200+ Popular Last Names That Start With U

Last names that start with U offer a glimpse into cultural diversity and linguistic variations. Last names with U are less common but there are plenty of them from around the world. They hold unique origins and histories. Those like Underwood, Upton, Urquhart, and many others, offer an opportunity to look at the ancestral backgrounds of individuals bearing them. The surnames are passed down from generation to generation, which is what makes them special. Scroll down and discover a long list of long, short, popular, and Japanese last names with U.

Popular Last Names That Start With U

The following surnames that start with U have a decent usage across nations.

1. Ubben

Arising from the patronymic Ubbo, Ubben is an East Frisian North German and Dutch surname. Jeffrey W. Ubben, the American businessman is a notable bearer of this last name.

2. Uchibori

Uchibori is a popular Japanese last name with U that means ‘inside,’ ‘within,’ and ‘between.’ A notable example is Katsuji Uchibori, the Japanese curler.

3. Uchida

The root term Uchi makes way for Uchida. It combines Uchi, meaning ‘inside’ and ta, meaning ‘field.’

4. Uchiha

Uchiha is also a Japanese last name whose exact meaning is not clear. It is associated with the anime figure Uchiha Sasuke.

5. Uchitani

‘Hit,’ ‘strike,’ ‘beat,’ and ‘knock’ are some meanings associated with Uchitani. It is a popular Japanese last name.

6. Uchiya

Uchiya has many meanings. These include ‘hit,’ ‘knock,’ ‘pound,’ and ‘dozen.’ It also means ‘dart.

7. Udell

Udell is a habitational name from Yewdale in modern Lancashire. The Old English surname is thought to come from a habitational name, meaning yew tree.

8. Uddin

Uddin is one of the popular last names that start with U. This Arabic surname means ‘of the religion.’ It appears as a suffix linked to a name. A common variant of this surname is Ad-din. Many royal Muslim families like the imperial Seljuks, Walashmas, and Mughals used this suffix/surname.

9. Udono

‘Lord,’ ‘place,’ and ‘hall’ are some meanings associated with Udono. A noteworthy figure is Udono Nagateru, the Japanese samurai of the Sengoku period.

10. Udou

Udou means ‘crow’ or ‘wisteria.’ Wisteria or Fuji is a common plant in Japan with purple flowers.

11. Uebara

A variant of Uehara, Uebara blends Ue, meaning ‘above’ and bara, meaning ‘field.’

12. Uegaki

A popular Japanese last name with U, Uegaki means ‘up’ and ‘above.’ Akie Uegaki, the Japanese handball player is a key bearer.

13. Uehashi

Uehashi combines Japanese words that mean ‘above’ and ‘bridge.’ A famous bearer is Nahoko Uehashi, the Japanese writer of fantasy books.

14. Uehata

Ue, which means ‘above,’ and that, which means ‘farm’ make up Uehata, a common last name.

15. Uekita

Uekita is a cute Japanese surname that means ‘above’ or ‘up.’

16. Uekusa

Uekusa means ‘to plant’ or ‘cultivate.’ It also means ‘grass’ and ‘weeds.’ A popular example of this last name is Ayumi Uekusa, the Japanese Karateka.

17. Uemon

Uemon has a variety of meanings. It can mean ‘going up,’ ‘ascending,’ ‘door,’ and ‘home.’ The significance keeps changing with how you place kanji characters.

18. Uenaka

Japanese last names with Ue are quite common. Uenaka means ‘above’ or ‘inside.’ It can signify ‘center’ and ‘mean.’

19. Ueshiba

The elegant surname Ueshiba means ‘planted lawn.’ The last name is popular with many kanji variations. A notable example is Kisshomaru Ueshiba, the aikido master in Japan.

20. Uesugi

Uesugi comprises Ue meaning ‘above’ and sugi, meaning ‘cedar.’ It is also the name of a Japanese samurai clan formed by  Kajūji Shigefusa (1).

21. Uezato

The Japanese surname Uezato is a variation of Uesato. It means ‘going up.’

22. Uezono

Uezono consists of Ue and zono. The former means ‘up’ and the latter means ‘to girdle’ or ‘enclose in a zone.’

23. Ufford

Ufford comes from the Old English personal name Uffa combined with Old English worth, which means ‘enclosure.’ It is a part of the Anglo-Saxon habitation names which came from pre-existing villages and parishes.

24. Ugalde

A Basque last name that starts with U, Ugalde means ‘water-side’ or ‘river.’ Antonio Ugalde, the Spanish handball player is a notable example.

25. Ugarte

Also known as Uharte, Ugarte is a habitational name. It’s a blend of ug, meaning ‘river,’ and arte, meaning  ‘between.’ As a Basque word, it means ‘island.’

26. Ugajin

The Japanese last name Ugajin means ‘space,’ ‘congratulations,’ and ‘God.’ It is also a fertility kami of Japanese Mythology (2).

27. Uglow

Uglow is one of the uncommon last names that start with U. Some consider it to come from the Cornish Ughella, meaning ‘higher.’ Others hold the view that it comes from the Cornish Ughlogh, meaning upper inlet, and is used as a topographical last name to denote residence marked by this feature.

28. Ugolini

Ugolini is a plural form of the first name Ugolino, which means ‘mind’ or ‘intellect.’ This German-origin surname was majorly used in Medieval times.

Last names with U, Ugolini means ‘intellect.’

Alt text: Last names with U, Ugolini means ‘intellect.’

29. UhI

Uhl is a diminutive of Ulrich, which means ‘powerful heritage.’ It may be why Uhl is known as a nickname surname.

30. Ulan

As an African-American surname, Ulan means ‘first-born twin.’ It’s also a Russian place name.

31. Ulch

Not much is known about Ulch as a surname. However, The Ulch people, also known as Ulch are Indigenous people of the Russian Far East. Their language is Ulch.

32. Ulf

Ulf comes from úlfr, the Old Norse word that means ‘wolf.’ Ulf of Borresta was a runemaster in Sweden in the eleventh century.

33. Uliano

Uliano is a shortened form of Giuliano. Giuliano is an Italian name with meanings like ‘youthful,’ ‘downy-bearded’, and ‘sky father.’

34. Ulin

Ulin comes from Hue, which is a diminutive of Hugues, the French personal name. This last name with U is massively used by Americans.

35. Ulinsk

Boasting of Middle High German roots, Ulinsk is a nickname for a left-handed individual. It comes from the English and German last name Link.

36. Ullah

Ullah is a Muslim surname that means ‘of God.’ It is one of the oldest suffixes attached to a person’s personal name.

37. Ulland

A Norwegian habitational name, Ulland arises from farmsteads or Ullarland that indicate land dedicated to a pagan God, Ullr.

38. Ulloa

Uloah comes from a place in Spain’s Galicia named Ulloa. Fabio Ulloa, the Honduran footballer is a notable bearer.

39. Ulmer

Ulmer means ‘from Ulm.’ Ulmis is a German city. Jeff Ulmer, the Canadian ice hockey player is a noted bearer.

40. Umabe

A shortened term for Umakaibe, Umabe means ‘horse feeding department.’

41. Umetani

Umetani has six kanji variations. It means ‘plum,’ ‘valley, ‘path,’ and ‘nurture.’

42. Underwood

An Old English topographic surname, Underwood means ‘under or below wood.’ Carrie Underwood, the American singer and actress is its most famous example.

43. Uotani

Uotani is another interesting last name. It implies ‘fishing,’ ‘valley,’ and ‘path.’

44. Uozomi

Uo means ‘fish’ in Japanese.’ Uozomi has meanings like ‘fish,’ ‘dwell or reside.’

45. Upton

Uptom derives from the Old English upp, meaning ‘upper’ combined with tūn, meaning  ‘farmstead estate.’ It is used both as a surname and a given name.

46. Upchurch

Upchurch is considered a habitational name deriving from a place called ‘the high church.’ A famous figure is Avery C. Upchurch, the American mayor.

47. Upham

Upham is an Old English last name starting with U. It is a habitational name from Upham Farm in Devon, Wiltshire, or Hampshire.

48. Upson

The Upson habitational name comes from Ubbeston or Suffolk. It combines Ubbi and the Old English tūn, meaning ‘farmstead, estate’.

49. Uraga

The habitational name Uraga means ‘bay’ and ‘congratulations.’ It is a habitational name, especially from Yokosuka.

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50. Urban

Urban is a Jewish surname. It is a pet form of many derivatives of the name Urban. A significant bearer in history is Urban of Langres, the 4th-century French saint.

51. Urabe

Urabe means ‘bay,’ ‘creek,’ ‘section,’ and ‘bureau.’ It is an uncommon last name.

52. Urbina

Urbina is a Basque surname. It comes from Ur, meaning water,’ and Bi, meaning ‘two.’ Urbina’s meaning can be a place where two waterways meet.

Last names with U, Urbina means ‘water.’

53. Urbanski

The Urbanski surname derives from a place called Urban. This place’s name comes from the given name Urban. Alfred Urbański, the Polish politician is a famous bearer.

54. Urbin

Urbin is a South German and French last name. It comes from the Latin personal name Urbinus. The Hungarian footballer Peter Urbin is a famous bearer.

55. Urcina

Not much is known about Urcina. It can be considered an uncommon last name with U. We only know that this family name was prevalent in the US during the early 1900s.

56. Urch

Urch derives from a Middle English personal name. An origin view is that it comes from Urchfont, a village in Wiltshire. Urch has variations like Ullrich, Ulrich, and Ulrik.

57. Urdaneta

Urdaneta is a Basque or Spanish last name. It combines urde, meaning ‘pig wild boar’ with eta, meaning ‘place or group of.’

58. Urdiales

Urdiales is a Spanish last name deriving from Urdiales, a place in Leon or Cantabria. This surname has the Basque element Urda, meaning ‘field.’

59. Urhahn

Urhahn is a pretty uncommon last name. It may have been common in the US. The Canadian singer and actress Cory Lee Urhahn is a notable example.

60. Urias

Urias derives from the Biblical personal name, indicating ‘God is light.’ People in Mexico majorly use this surname.

61. Uribe

Uribe is a Basque surname that comes from Uri or ‘hamlet’ and be(h)e, meaning ‘lower part.’

62. Urich

Urich derives from the Old English personal name Wulfrīc. Robert Urich, the American film, television, and stage actor is a key bearer.

63. Urquhart

The roots of Urquhart can be traced to the 7th century. Airdchartdan, a Gaelic name, meaning ‘by thicket’ is considered the origin of this last name.

64. Urrea

Urrea is a Hispanic or Spanish surname. It comes from Urrea de Gaén in Teruel province. Another view is that it derives from the Latin Aurum or Aurelius.

65. Urrutia

Urrutia means ‘distant’ or ‘far away.’ It’s a Basque family name popular in South, North, and Central America. A significant bearer is Benjamin Urrutia, the Ecuadorian-American writer.

66. Urry

Urry is thought to be a Gaelic surname. It has variations like Orry, Ourry, and Urry.

67. Urschel

A German surname, Urchel comes from a vernacular diminutive of the feminine name Ursula, which means ‘little she-bear.’

68. Utagawa

Uta and gawa are the two Japanese terms that make up Utagawa. The former means ‘song’ and the latter means ‘river.’

69. Utomi

Utomi means ‘to exist,’ ‘climb,’ and ‘beautiful.’ It isn’t a common last name.

70. Utsumi

Utsumi means ‘crane,’ ‘inside,’ or ‘within.’ The American operations researcher Takesh Utsumi is a notable example.

71. Uzumaki

Ka and uzu in this surname mean ‘eddy’ and ‘whirlpool.’ Maki means ‘book,’ ‘coil,’ or ‘part.’ Whirlpool eddy coil is usually considered the meaning of Uzumaki.

Short Last Names That Start With U

Short surnames with U range from a single to as many as five letters. Take a look at these distinctive surnames of myriad origins below.

72. U

A variant spelling of Yu, U is a popular Chinese and Korean family name.

73. Uba

An Igbo surname, Uba is most used by Southeastern Nigerian people. Ifeanyi Ubah, the Nigerian businessman is a major example.

74. Ubl

Ubl is a diminutive of the ancient Germanic personal name Ub(b)o. It’s employed as a short form for longer names with the ‘od’ element.

75. Ude

A Slovenian last name, Ude is thought to be a variant form of Vode, which is a topographic name derived from voda or ‘water.’

76. Udi

Udi comes from the Arabic Adi, which implies a descent from the Banu tribe. Banu was one of the three major Jewish tribes in pre-Islamic Arabia (1).

77. Udo

Udo is a cute last name with U that denotes ‘second-born son.’ This surname has Nigerian, Dutch, and German roots.

78. Ue

A short Japanese surname, Ue means ‘plant.’ It also means ‘grow’ and ‘cultivate.’

79. Ueda

‘Upper rice paddy’ is the meaning of Ueda, a common Japanese place name. It can also mean ‘planted rice paddy’ depending on how it is written.

80. Uejo

Uejo is a short Japanese name. It means ‘above’ and ‘gate’ or ‘counter for cannons.’

81. Ueki

A short Japanese surname, Ueki means ‘planted tree.’ A key example is Ueki Emori, the Japanese samurai.

82. Ueno

A short Japanese name, Ueno means ‘upper field.’ It arises from a placename which is pronounced Kamino, Agano, and Kōzuke.

83. Ueo

Ueo is short but packed with meanings. It means ‘above,’ ‘tail’ or ‘end.’

84. Ugía

Ugía is a Spanish and Portueguese habitational name. It comes from any of the places named Ugía.

85. Ugo

Ugo is an Italian form of Hugh, which is an English name that means ‘intellect.’ It is considered one of the oldest surnames whose roots go back to the 1800s.

86. Uhls

Uhls is a modified form of the German Uhl. It has the addition of excrescent -s. This is characteristic of many Americanized surnames.

87. Ui

The Japanese last name Ui means ‘space.’ It can also mean ‘well’ or ‘water hole’ based on the way it is written in Kanji.

88. Uick

Not much is known about the last name Uick, except that it used to be prevalent in the US and Scotland. It is especially related to the US state of Arkansas.

89. Uiji

Uiji is a last name with only a single kanji variation. It means ‘first’ and ‘govern or manage.’

90. Uitz

Uitz is another one of the rare last names that start with U about which there’s not enough data. A probable view is that it is an Italian or American surname.

91. Ujiya

Ujiya means ‘family name’ and ‘house’ or ‘residence.’ This is not a common last name in Japan.

92. Ula

Ula is an Italian surname with U and seems to come from the term uva, meaning ‘grapes.’ It can be an occupational name for one who owns a vineyard.

93. Ulan

Ulan is a unique surname. It used to be a surname that meant ‘rain’ but today is mostly used as the first name of Filipino origin. In Polish, Ulan is a vernacular form of the Latin Julianus.

94. Ulla

Ulla is a family name used by the Arora-Khatri communities in India. As a given name, it’s a short term for Ursula.

95. Um

Um is a short and uncommon Korean surname. Some spelling variations include Uhm, Eom, Eum, Ohm, and Om.

96. Uma

A Sanskrit name and a surname of unknown origin, Uma is massively used by Asians. It is also a short Japanese surname with many meanings.

97. Umetsu

A Japanese surname borne by many notable people, Umetsu means ‘plum, ‘haven,’ and ‘port. A significant example is the baseball player Kodai Umetsu.

98. Un

Un is a transliteration of several Chinese lastnames. The meaning changes according to how it is written and spoken. This surname is also a variation of the Korean surname Eun.

99. Unga

Unga is a short and ethnic Hungarian name. It is used for those who had trading associations with Hungary.

100. Ungel

Ungel comes from the Latin given name Angelus, meaning ‘messenger.’ In early Christian folk belief, angels were regarded as God’s messengers. The ‘angel of God’ or ‘angel of Yahweh’ is the most attested figure in the Old Testament (2).

101. Ungl

Ungle is a rare surname with U. At present, we do not know much about it but it may have derived from Ung, which is a Latin-alphabet spelling of two Cambodian last names.

102. Ungley

Ungley is also a unique last name. We currently have no valid information regarding its origin and history.

103. Ungu

Ungu is most common in DR Congo. A significant bearer of this last name in history is Raja Ungu who ruled the Sultanate of Patani from 1624 till 1635.

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104. Unka

Unka is a last name of unknown origins. Although there are census records, the precise meaning and place of origin are not known.

105. Unkel

Unkel is a German habitational name from places in the Rhineland and Hesse with this name. It seems to have passed through generations from the Middle Ages.

106. Unkle

Unkle is considered an Americanized form of the German name Runkel. It possibly indicates a person from the Unkel town in Rhineland-Palatinate.

107. Uno

Uno, a short Japanese surname means ‘roof’ or ‘field.’ Caol Uno, the Japanese mixed martial artist is its key bearer.

108. Upay

Upay is associated with Indonesia and to a lesser extent, with the Philippines. The exact origin of this surname is unknown.

109. Upham

Upham is a combination of the Old English upp, meaning ‘upper’, and hām, meaning ‘village, homestead.’ It can also be Hamm, meaning  ‘water meadow.’

110. Upin

Upin is another lesser-known surname. It is associated with US states including Florida, Nevada, and California but not much is known about its meaning.

111. Upp

Upp is considered a variant spelling of Opp. It’s a diminutive of a Germanic given name formed with ōd, meaning ‘inherited wealth.’

Last names with U, Upp means inherited wealth.’

112. Uppa

Uppa is a Punjabi family name. It seems to have derived from the Jat and Khatri community clan called Uppal.

113. Uppal

Uppal is an Indian and Pakistani surname. It arises from the Sanskrit utpalarana, meaning ‘one who leaps upon their enemies.’

114. Uppas

Uppas is an Indian surname. It is majorly prevalent among the Sikh, Jat, and Khatri communities in India.

115. Upr

Upr is a short last name with U that is of German origin. It’s a diminutive of the personal name Uhrich, which is a variant spelling of Ulrich.

116. Unwin

Unwin comes from the Old English name Hūnwine. This name is made of hūn, meaning ‘bear cub’, and wine, meaning ‘friend.

117. Upt

A variant of Uthe, Upt is a short German last name starting with U. It means ‘inherited property.’

118. Upul

Upul is a Sri Lankan given name and surname. Its usage as a given name is more than as a surname.

119. Urata

Ura in Urata means ‘bay’ and ‘inlet.’ Ta means ‘field’ and ‘rice paddy.’ Haruo Urata, the Japanese long-distance runner is a major example.

120. Usami

U, as, and mi make up the surname Usami. U means ‘house,’ as means ‘help,’ and mi means ‘beautiful.’

121. Usen

Usen is a Japanese last name about which not much is known. We currently are unaware of its exact meaning.

122. Usry

A variant of Ussery, Usry is an English surname. In turn, Usry is a variant of Essary which is considered a habitational name from Devon.

123. Ure

Ure comes from the Scottish personal name Ure, a variant of Ivor. In Norwegian, it is a habitational name from the place Hordaland.

124. Urso

Urso is an Italian or Sicilian family name. It arises from the Latin Ursus, which means ‘bear.’ Camilla Urso, the American violinist is a significant example.

125. Urtz

Urtz is a German-origin last name whose meaning is unknown.

126. Utai

A short last name, Utai means ‘song,’ ‘water,’ or ‘street.’

127. Uwai

Uwai means ‘stone well’ or ‘one who lives in a stony place.’ It’s a common surname in western Japan.

128. Ury

Ury is a variant spelling of the English Urey and the German Ory. In Hebrew, Ury implies ‘shining.’

129. Uso

The short Japanese name Uso means ‘former,’ ‘ancestor,’ ‘formerly,’ or ‘before.’ ‘Space’ and ‘universe’ are some other connotations.

130. Ushio

Ushio means ‘tide’ and ‘saltwater.’ ‘Ebb’ and ‘flow’ are some other meanings associated with it.

131. Usuki

Usuki means ‘mortal well.’ People in eastern Japan majorly have this surname.

132. Uya

Uya has four kanji variations. It means ‘space,’ ‘house,’ ‘specialty,’ and ‘live.’

133. Uyeno

A variant of Ueno, Uyeno means ‘upper field.’ The -ye spelling is no longer a common usage in Japan.

Long Last Names That Start With U

Long last names with U can be difficult to pronounce. Nevertheless, they have an interesting origin. Check them out below.

134. Ubelhor

A variant of Übelherr, Ubelhor means ‘evil Lord.’ It combines the Middle High German übel(e) or evil angry bad with hēr(re) or ‘lord master.’

135. Uccello

Uccello is an Italian last name starting with U, which means ‘bird fowl cock.’ A significant example is Luca Uccello, a Canadian soccer player.

136. Uchiyama

Uchiyama is a Japanese surname, meaning ‘inner mountain.’ Kahori Uchiyama, the Japanese rower is a key figure.

137. Uchihashi

Made from a blend of Uchi, meaning ‘inside’, and hashi, meaning ‘bridge,’ Uchihashi is a long Japanese name.

138. Uchikoshi

Uchikoshi means ‘to hit’ or ‘strike.’ A notable figure by this name is Kotaro Uchikoshi, the Japanese video game director.

139. Uchisawa

The term Uchi is found in many Japanese last names with U. Uchisawa is a surname made of this term, which means ‘inside’ and sawa, meaning ‘swamp’ or ‘marsh.’

140. Uchizawa

A variant of Uchisawa, Uchizawa means ‘inside swamp’ as it combines Uchi or inside and sawa or swamp.

141. Udagawa

Udagawa is a long last name with many different elements. It starts with the Japanese U meaning ‘eaves’ or ‘roof,’ Ta meaning ‘field’ or ‘rice paddy,’ and Kawa, meaning ‘river.’

142. Udelhofen

A habitational name from Üdelhoven in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia, Udelhofen is also found in the US. A variant of it is Üdelhoven.

143. Udovich

The Slovenian Udovič and Croatian Udović make up the last name Udovich. Derived from vdova, it is a nickname for the son of a widow.

144. Uehara

Uehara is a Japanese last name starting with U. It means ‘upper plain’ or ‘planted plain. The Manga artist Kimiko Uehara is a notable bearer.

145. Ueberroth

Not much is known about Ueberroth except that the surname was massively used in the US during the 1800s. A significant bearer is Peter Victor Ueberroth. He was the chairman of the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee which brought the Olympics to Los Angeles in 1984.

146. Ueckermann

Ueckermann is a German last name that means ‘baker.’ It is a variant spelling of Becker and has the German mann, meaning ‘man.’

Last names with U, Ueckermann means ‘baker.’

147. Uehigashi

Uehigashi combines Japanese terms that mean ‘plant’ and ‘grow’ with ‘east’ and oriental.’ It is a rarely used last name in Japan.

148. Uenoyama

Uenoyama is a long last name with U whose meaning is not clear. A probability is that it means ‘above,’ ‘plains,’ or ‘mountain.’

149. Ueyama

The long surname Ueyama is made of two terms with different meanings. They are Ue, meaning ‘up’, and yama, meaning ‘mountain.’

150. Uggeri

Uggeri is a rare last name about which there’s not much information. It can be an Italian surname as two notable bearers, Angelo Uggeri and Mario Uggeri are Italian. The former is an Italian abbot and the latter is a comic artist.

151. Uhlenhopp

Uhlenhopp combines the Middle Low German ūle or ‘owl’ with hof or ‘farm.’ A significant bearer was Harvey Uhlenhopp, the justice of the Iowa Supreme Court.

152. Ulaganathan

Ulaganathan is a Hindu surname. Its bearers are majorly found in India. A famous example is Narayanswami Ulaganathan, an Indian footballer.

153. Ullmann

Ullman is a German last name meaning ‘man from Ulm.’ German actor Kostja Ullmann is a prominent bearer of this surname.

154. Ullman

Ullman is an English last name denoting ‘maker or seller of oil.’ The Middle English terms oli, oyle, and uile, meaning ‘oil’ are its root terms.

155. Ullrich

Ullrich is one of the common German last names that start with u. It is a variant of Ulrich, meaning ‘heritage.’ Alexander Ulrich, the German politician is a famous example.

156. Ulvestad

Ulvestad is a Norwegian family name. It is a mix of Old Norse ulfr, meaning ‘wolf,’ and stathir, meaning ‘farmstead dwelling.’ A major bearer of this surname is Dan Peter Ulvestad, the Norwegian footballer.

157. Umanodan

The long last name Umanodan consists of many terms with varied meanings. Uma means ‘horse’ in Japanese, no is a possessive article and dan implies ‘step.’ The combined meaning is ‘a place with horses and a stepped landscape.’

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158. Umbaugh

Umbaugh is a changed form of the German Umbach, which is a habitational name. The name comes from various places called Umbach in Bavaria and Austria.

159. Umekawa

Ume and kawa make Umekawa. The former means ‘plum,’ while the latter means ‘stream.’

160. Umemoto

Umemoto is a common long surname. It’s a combination of Ume, meaning ‘apricot,’ and moto, meaning ‘plum.’

161. Umeyama

Umeyama implies ‘plum,’ ‘mountain,’ and ‘temple.’ Osamu Umeyama, the former Japanese football player is a noteworthy bearer.

162. Umphenour

Not much is known about Umphenour. It is considered that this long last name starting with U is an altered spelling of German Umbehauer, which derives from the adjective unbehauen or ‘unhewn.’

163. Umpleby

Umpleby is an English last name. It comes from the Middle English up in by, which means ‘up or the top-end of the village.’  A significant bearer is Jim Umpleby, the American businessman.

164. Underdown

An English topographic name, Underdown signifies a person living at the foot of a hill. The English actor Charles Edward Underdown is a notable bearer.

165. Underhill

Underhill, as the last name suggests, means a person living below a hill. It originates from the combination of the Middle English under and hill.

166. Underkoffler

Underkoffler is another last name that signifies the place of residence. This Americanized Austrian German last name means someone living on the lower side of a rock or mountain.

167. Ungaretti

Ungaretti is Italian diminutive of Ungar. It comes from the Old High German Ungarn, which is a nickname for a person who had trading links or a connection with Hungary.

168. Ungureanu

Ungureanu is a long last name with U that derives from ungur. In Romanian, it means ‘Hungarian.’

169. Unnikrishnan

Unnikrishnan is a Hindu last name. It signifies the infant form of Lord Krishna. Unnikrishnan Manukrishnan, the Indian cricketer is a significant bearer.

170. Unsworth

The English surname Unsworth comes from Unsworth near Bury in Lancashire. This place name further originates from the Old English name Hund implying hound.

171. Unterberger

Unterberger is a German habitational surname. Andreas Unterberger, the Austrian curler and coach, is a notable example.

172. Unterbrink

Unterbrink, the German last name comes from under, meaning ‘under,’ and brinc, meaning ‘raised meadow in low-lying land.’ It also means ‘dweller under the slope.’

173. Unterreiner

Unterreiner is again a long German topographic name signifying the place of residence. This South German name means ‘someone living under a slope or field.’

174. Unterseher

Unterseher is a German last name for a person who lived downhill from a mountain lake. The se term in it means ‘lake.’

175. Unthank

Unthank is an English habitational name. It comes from places in North Yorkshire, Durham, Northumberland, and Cumberland having the name unthances, which means ‘without leave.’

176. Untiedt

Untiedt is a Middle Low German last name deriving from untit or ‘inappropriate time.’It is also a nickname for an individual who appears at the wrong time.

177. Unverferth

The Middle High German unverværet and Low German unvorvērt, meaning ‘intrepid’ form the base of Unverferth. This surname also means ‘untested courage.’

178. Unverzagt

Unverzagt is a German diminutive with the meaning ‘unbashed.’ It originates from unverzaget, which is a Middle High German name.

179. Unwin

Unwin is a blend of the Old English hūn or ‘bear-cub’ and wine or ‘friend.’ The Middle English name Unwine makes its base.

180. Unzicker

Unzicker is a changed spelling of the Swiss German Hunziker. It’s also a habitational name for a person from Hünzingen.

181. Upadhyay

Upadhyay is an Indian Brahmin surname. It combines upa, meaning ‘with or ‘under’, and adhyāya, meaning ‘studying.’ A notable bearer is Amar Upadhyay, the Indian film TV actor.

182. Upah

Not much is known about Upah, except that many people in the US use it. After that, it is most popular in Nigeria and Indonesia.

183. Upchurch

Upchurch is an Old English habitational name. It combines up, meaning ‘high’ or ‘higher,’ and chirche, meaning ‘church.’

184. Updegraff

A topographic name, Updegraff was used for a person who resided near a channel or watercourse. The Dutch op, meaning ‘beside,’  de, meaning ‘the,’ and graf, meaning ‘stream’ make up this long last name with U.

185. Updegrove

Updegrove is a predominantly American surname. It is a Dutch family name and a variant of Updegraff.

186. Upshall

Upshall is a surname of uncertain origin. It is recorded in various spellings, such as Upsale, Upsall, and Ubsdall. A probable view is that it was introduced at the time of the Vikings.

187. Uptegrove

One of the popular last names beginning with U is Uptegrove. It is a variant of Updegraff. Dewitt Upthegrove, an American businessman, and politician is a famous example.

188. Urasaki

Urasaki has many connotations. ‘Bay,’ ‘creek,’ ‘inlet,’ and ‘gulf’ are some of the meanings associated with it.

189. Urayama

Urayama also has the term Ura like Urata, which means ‘bay’ and ‘inlet.’ The second part of the name Yama means ‘mountain.’

190. Urbonas

Urbonas is a Lithuanian last name. This Russian surname is said to be a Lithuanian word for gift or endowment. A significant example is Rolandas Urbonas, the Lithuanian paralympic athlete.

191. Uriostegui

Uriostegui is a Basque last name with U. It’s a place name from Urioste and comes with the locative suffix -egi. The Castilian form of this surname is Urióstegui.

192. Urquhart

Urquhart is a Gaelic surname and means  ‘by a rowan wood’ or ‘fort on a knoll.’ Urchardan is the Scottish Gaelic form of this last name. Isabelle Urquhart, the American stage actress and contralto is a famous bearer of this last name in history.

193. Urushibata

A long last name with U, Urushibata means ‘lacquer,’ ‘varnish,’ farm,’ and ‘field.’ Some variations of this last name are Urishibata, Urushihata, Shibuhata, and Shitsuhata.

194. Uselman

Uselman is an American spelling of Uselmann and Usselmann, both of which have German origins. It seems to have originated from the name of the Ussel river in Swabia.

195. Usherwood

Usherwood is an Old English surname. It has variants like Isherwood and Esherwood. The name’s derivation is thought to arise from Ishere, meaning ‘wooded land’ or ‘the wood of the usher.’

196. Usilton

A variant of English Uselton, Usilton is majorly used by people in the US. This surname does not have much data about it.

197. Usselman

Usselman is a Germanic last name. It is a variant of Uselmann and Uselman. An important bearer is James Usselman, the American actor popularly known as James Carew.

198. Utsunomiya

A long last name, Utsunomiya is used either with u or with tsu, tu, or miyako. It has meanings like ‘ferry,’ ‘harbor,’ ‘peace,’ and ‘heaven.’

199. Uttley

Uttley is a habitational name from Utley in England. It is a blend of the term Utta with the Old English lēah, meaning ‘wood woodland clearing.’

200. Uyehara

Uyehara is a Japanese last name starting with U. The name is a Japanese variation of Uehara. This surname means ‘upper plain.’ A noteworthy example is Ken Uehara, the Japanese actor.

201. Uyemura

Uyemura is a Japanese variation of Uyemura. It is a place name that means ‘divine village’ and less commonly, ‘planted village.’

202. Uzzell

Uzzell is a Norman-origin name. The Old French term Oisel, meaning ‘bird’ is the root of this last name. A significant bearer is Harry Uzzell, the Welsh rugby player.

The last names with U are culturally diverse. You can find one from almost every country in the world. If you are looking to expand your knowledge about last names or want to pinpoint the origin of a specific surname with U, this post proves helpful. It perfectly highlights the interconnectedness between people across time and space.

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Key Pointers

  • Last names with U are uncommon but they reflect deep cultural diversity.
  • Many surnames are topographic, which means they are derived from a place’s name.
  • Japanese surnames with U are composed of different terms, each with its unique meaning.

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