28 Incredible Science Inspired Baby Names For Boys And Girls

We are surrounded by science, and its biggest inventions have advanced humankind by leaps. So, if you are scientific at heart and are inspired by science every day, the following list of science-inspired baby names is for you. Although science was a taboo subject in the past, currently, the world appreciates and honors scientists. They find treatment for incurable diseases, have discovered intelligent technology to make our lives easier, and have pushed the boundaries for a better tomorrow. Scientists are a symbol of dedication, and thus these scientific names can inspire your child when they grow up. So, take a look at the options listed below.

Baby Boy Names Inspired By Famous Scientists And Inventors

1. Thomas Edison

The inventor and scientist illuminated the world as we know it. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. While Thomas would make a classic and safe pick, Edison would let your love for this fascinating subject shine through. Our vote goes to Edison.

2. Galileo

Galileo was the famous Italian astronomer who searched for the heavens. He was also the first among the lot to discover the moons of Jupiter and the phases of Venus. As a name, Galileo would make an excellent pick for parents who are looking for something traditional, yet unique.

3. Isaac

Isaac Newton made significant advances in mathematics, astronomy, physics, and chemistry. The name Isaac comes from Hebrew word Yitzchaq, which means ‘laughter.’ Did you know that Isaac was a premature baby? Yes, he was not even expected to survive, let alone shape the future of science.

4. Erasmus

Erasmus was the name of Charles Darwin’s grandfather who wrote poems about evolution and natural history. He was the founding member of the Lunar Society of Birmingham, a discussion group of natural philosophers and pioneering industrialists. Erasmus was also a social worker and supported education for women. The name Erasmus has for long, retained the image of bespectacled and bearded Dutch philosopher. So dust if off and use it for your child.

5. Edwin

Edwin Hubble was the American astronomer who played a significant role in establishing the field of extragalactic astronomy. He is also the namesake of the Hubble’s law, Hubble’s Space Telescope and Hubble Deep Field among the other things. Edwin, meaning ‘wealthy friend’ has held a consistent place on the scientist baby names list, rarely going below 300.

6. Carl

Carl Sagan was an astronomer and the creator of the television series Cosmos. Carl is an elegant and timeless name, but Sagan would make a better pick. Sagan is a variation of Sage.

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7. Alexander

Alexander Graham Bell was the inventor of the first practical telephone. He also worked on aeronautic, telecommunications and hydrofoils. The name Alexander has been in top 25 since 1990 and is still at a high #7.

8. Fleming

Alexander Fleming was a botanist and a biologist best known for his discovery of the substance Benzylpenicillin. He even received a Nobel Prize for it. The meaning of Alexander is ‘man from Flanders.’

9. Leonardo Da Vinci

Artist, inventor, Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the most brilliant minds ever. He invented models that proved effective 500 years later. This attractive Latin and Spanish name has been rapidly rising in popularity and is currently at #114.

10. James

James Watt was the inventor of the steam engine, which was extremely critical during the industrial revolution. His condensing chamber improved the efficiency of steam. James is an Anglo-Saxon name and means ‘supplanter.’

11. Charles

Charles Babbage was the creator of the first mechanical computer, which was the prototype for future computers. He is also called the ‘Father of Computers.’ The meaning of this traditional favorite name is ‘free man’.

12. Nikola

Nikola Tesla was a brilliant scientist who played a crucial role in the development of AC electricity through transformers, Tesla coil, and AC induction motor. Nikola is a Greek variation of the name Nicole and means ‘people of victory.

13. Phoenix

Phoenix, the small constellation in the southern sky is named after the Greek God, who defeated Medusa and rescued Andromeda. He is one of the heroes of the Greek mythos. Percy would make a perfect nickname for Phoenix. It is both assertive and fun.

14. Atlas

Atlas is one of the most famous Greek Titans, also known as the titan of navigation and astronomy. Atlas who held up the celestial sphere. Anne Heche brought this name into the mainstream by calling her son Atlas Heche in the year 2009.

15. Sirius

Sirius is the name of the brightest star in the sky. The name means ‘scorcher’ or ‘glowing’ in the Ancient Greek. With this name, your body will always be radiating and shining wherever he goes. Even renowned singer Erykah Badu used Sirius as the middle for his son, perhaps with the same expectation.

16. Castor

Castor is not just a term used for a type of sugar or oil. Castor, the brightest star in the constellation and his twin Pollux are known as “The Great Twins” in the Greek mythology. So if you are even blessed with twin baby boys, Castor and Pollux would make great choices.

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17. Clarence

Clarence Birdseye is the founder of the technique of freezing food. One of the major brands of freezing food still bears his name. The name has a studious and nerdy image, which is a nice change from the current naming trend.

Baby Girl Names Inspired By Famous Scientists And Inventors

18. Alice

Women in those times face too much struggle to get recognized in the scientific world, but that did not stop Alice from making her mark in occupational medicine and toxicology. Alice Hamilton studied occupational illnesses and the effects of chemical compounds and industrial metals on the human body. She was also the first woman to be appointed as a faculty at Harvard University.

19. Ada

Get your baby girl involved in science from the first day in the world by naming her Ada. Ada Lovelace, the daughter of the English poet Lord Byron, was a mathematician and metaphysician. The name Ada is the shortened form of the German word ‘adalberta’, which comes from the Old High German word ‘ada’ and means ‘noble.’ You can also keep Ada as a short form of the name Adele and Adelaide.

20. Rosalind

Rosalind Elsie Franklin was the English chemist and X-ray crystallographer who contributed to the understanding of DNA. Rosalind was one of the scientific baby names which was at its peak in the 1940s, holding the 293rd position in the year 1943. It fell off the list in 1978. The meaning of Rosalind is ‘pretty rose’.

21. Agnes/Arber

Agnes Robertson was the first woman botanist who became a Fellow of the Royal Society. We loved her pen name Arber more than Agnes. It has a rhythmic appeal to it. What about you?

22. Caroline

Caroline Herschel, the German astronomer, was the first woman to discover eight comets in her lifetime. She was also the first women who had her work published by the Royal Society. Caroline is a classic name and has been in the top 100 names for the last two decades.

23. Henrietta

Henrietta is the name of an American astronomer who discovered the relationship between luminosity and period of the stars. The name Henrietta has a vintage charm to it. King Charles I’s wife brought this name to England and it has been in vogue ever since.

24. Margaret

Margaret Huggins was an Irish astronomer, who, along with her husband William Huggins discovered spectroscopy. They even found Doppler shift, a spectroscopic phenomenon used to gauge the motion of stars. Meg or Maggie would make perfect nicknames for Margaret.

25. Andromeda

Andromeda is a galaxy named after a Greek princess who became a star. It will make an adventurous and dramatic pick now that four-syllable names are making their way into the mainstream. Andromeda means the ‘ruler of man,’ so you can be rest assured that your little girl will always be in charge. Moreover, she is named after an entire galaxy; she will be the center of her world.

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26. Aurora

Do you remember Balto, a beautiful natural light display in the polar region? It’s called Aurora Borealis, or northern lights. So any girl with this name will surely be bright and attractive. Aurora Borealis has consistently been on the popularity list since the 19th century, but now it is at its highest position ever and is predicted to climb even further. It is in the top 20 on the list of most popular girl names in Europe and the United States.

27. Nova

The term Nova is used for the explosion in a white drawn, which causes a sudden increase in the star’s brightness and then fades. It means ‘new star.’ Nova enjoyed a degree of popularity in the 20th century. It was the name of the protagonist in one of Hitchcock’s early films. Briana Dejesus from the series Teen Mom 3 named her daughter Nova Star. So the little girl has both the celestial objects in her name. Cute!

28. Mars

The fourth planet from the sun, Mars was named after the Roman God of War. Also referred to as the Red Planet, the name Mars might not go very well during the toddler years. We think it will sound better as a surname. Trivia- even the strong, masculine connotation could not stop Erykah Badu to use it for her baby girl. A brave decision, we must say.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Science is the biggest boon for humankind. You can indicate your fascination with science by choosing an exciting and unique name for your baby from this list of science-inspired baby names. Names such as Andromeda, Erasmus, or Henrietta are unique choices that will inspire your child to know more about science and its famous discoveries. You can either name them after famous scientists or great scientific discoveries. So scroll through the list and choose the name for your little one that interests you the most.

Key Pointers

  • Naming a baby after a scientific concept or personality is a unique and meaningful choice.
  • Some people choose names based on astrological significance, such as Sirius, the brightest star.
  • Others opt for the first names of scientific personalities like Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla.
  • Popular science-inspired names include James, Charles, Rosalind, Caroline, and Alice.
  • Scientific names can be gender-neutral and used for both boys and girls.

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