300+ Latest, Modern, And Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names

The Hindu Dharma or Sanatan Dharma is not just a religion but a way of life, and Hindu boy names are commonly used by people who follow this faith. Names from the Hindu Dharma are taken from one of the world’s oldest languages, i.e., Sanskrit. Since knowing what the name means before selecting one for your little one is important, we’ve listed names with meanings here. So, delve into this post as we have a list of Hindu names for boys guaranteed to leave you spoilt for choice.

Popular Hindu Boy Names, With Unique Meanings

1. Aadavan

Spread brightness in your son’s life by naming him Aadavan, which means ‘sun’.

2. Aadhira

This pleasant name means ‘moon’ in Hindi. Though a Hindi word, this beautiful name is used in several Indian languages including Bengali, Gujarati, and Kannada.

3. Aadish

This Indian Hindi and Marathi name comes from a Sanskrit word. Aadish means ‘design,’ ‘intention,’ and ‘aim’ and is best if you want your little one to be creative.

4. Aahan

Aahan is one of the most popular Hindu names for boys. It means ‘dawn, morning glory.’

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5. Aakav

Aakav is a short and simple name meaning ‘form or shape’.

6. Aakesh

Aakesh would make a stylish alternative to Akash. It means ‘lord of the sky’.

7. Aakil

Aakil, meaning ‘intelligent or smart’, is a charming title for a future genius.

8. Aanan

Aanan is a catchy name, meaning ‘appearance’.

9. Aanav

Hindu baby boy names

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Aanav is the opposite of Daanav and means ‘humane’.

10. Aarush

A name that is widely popular with the Hindus, Aarush means ‘bright, shining, or sun’.

11. Aayu

Aayu, meaning ‘life span’, would make a lovely choice for parents looking for a vowel-laden name.

12. Abhik

Abhik is a pleasant name, meaning ‘beloved’ and ‘fearless’.

13. Abhinit

This creative name means ‘acted in a play’ and can bring out your child’s inner actor. As every child is a born actor, this name is apt for your little one.

14. Achintya

Acintya, meaning ‘unthinkable’, sizzles enough to be unique.

15. Adbhuta

This Sanskrit origin name has several positive connotations such as ‘extra ordinary, remarkable, fabulous, and miraculous’.

16. Adhija

Adhija, meaning ‘superior by birth’, is blazing with popularity in India.

17. Adri

Adri, meaning ‘rock, stone, mountain’, will have your child grow up to be a strong and brave man.

18. Adith

The meaning of Adith is ‘from the beginning or sun’.

19. Adur

This short and unusual name means ‘near.’ It is the perfect pick for new parents who want to keep their little ones close to their heart.

20. Advit

Advit is a unique Hindu baby boy name, which also means ‘unique’.

21. Adyant

This versatile name has its root in the Sanskrit language. Adyant means ‘beginning of the end’.

22. Aekansh

Another modern Hindu baby boy name, meaning ‘unique’.

23. Agraga

Help your child grow up with leadership qualities by naming him Agraga, which means ‘leader’.

24. Ahan

Drawn from the natural world, Ahan, means ‘dawn’.

25. Ahil

This name, meaning ‘prince’, has been made hugely popular via Salman Khan’s nephew, Ahil.

26. Ahlad

This unique name is used in many Indian languages and means ‘joy,’ ‘delight,’ and ‘refreshing’ in Sanskrit.

27. Ainesh

We love the etymology of this name. It means ‘sun’s glory’.

28. Aja

This graceful name means ‘goat’ in Sanskrit and can be used to describe the animal’s agility and surefootedness.

29. Aksaja

Aksaja is one of the names of Lord Vishnu. It means ‘thunderbolt or diamond’.

30. Alar

This short name means ‘door.’ It could also be a kind of aloe plant or the name of a preceptor of Lord Buddha.

31. Amand

Parents who want an active and agile baby can name their child Amand, which means ‘active or bright’.

32. Amas

We can’t help but love this name. Amas means ‘soft or tender’.

33. Amava

Amava, meaning ‘strong or impetuous’, is flashy, hip, and sticks well with the ever popular trend of ‘a’ ending name.

34. Amay

Amay is one of the names of Lord Ganesha.

35. Ambaka

In Sanskrit, Ambaka means ‘an eye’ or ‘having three eyes’.

36. Ambhoja

With a fascinating ring to it, this name means ‘water born’. You could give your Aquarian babies this name.

37. Anay

This Sanskrit moniker, meaning ‘without a superior’, is widely popular with the Marathis.

38. Anish

Anish is a kickass name, meaning ‘supreme, paramount’.

39. Anshu

It is used as a diminutive of Anshuman, which means ‘sun.’ Anshu is a unisex name though it is more commonly used for boys.

40. Anuh

Anuh is one of the least used names in India. It means ‘calm or content’.

41. Anvay

Anvay is derived from Sanskrit word ‘anvaya’, meaning ‘joined or integrated’.

42. Apurva

Apurva is a strong title, meaning ‘novel or unmatched’.

43. Aradhy

Aradhy is a traditional Hindu name, meaning ‘to be worshiped’.

44. Archis

Archis is a sizzling hot name, meaning ‘ray of light’.

45. Aribam

Aribam is an inspirational Hindu name, meaning ‘leader’.

46. Arihan

How about giving your son a strong and bold name such as Arihan, which means ‘destroyer of enemies’.

47. Arin

Arin, meaning ‘discussion’, is ready to take over the charts in a few years.

48. Arit

The name Arit, meaning ‘praised’, will add a splash of coolness to your child’s personality.

49. Arj

This short name has a powerful meaning of ‘gain,’ ‘to acquire,’ and ‘to earn’ and is used in multiple Indian languages.

50. Arochan

The name, meaning ‘bright, radiant, or shining’ makes us want to head outdoors and soak in the sun.

51. Arpit

A glamorous baby name with loads of appeal, Arpit means ‘to dedicate or give in’.

52. Arth

An intellectual name, Arth means ‘meaning’.

53. Arul

Arul is a fresh name meaning ‘water.’ Besides being a Hindu name, this name is also used by Buddhists. Surprisingly, this name is also used in Mauritius and Fiji.

54. Arvieta

This name is derived from the word for the Hindu medicinal system, Ayurveda. A variation of this name is Arveda and both these names can be used for boys and girls.

55. Aryan

The name means ‘noble.’ Also, Aryans were a civilization in the Indo-Iranian region in the ancient era.

56. Ashmayu

Ashmayu: A ray of light

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This moniker comes with the option of a cool nickname, Ash. Ashmayu means ‘ray of light’.

57. Ashmit

Ashmit is a rare Hindu name that means ‘a good friend.’

58. Aswad

This ancient, but rarely heard name literally means ‘relishing your food’.

59. Aswin

Though Aswin means ‘possessor of horses,’ Ashwin variation is often used. It is also the name of the Hindu twin gods of sunrise and sunset.

60. Atharv

Atharv, meaning ‘wise or learned’, is originally the name of a Vedic text.

61. Atishay

Atishay is an everyday name, meaning ‘wonderful, excellent’.

62. Avin

This cute name is the short form of the formidable Avinash meaning ‘indestructible.’

63. Avyakta

This Lord Krishna’s name denotes the one who sees the world crystal clear.

64. Axar

This name possibly meaning ‘letter’ or imperishable, is a unique name suitable for boys.

65. Ayaan

This is a rare name that means ‘not moving’ or ‘natural disposition’ in Sanskrit.

66. Ayodhya

Ayodhya, meaning ‘unconquerable, citadel’ in Sanskrit, is also the name of the birthplace of the Hindu God, Rama.

67. Bhadrak

In Purana, Bhadrak is the name of the king of Anga. It means ‘handsome, brave, or good’.

68. Bharat

In the Ramayana, Bharata was the name of Rama’s brother and is also the name of a legendary king. Bharat is derived from this name and means ‘being maintained.’

69. Bhavatu

Bhavatu is basically a Sanskrit term, meaning ‘amen or okay’.

70. Bhuvan

This rare name for boys means ‘Earth’ in Sanskrit. It is a beautiful name that also means grounded.

71. Bodhi

This Sanskrit name is gaining popularity, not just in India, but all over the world. It means ‘awakening or enlightenment’.

72. Brahm

This short name is the variant of the powerful Brahma and means ‘growth, expansion, creation’ and is also the name of the god of creation.

73. Chaayan

Technically, Chaayan means ‘picking or collecting’, but it also means ‘moon’.

74. Chaitanya

This name, meaning ‘energy or vitality’, was borne by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, a great Vaishnavite saint.

75. Chaitya

Chaitya, meaning ‘perceivable’, is sure to make major waves this year.

76. Chak

This short but sweet name means ‘to shine,’ ‘satiate,’ or ‘to resist’ in Sanskrit. Interestingly, it is also a Khmer name meaning ‘circle,’ ‘cycle,’ or ‘mystical cycle.’


We love how this name sounds. Chakshan means ‘good looking’.

78. Chandra

This is a unisex name that means ‘moon’ in Sanskrit and is one of the names that are inspired by nature.

79. Charun

Charun, meaning ‘one with beautiful eyes’ is a nice alternative to common name Varun.

80. Charvak

This unique name is for a baby with a silver tongue as it means ‘one who speaks nicely or sweetly’ or ‘a philosopher.’

81. Chha

With a single syllable, this name manages to make a deep impression as it means ‘nice, beloved.’

82. Chinmay

Chinmay is a name of Lord Ganesha and means ‘consisting of pure thought’.

83. Chitayu

A name for the intelligent folks, Chitayu means ‘born of the intellect’.

84. Chitin

Chitin, meaning ‘intelligent’, is fresh and just rolls off the tongue.

85. Chitvan

Chitvan, meaning ‘look or glance’, would make an illuming choice for your child.

86. Daivey

Daivey perfectly symbolizes the sentiment you feel for your little one. It means ‘dearly loved’.

87. Daiwik

Parents looking for a spiritual name should look no further than Daiwik. It means ‘God’s grace’.

88. Daman

Daman is a powerful name meaning ‘ruler, controller’ in Hindi and it is also the name of a union territory in India.

89. Darsh

Darsh is a divine name for boys meaning ‘Lord Krishna.’ Lord Krishna has several names and it is a common practice in India to name their children after the god.

90. Darshan

It is another rare yet glorious name meaning ‘seeing,’ ‘observing,’ or ‘understanding’ in Sanskrit.

91. Deekshant

Deekshant, meaning ‘gift of God’, is a simple, yet stunning baby name.

92. Deepit

Deepit, meaning ‘passionate, illuminated, inflamed, or excited’, gives off a positive and energetic vibe.

93. Deewan

This vintage name used for a policeman will bestow a sense of importance on your little one.

94. Devaj

This preppy name fits with current favorites such as Devin or Dheeraj. It means ‘born of the Gods’.

95. Devak

This delightful name, meaning ‘divine, glorious, pious’ is indeed a winsome choice.

96. Devin

Devin is a divine baby name, meaning ‘resembling a God or poet’.

97. Devyan

Devyan is literally an out of the world name, meaning ‘serving the gods’.

98. Dewil

This unique name for baby boys means ‘righteous, virtuous’ in Sanskrit. Though it sounds similar to Devil, it has a positive meaning.

99. Dhanvin

Dhanvin, one of the names of Lord Shiva, is too precious for words.

100. Dhavak

Dhavak is a robust and fierce name, meaning ‘forerunner’.

101. Dhavit

A boy with this name will definitely have a pure and clean soul. It means ‘purified’.

102. Dhev

This wordplay on the traditional Dev, meaning ‘God,’ will give your little one an edge over the others.

103. Dhir

Teach your child the virtue of persistence by naming him Dhir, which means ‘patience’.

104. Dhira

Dhira is a fierce or fearless name, meaning ‘brave’.

105. Dhrishnu

If you’re up for traditional Hindu names, pick Dhrishnu, which means ‘son of Manu’.

106. Dhrsita

This latest Hindu boy name originates from Sanskrit word ‘dhRSita’, which means ‘brave or bold’.

107. Dhven

Dhven is a mighty and majestic unique Hindu name, meaning ‘godly’.

108. Dino

Though Dino is originally an Italian name used as a short form for names ending in dino or tino. Dino mea s ‘strength’ and is a popular name in India too.

109. Divij

This Sanskrit name means ‘sky born or divine’.

110. Divit

Divit, meaning ‘immortal’, brings to mind a happy-go-lucky boy, who’s always up for a laugh.

111. Doshagya

Doshagya is derived from Sanskrit term ‘doSajJa’, meaning ‘he who knows what is evil and avoids it’.

112. Dravina

This name means ‘power, wealth, or strength’.

113. Edhas

Fill your child’s life with joy by naming him Edhas, which means ‘happiness’.

114. Eer

This rare and unheard-of name means ‘wind’ or ‘God of wind.’ It was made famous by Amitabh Bachchan’s song, Eer Bir Phatte.

115. Eerit

This short two-syllable name is used in several Indian languages and means ‘sent’ or ‘made.’ It is one of the rare Hindu names starting from E and thus, will make your child stand out in a crowd.

116. Ehan

Ehan, meaning ‘expected’, could help parents set some expectations of their children.

117. Ehit

A boy with this name is sure to have a jovial personality. Ehit means ‘ever-smiling’.

118. Elil

Another lovely name, Elil means ‘handsome’.

119. Erish

Erish, meaning ‘to cherish’, will teach your child to value every big and small things in life.

120. Falak

This name could be derived from the Sanskrit word phalak meaning ‘panel,’ ‘board,’ or ‘canvas’ or the Persian word falak meaning ‘sky’ or ‘heavens.’

121 Gagu

Gagu is an unusual name meaning ‘sky.’ It could be a variation of the more common Gagan and is one of the rare Hindu names ending with ‘u.’

122. Galav

Galav is an uncommon botanical name, meaning ‘bark of lotus tree’.

123. Gaman

Gaman is a classic sounding name, meaning ‘undergoing, attaining’.

124. Gana

Pay tribute to Lord Shiva by naming your son Gana, which means ‘tribe or group’.

125. Ganak

Ganak has an unusual appeal that makes every parent swoon. It means ‘mathematician or one who calculates’.

126. Gaoushik

Gaoushik is one of the rarely heard names of Lord Buddha.

127. Hardin

This Indian name is used in various languages and means ‘affectionate’ or ‘feeling affection for.’ It is close to the name Hardik but has its own meaning and pronunciation that makes it stand apart.

128. Hariaksh

Hariaksh is a unique name of Lord Shiva.

129. Harij

Harij is a mindful name, meaning ‘horizon’.

130. Harin

Harin, meaning ‘pure’, is slowly making its way into the mainstream.

131. Harishva

No one can ever guess that this modern sounding name harks centuries back. Harishva is one of the names of Lord Shiva.

132. Harman

This moniker is widely popular with the Punjabis and means ‘lord’s heart’.

133. Harshill

Harshill would make a unique alternative to Harsh. It means ‘joyful’.

134. Harshu

This cute baby name means ‘deer’.

135. Harsith

Harsith, meaning ‘joy, happiness’ is quite a charmer.

136. Harith

Parents looking for color inspired name can zero in on Harith, which means ‘green color’.

137. Hemil

Hemil: Gold

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A name with a beautiful ring, Hemil means ‘gold’.

138. Hiresh

Hiresh is a beautiful and uncommon Hindu boy name, meaning ‘king of gems’.

139. Hriday

Vintage lovers should feast their eyes on Hriday, meaning ‘heart’.

140. Hridhaan

This moniker is derived from Sanskrit elements ‘hrid’ and ‘dhaan’, which means ‘one with a great heart’.

141. Hrithik

This unique name means ‘from the heart.’ It is a wonderful and distinctive name that can be chosen for a boy.

142. Harshit

This cheery name, meaning ‘happy or cheerful’, would be a perfect name for your son.

143. Hrutesh

This name, meaning ‘lord of springs’, would fit well with the current trend of seasonal names.

144. Ibhan

Ibhan is a practical and timeless name of Lord Ganesha.

145. Idhayan

Idhayan is a lovely name with a unique tone. It means ‘joy of heart’.

146. Ihit

Ihit is a playful and lighthearted name, meaning ‘prize or honor’.

147. Ijay

The name Ijay has its roots in Hindu mythology. It means ‘Lord Vishnu’.

148. Ikshan

Ikshan is a Sanskrit noun referring to ‘sight or superintendence’.

149. Illesh

A name with a different touch, Illesh means ‘lord of the earth’.

150. Iravaj

Iravaj, meaning ‘born of water’, is perfect for a Scorpion or Cancerian baby.

151. Irish

Nope, we not talking about people of Ireland here. Irish is a legit Hindu name, meaning ‘lord of the earth’.

152. Ish

It cannot get shorter than this. Ish is a name of Lord Vishnu.

153. Ishaan

Ishaan is the Hindu deity of the north-east and is often considered to be Lord Shiva himself.

154. Ishay

This unique and strong name literally means ‘refresh,’ ‘animate,’ or ‘strengthen’ in Sanskrit.

155. Ishin

Should you be looking for a bold and inspiring baby name, you must consider Ishin, which means ‘commanding’.

156. Ishir

This cool sounding name is originally another name for Agni or fire. It means ‘powerful or refreshing’.

157. Ishivatva

Ishivatva is one of those names that will make anyone stop and look again. It means ‘superior or supreme’.

158. Jogesha

Jogesha is a variant of Yogesh, which means ‘The Lord of Yoga’.

159. Joshit

Joshit, meaning ‘pleased, delighted’, is a cute pick with tons of power.

160. Kaanishk

Kaanishk was the name of Lord Vishnu’s vehicle.

161. Kahan

Kahan is one of the names of Lord Krishna.

162. Kaj

This is a rarely used name that means ‘born from water,’ or ’aquatic, lotus’ in Sanskrit.

163. Kalagya

Kalagya is a term usually used for an ‘astrologer or one who is skilled in arts’.

164. Kalin

Set your child on the path to success by naming him Kalin, which means ‘flourishing, or developing rapidly and successfully’.

165. Kalita

Kalita is an ancient Sanskrit word, which means ‘made or formed’.

166. Kama

Kama, the name of the Hindu god of love, is the name of Lakshmi’s son.

167. Kamada

In the Mahabharata, Kamada was the name of Skanda’s follower. It means ‘giving what is wished’.

168. Kamin

Kamin, meaning ‘impassioned, desirous’, is too adorable to pass up.

169. Kanan

This moniker is becoming increasingly popular because of the Indian YouTube sensation. Kanan means ‘forest’.

170. Kanav

Kanav is a pleasant sounding name, meaning ‘an old yet wise sage’.

171. Kanha

This name is linked with divinity as it’s one of the names of none other than Lord Krishna. It means ‘dark or black’.

172. Kanj

Kanj is one of the names of Lord Brahma.

173. Karali

Karali is one of the seven tongues of the God of fire.

174. Kavan

Kavan is edgy, short, and super cute. It means ‘water’.

175. Kavindu

Kavindu is one of the names of Valmiki. It means ‘the moon of poets’.

176. Kavish

This unique Hindu boy name refers to the ‘lord of poets’.

177. Khalin

Here’s one of those Hindu names you don’t get to hear every day. Khalin means ‘one who possesses threshing-floors’.

178. Kiaan

This friendly name means ‘ancient or king’.

179. Kinjal

This melodious name means ‘river bank’ in Sanskrit and can be chosen used for boys and girls.

180. Kishen

Kishen is the modern form of Krishna. It means ‘black or dark’.

181. Ksaita

Ksaita, meaning ‘prince’, is a stylish name that many people would love to use.

182. Kshana

Lord Ganesha is also named Kshana because his swiftness is beyond measure.

183. Kunal

Kunal, meaning ‘one with beautiful eyes’, is a handsome name for a boy.

184. Lusha

Lusha, meaning ‘saffron’, was the name of Nisada and Chanaki’s son.

185. Madhuj

Parents who want a nature-inspired name can go for Madhuj, which means ‘wax, beeswax’.

186. Mahin

Mahin is a playful name with a grounded meaning. It means ‘earth’.

187. Mahir

A child with this name will surely grow up to be a genius. Mahir means ‘expert’.

188. Mahit

Mahit, a fine alternative to the name Mohit, means ‘esteemed or honored’.

189. Manayu

This Hindu name is full of magic. It means ‘desirous, devoted’.

190. Mann

Mann is a Hindi word meaning ‘heart,’ ‘feeling,’ or ‘mind’ and is often used in common speech.

191. Mayank

Parents looking for a celestial name can choose Mayank, which means ‘moon’.

192. Mayin

As per Rig Vega, Mayin is the creator of the universe. Literally, the name means ‘one who has the skill of enchantment’.

193. Mayur

Mayur: A peacock

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The name Mayur means ‘peacock’.

194. Milan

Milan is a dreamy and elegant name, meaning ‘union’.

195. Nadin

Nadin is a flowing name, meaning ‘lord of rivers’.

196. Naksh

This short and sweet name means either ‘features’ or ‘moon’.

197. Naman

In this Hindu mythology, Naman represents good fundamental nature.

198. Narun

A unique name meaning ‘leader,’ Narun can be used in conjunction with Varun and Karun.

199. Navneet

The name Navneet means ‘one who is ever new’ in Sanskrit.

200. Nayat

If you happen to be a fan of ‘at’ ending names, Nayat would be a perfect pick. It means ‘leading or guiding’.

201. Neer

Another beautiful name for water sign babies, Neer means ‘water’.

202. Nimay

Baby names ending with ‘ay’ have always been a favorite with parents. Nimay means ‘change, barter, or exchange’.

203. Niraj

Let your child hit the waves with this baby name, meaning ‘born in water’ or ‘illuminate’.

204. Nrpati

Nrpati is all class, strength, and royalty. It means ‘lord of men, king, or prince’.

205. Ojasvat

Ojasvat is hot right now. It means ‘strong or energetic’.

206. Ojo

A unique name used in several Indian languages, it means ‘vigorous,’ ‘vital energy,’ ‘splendor,’ and ‘shine.’

207. Omkar

Another naming option with religious sentiments. Omkar is derived from Om, a sacred syllable in Hinduism.

208. Onain

Onain is a quintessential masculine name, with an uncommon meaning. It means ‘vision’.

209. Onir

Give your child a bright and shining future by naming him Onir, which means ‘shining’.

210. Panna

Panna is a Hindi name, meaning ‘emerald’ or ‘having qualities of an emerald’.

211. Parthiv

Parthiv, meaning ‘royal’, is apt for your little prince.

212. Posha

Any parent would want their child to see ‘growth and prosperity’ in whatever they do.

213. Poshit

Don’t you think Poshit sounds incredibly royal? It means ‘nourished’.

214. Prajeshvara

Prajeshvara, meaning ‘lord of the creatures’, has a mysterious touch to it.

215. Pranay

Pranay is an extremely lovable name, meaning ‘affection or love’.

216. Pratik

A perfect name for artsy parents, Pratik means ‘symbol or image’.

217. Pravir

The rhythmic quality of this name will make it stand out from the crowd. Pravir means ‘brave’.

218. Prayan

Prayan means ‘progress or commencement’.

219. Punit

Punit is a lovely name with a vintage aura. It means ‘cleaned or purified’.

220. Purav

Keep up with the trend of directional names by naming your son Purav, which means ‘east direction’.

221. Purnit

Purnit is a darn cool name, meaning ‘complete’.

222. Rahasya

Those who are inclined towards mystery and adventure would like the name Rahasya, which means ‘mystery’.

223. Rajesh

Though this name that means ‘ruler of kings’ was popular in the yesteryears, it is rarely used in recent times.

224. Rakshan

Rakshan, meaning ‘protector or preservation’, is the 928th name of Lord Vishnu.

225. Raktim

Raktim is a powerful and to the point name, meaning ‘vibrant or red’.

226. Rasajja

Rasajja, meaning ‘one who understands the rasas’, is a precious and unique Hindu name.

227. Rathik

Rathik, meaning ‘rider of a chariot or loved one’, is sure to capture the hearts of everyone who hears it.

228. Ravindra

Ravindra is another name that was popular in earlier times but has become old-fashioned in recent years. It means ‘lord of the sun.’ However, the name has an insightful meaning in Hindu culture.

229. Ravishu

Ravishu is an airy name, full of life. It means ‘god of love’.

230. Rbhu

In The Vishnu Purana, Rbhu was the name of Brahma’s son, who was a brilliant scholar.

231. Ridhaan

Ridhaan is a soulful baby name, meaning ‘searcher’.

232. Rijul

This striking name means ‘innocent and honest’.

233. Rodas

Rodas, meaning ‘heaven and earth’, is a gorgeous name that GenX parents would love.

234. Rohak

Rohak, meaning ‘climber, kind of spirit’ is a baby name that will never go out of style.

235. Rohil

This name, meaning ‘grown, rising’, is sure to be setting trends soon.

236. Romik

Those looking for an earthy name can opt for Romik, which means ‘magnet, saline earth or the salt extracted from it’.

237. Romir

Romir is an ancient name with a modern touch. It means ‘interesting or pleasant’.

238. Ronit

Ronit is a beautiful Hindu name, meaning ‘a song of prosperity’.

239. Ruchir

This name, meaning ‘charming, beautiful’ drips with charisma.

240. Sahil

Sahil, meaning ‘beach or shore’, has a charm, which makes it extremely alluring.

241. Saket

Saket is the name of the ancient Ayodhya. It means ‘a place close to heaven’.

242. Sankalp

Sankalp has an aura which no one can deny. It means ‘determination’.

243. Saphal

Saphal is a powerful and stately name, meaning ‘successful or productive’.

244. Sarin

Parents who like ‘in’ ending name can circle on Sarin, which means ‘helpful’.

245. Sarva

The name Sarva originates from Shiva’s association with Rudra. It means ‘all or everything’.

246. Sarvagya

A stately name, rich is panache, Sarvagya means ‘all knowing’.

247. Sayaka

Sayaka: A sword or arrow

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Sayaka, meaning ‘sword, arrow’, is an illuminating name that shines above the rest.

248. Sayujya

Sayujya is a traditional Sanskrit name, meaning ‘intimate union or merger with the divine’.

249. Shaarad

Shaarad is an easy breezy name, meaning ‘white lotus’.

250. Sharva

Sharva, meaning ‘destroyer or withdrawer’, is the ninth manifestation of Rudra.

251. Shivansh

Shivansh, meaning ‘incarnation of Lord Shiva’, is totally on the rise.

252. Shlok

This Sanskrit name denotes a rhymed and metered phrase or poetic verse. It can even mean ‘song’.

253. Shoumik

A favorite with Bengalis, Shoumik means ‘powerful’.

254. Shravas

Shravas, meaning ‘prestige’, is a classy name for your baby boy.

255. Shresht

Shresht is literally the best Hindu baby boy name, meaning ‘best, king, superior’, will definitely make your son stand out.

256. Shriyukt

Shriyukt is a thoroughly masculine name, meaning ‘fortunate or famous’.

257. Shrut

Shrut is one of the several names of the all-pervading Lord Shiva. It means ‘known or glorious’.

258. Shrutadhi

Meaning ‘respectable of knowledge’, Shrutadhi originates from the Sanskrit language.

259. Shrutarshi

Shrutarshi refers to someone who is distinguished by knowledge. It means ‘a knowledgeable person’.

260. Shrutasena

A name that makes us want to take up bows and go for a battle, Shrutasena means ‘famous army’.

261. Shrutin

Shrutin, meaning ‘one who has heard’, evokes thought of class.

262. Shrutva

A name that’s unique in all aspects, Shrutva means ‘the one who is being heard’.

263. Shwetan

Shwetan is quite an ancient name, but is rarely used now. It means ‘dawn’.

264. Siddh

Here’s another beautiful name in the traditional category. Siddh means ‘fact or proven’.

265. Sohan

This simple name means ‘soft’ in Sanskrit and is a common name among Hindus.

266. Skanda

This elaborate, three syllable name is the 327th name of Lord Vishnu, as listed in Vishnu Sahasranama.

267. Sudyut

Sudyut, meaning ‘shining beautifully’, is too beautiful to not consider for your little one.

268. Sujal

Sujal means ‘affectionate’, a quality every parent wants their child to have.

269. Sukul

This cue word, meaning ‘noble’, could make a unique name for your son.

270. Suman

This is a unisex name that means ‘well-disposed’ or ‘good mind’ in Sanskrit.

271. Sunil

This name meaning ‘good,’ ‘very,’ and ‘dark blue’ in Sanskrit was a much-loved name but has become rare now.

272. Suresh

Suresh is unique, traditional, and will boost your child’s morale. It means ‘ruler of Gods’

273. Sushok

Your child is sure to have a gleaming future with this name. Sushok means ‘shining or beautiful’.

274. Svojas

Svojas is one of the names of Lord Ganesha. It means ‘strong or powerful’.

275. Tala

Literally meaning ‘slapping the hands together or against one’s arm, melody, or dance’ is the 358th name of Lord Shiva.

276. Tarakshya

Tarakshya is also one of the names of Lord Shiva. It means ‘gold, bird, horse, or snake’.

277. Taral

Taral is a soft and lilting name, meaning ‘liquid’.

278. Taran

This positive name means ‘raft,’ ‘boat,’ ‘final landing place (heaven)’,’ overcoming (a misfortune), and crossing over.’

279. Taras

Taras, meaning ‘energetic or strength’, is perfect for a rough and tough young gentleman.

280. Tatpara

Tatpara, meaning ‘deeply engrossed’, is one of the names of Lord Ganesha because He loves meditating.

281. Tavisa

This Sanskrit origin name, meaning ‘strong, energetic’, continues to soar in popularity.

282. Tavish

Tavish, meaning ‘courageous, strong, gold’, packs a huge punch.

283. Tavya

Tavya, meaning ‘strong’, has a rockstar like appeal to it.

284. Tejasvat

This prestigious name with Sanskrit roots means ‘bright, glorious, and energy’

285. Ujesh

It would be safe to say that this rare name is quite unique. Ujesh means ‘conquering’.

286. Urjit

Urjit, meaning ‘energized or powerful’, will give your son a daily dose of energy.

287. Varenya

Names ending in ‘ya’ have a soft and amazing ring to them, take Varenya for example, which means ‘best, excellent, wish for’.

288. Vasud

Vasud is the 269th name of Lord Vishnu and another name for Kubera. It means ‘granting wealth’.

289. Vaydhish

Once popular decades ago, Vaydhish, meaning ‘lord of Vedas’ is all set to make a comeback.

290. Vedhas

Vedhas means ‘worshiper of Gods or wise and learned man.’ A popular bearer of this name is Harishchandra’s father’.

291. Viaan

Just like its meaning, even the name Viaan is ‘full of life and energy’.

292. Vihaan

This fresh name comes from the Sanskrit word vihana meaning ‘dawn, morning.’

293. Vidyot

In the Purana, Vidyot was the name of Dharma’s son and Sthanayitnu’s father. It means ‘flash of light or lightning’.

294. Vijna

Vijna has a certain twist which every mom will love. It means ‘wise or intelligent’.

295. Viksya

Another unique Hindu baby boy name that earns a spot on this list is Viksya, which means ‘actor, wonderful dancer, or astonishing’.

296. Viraaj

Viraaj, meaning ‘brilliant, shining’, is an awesome name to bestow upon your child.

297. Viswaroopin

If you like names that have a strong 80s presence, Viswaroopin, meaning ‘appearing in various forms’ would be perfect.

298. Vrnda

Vrnda, meaning ‘power or skillful’, is one of the names of Lord Krishna.

299. Vyan

This cool names originates from the Sanskrit word ‘vyAna’, which means breath or life giving’.

300. Yajvan

Yajvan is a unique Sanskrit origin name, meaning ‘calm or peaceful’.

301. Yuvan

This boisterous baby name means ‘healthy, strong’.

302. Yuvraj

Yuvraj: A prince

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This name Yuvraj, meaning ‘prince’, is usually used for the eldest son in the Rajput family.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

A child’s name is integral to their religious and cultural identity. It stays with them throughout their life, connects them to their roots, and is often considered a reflection of their personality. Hence, finding the right name for their baby is a joyful yet challenging task for parents. The above Hindu boy name list shares some of the latest baby boy names with deep meanings. Advit, Bodhi, Chitin, Erish, and Prayan are a few unique names from the above list that are short, sweet, and modern. So, you and your partner can pick a Hindu boy name you like the most, and rest assured that your child will love it too!

Key Pointers

  • Hindu baby boy names traditionally originated from Sanskrit, though they may have other origins such as Persian and Pali.
  • Several boy names in Hinduism are derived from religion and mythology.
  • They may also be related to nature.
  • Names such as Kanan, Mayank, and Sahil have gained popularity in recent years.

Find a collection of top Hindu baby boy names in this video, from classic favorites to unique gems. Dive in now to discover the charm of tradition.

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