20 Wonderful Mayan Names For Baby Boys And Girls

The Mayans are known worldwide for their civilization, culture, art, architecture, and mathematical advances. Among those, Mayan names are quite popular across the world. So, if you wish to give your child something on the balancing beams of traditional, ancient yet advanced, we suggest you check out this below on Mayan names for baby boys and girls. The Mayan names are based mostly on astrology, religion, and mythology. Their names always imbibe and depict the beauty of the nature surrounding the region. A few of their names also included the family or the clan’s occupations. The day and date of birth of a child also have a pivotal role to play when it comes to naming a baby. If the traditions of Mayans have caught your attention, check out these names below to get inspired

Mayan Baby Naming Tradition

When a Mayan baby was born, the parents took him to a community leader for the naming ceremony. The community elder consulted the Mayan calendar of 260 days. The calendar joins a cycle of 20 chosen days with another cycle of 13 numbers to produce 260 special days. Mayan elders considered the energy of the year and the day of birth for naming the baby. For boy’s, the number of the day he is born precedes his name while a girl has to have IX before her name. It signifies the feminine power and energy.

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Mayan baby names sound not only weird, but also carry strange meanings. Here is a small list of Mayan baby names inspired by Mayan mythology, astronomy, and art.

Mayan Boy Names With Meanings

1. Aapo

Aapo is a strong Mayan name that is rapidly becoming popular. People mistake Aapo for a female name, but some are of the view that the name is ideal for both genders. Aapo means ‘father of many nations’.

2. Babajide

Babajide means ‘Father is coming home’

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Babajide is one of the most interesting and unusual Mayan male names. It is one of the few new generation Mayan baby names with a unique meaning. It means ‘Father is coming home’.

3. Cadmael

Cadmael will make a powerful name for your baby. It means ‘war chief’. It is an occupational baby name.

4. Dacey

Dacey means ‘adored’. It is a fashionable name for either gender. And it sounds adorable too.

5. Eadrich

Eadrich means "wealthy monarch"

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Eadrich is one of the most enduring and dignified Mayan names. The name has a charm and energy to it. Eadrich means ‘wealthy monarch’.

6. Fabio

Fabio is a rhythmic three-syllable Mayan name. It has an aura of sophistication. The name means ‘bean farmer’.

7. Gabor

If you are looking for a Mayan name with a beautiful meaning, then you can go for Gabor. Gabor means ‘God’s bravest man’. Gabor is one of those traditional Mayan boy names that throw off the middle-aged image to sound quite hip and trendy.

8. Hadwin

The name Hadwin comes from an Old French word ‘hard’, which means strong and ‘win’, which means friends. Hadwin means ‘strong friend’. The name gained momentum in the early 1980s when it was in vogue for men. And we see a resurgence in the name again.

9. Ian

Ian is a Mayan variant of the name John. It has been one of the most popular Mayan names for boys over the centuries. Numerous kinds, emperors, popes, saints and princes have borne this name.

10. Sachihiro

Sachihiro is a Mayan name meaning "broad happiness"

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Sachihiro is a Mayan name meaning ‘broad happiness’. The name comes from Mayan elements ‘sachi, which means ‘happiness’, and ‘hiro’, which means ‘vast’.

Mayan Girl Names With Meanings

11. Itzel

The name Itzel originates in the Mayan language. It means ‘rainbow goddess’. Itzel is a variant of the name Ixcel. In Mayan culture, Ixcel was the goddess of medicine. Itzel is one of the most popular Mayan names for girls to begin with an ‘l’.

12. Akna

Akna is the goddess of childbirth and fertility in Mayan mythology. The name is quite rare, so you can consider it if you are looking for an uncommon name for your baby girl. Akna is also one of the easiest Mayan names to pronounce.

13. Sacniete

Sacniete is a traditional Mayan name meaning "white flower"

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Sacniete is a traditional Mayan name meaning ‘white flower’. It is a quintessentially elegant name that is beginning to become popular after being on descent for long.

14. Xoc

Xoc was the principal wife of Shield Jaguar. Xoc is one of the attractive, evergreen Mayan girl names. Mayans do not just use Xoc as a first name. They use it as a trendy surname too.

15. Zac-Kuk

If you would like your baby girl to have a bold and uncommon name, then you can go for Zac-Kuk. Zac-Kuk was the name of the mother of Pacal. She briefly rules Palenque before she surrenders the throne to her son.

16. Chimalmat

Chimalmat is one of the strange sounding Mayan male names. It was the name of the mother of the giants. The other variation of this name is Chimalis. The name Chimalmat has hit a purple patch and does not look likely to become unpopular anytime soon.

17. Ixazaluoh

Are you searching for an uncommon variation of the name Zahra? Then you can consider Ixazaluoh, a Mayan variation of the name. This sweet and unusual name is extremely popular. It means ‘dawn’.

18. Xmucane

Xumucane is an unusual name for babies. In Mayan mythology Xmucane was the grandmother of the day and night, the Greek variation of the name is Xena. It means ‘guest’.

19. Xpiayoc

Xpiayoc was the goddess of matchmaking in Mayan mythology. The spelling of the name may be unusual, but you cannot undermine its popularity. The name sounds very pleasant too.

20. Colel

Colel was the goddess of bees

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Colel was the goddess of bees. It sounds a lot more ethereal than Cole. It will make a distinctive choice for your baby.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

The Mayan culture involves the date and time of birth when naming a baby. However, you may choose a suitable name from this list of Mayan names based on its meaning and your preference. Itzel, Akna, and Colel are names of Goddesses and are good options for your little princess. Eadrich, Ian, and Gabor are stylish names for your little prince. You may also go for unisex names such as Aapo and Dacey. Select a meaningful name from this list to give your bundle of joy their first identity.

Key Pointers

  • In ancient times, the Mayan community leader used to name babies, considering the energy of the year and the day of birth.
  • These names are associated with Mayan mythology, art, and astronomy.
  • Mayan girl names often connect to goddesses, like Itzel, meaning ‘rainbow goddess,’ and Akna, ‘the goddess of childbirth and fertility.’
  • Boy names like Dacey and Aapo, holding royal connections, are also gaining popularity among the Mayan community.

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