giant who was finally killed by Heracles. The oldest historical figure to bear this name was Leon of Sparta known for his courage and valor.

2. Aaron

The name in the Old Testament means ‘The exalted one’. As described in the Bible, he was the older brother of Moses and was mentioned as his spokesperson in several gospels.

3. Noble

The name Noble means belonging to the aristocratic class or the nobility. The other meaning that is attached to this name is that of high moral principles or exceptional personal qualities in a person.

4. Constance

The name Constance is a Latin name by origin, and it is kept as a name for boys. It exudes responsibility, loyalty and integrity and means to be ‘firm of purpose’ in Latin. Its other derivations can be Constancy from the Latin Constantia.

5. Gabriel

Gabriel is a given name which has its origin in the Hebrew name ‘Gabriel’ meaning ‘God is my strength’. It was popularized in the Old Testament of the Bible by the association with the Biblical archangel Gabriel. This name is a symbol of purity and respect.

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6. Joy

The given name has its origin in French. The meaning of the name is ‘rejoice’ and it was made popular in history by the American Puritans in the 17th century by the phrase, ‘Joy of the Lord’.

7. Caleb

Derived from Hebrew, the name Caleb means the ‘devotion of a dog’ or ‘to be bold’. It has a similar meaning to the word ‘Kelev’ which means ‘a dog’ in Hebrew.

8. Noah

It is either a given name or a surname which has its origin in the biblical character of Noah. The name symbolizes comfort, repose or rest and brings in a sense of stability in a person’s life.

9. Resolve

The meaning of the name is to end conflicts, be it of the mind or the heart. The name brings with it a sense of purpose and fulfillment. It also evokes a sense of optimism and adaptability, or flexibility.

10. Clarity

It is a very popular given name which has its roots both in French and in English. In both the languages the meaning of the name Clarity is ‘lucid’ or ‘clear’.

11. Regal

Regal has its origins in English and Latin. The name is associated with royalty and the ruling class signifying leadership and influence.

12. Isaac

The original meaning of the given name is ‘laughter’ or ‘hilarity’. In mythology, Isaac was given to the much-loved son of Abraham and Sarah.

13. Levi

The literary meaning of the name is ‘joining’ or ‘adhering’. In the Bible, Levi was the third son of Jacob and Leah, and the head of the priestly Levite tribe. This name may be associated with the qualities of teamwork and collaboration.

14. Seth

Seth means ‘appointed’. In the biblical texts, Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve. It is a sweet and down-to-earth name that sounds just right for your baby boy.

15. Solomon

The literary meaning of the name is ‘peaceful.’ In history and mythology, the name is famous because the son, the successor of King David, was known by this name, whose virtue was supreme wisdom.

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16. Jesse

In Latin, the given name means a ‘gift’ or ‘wealth.’ In the Hebrew anthology, Jesse was the father of David.

17. Nathan

In the Latin language, Nathan also means ‘a gift.’ The biblical story reveals that Nathan was the prophet who held David accountable for the death of Bathsheba’s husband.

Virtue Names For Girls

18. Grace

It is an English baby name which was derived from the Latin word ‘gratia’ that means ‘God’s favor’.

19. Verity

It is a female first name and a surname, both given to baby girls. As a first name, the meaning is derived from the Latin feminine noun ‘veritas, meaning ‘truth’.

20. Honor

It is a Latin baby name whose literary meaning is ‘honor’. The baby girl’s name has an unyielding forbearance on their personality and principles of life.

21. Chastity

The name is derived from the Latin language. The meaning of the name is ‘purity’ or ‘innocence’.

22. Faith

The name has its roots in Latin, Fides, and the meaning of the name is ‘unquestioning belief in God’.

23. Hope

It is an English baby name that forms a part of one of the three Christian beliefs, that are Faith, Hope and Charity.

24. Destiny

It is most certainly an American baby name which symbolizes ‘certain fortune’ or a ‘bright fate’.

25. Prudence

It is a feminine given name that has its origin in Latin. The literary meaning of the name is ‘good judgment’.

26. Trinity

The origin of the name is in Latin, and it symbolizes the concept of ‘Three in One’ emphasized in the Bible. A name that stands for equality, unity, and diversity.

27. Peace

It is a Latin baby girl name. The meaning of the name is ‘tranquil’ or ‘serene’.

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28. Amity

It is an English given name for girls which means ‘friendship’.

29. Mercy

Taken from the Latin word ‘merces’, the given name Mercy means ‘compassion’, ‘pity’, and ‘forgiveness’.

30. Delilah

It is a Hebrew baby girl name which means to be ‘amorous’.

31. Naomi

It is a Jewish name of Hebrew origin which means ‘pleasantness’ or ‘happiness,’ thus evoking a sense of enthusiasm.

32. Rebecca

It is an Aramaic name and in mythology, the name is associated with the ‘goddess of beauty’.

33. Temperance

Used as an archaic English word, it is a very popular virtue name for baby girls and means ‘restraint’ or ‘moderation’.

34. Patience

It is an English word which has its roots in the Latin word ‘patiencia’ and the meaning of the name is to be ‘patient in the times of hardships and sufferings’.

35. Charity

It is an English baby name derived from the Old French word, ‘charite’ which means ‘to love’ and ‘to be compassionate towards other beings’.

These popular modern virtue names for babies are derived from English and Latin languages, representing a positive characteristic trait. Boy names, such as Aaron, Issac, Nathan, and girl names, such as Grace, Mercy, and Rebecca, are classic yet also contemporary. By giving these names to your little ones, you can hope that they would bind to being responsible and imbibe good virtues. So, glance through this list of virtue names with their meanings and pick the name most suited for your little bundle of joy.

Key Pointers

  • Virtue names can be traced back to the English protestants from the 16th and the 17th century also called Puritans.
  • These names inspire little ones to walk on the path of morality and justice.
  • Modern baby boy names, such as Aaron and Gabriel, are quite popular and hold significance in the Old Testament.
  • Parents can also opt for single-syllable baby girl names, such as Grace, Hope, and Faith.

Discover some timeless modern virtue baby names! Let’s explore some unique and meaningful names for your little one.

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