20 Impressive Four-Letter Baby Names For Your Little Ones

Short names have a certain charm to them. They are easy to pronounce and remember, and also sound cool with a modern touch to them. So, four-letter baby names can be a suitable choice if you prefer short names. These names are cute, charming, and smart. Names like Noah, Kate, Kane, etc., happen to be some of the most popular names. The best thing about a short name is that you don’t have to think for a shorter form of their names. If you also prefer to have a middle name, then shorter names with four or five letters fit quite well.

Steph Coffield, a mother of three and name consultant, talks about how much she loves four-letter baby names. She says, “I don’t know what it is these days, but there is something about four-letter names that just feels perfect. It’s not too short, but it’s long enough to be a name. I mean, I gave both of my boys four-letter names, so you know I like them.” A few of the names on her popular list that are on this post are Evan, Iris, and Milo (i).”

Various options are available, from classic to unique, contemporary ones. So, take a look at the beautiful and smart names listed below to choose the right one for your child.

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4 Letter Girl Names With Meanings

1. Suri

Suri is a Hebrew variant of the Sarah. The name hit the headlines when Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes chose it for their daughter. Suri is a multi-cultural name. It means ‘rose’ in Persian and ‘the sun’ in Sanskrit. The name also has plenty of references. It is the name of the Andean Alpaca’s wool, the Yiddish form of Sarah and a title used by the revered Jain monks. Despite its plenty of references and meaning, Suri is not popular with parents. So you can give it a try.

2. Tess

Tess is a diminutive of the classic name Theresa. It means ‘to harvest’. The name exudes more strength than most of the single syllable names. The name Tess also has literary ties. Tess is the primary lead and the moral center of Thomas Hardy’s novel “Tess of the D’Urbervilles’. Fashion journalist and novelist Plum Sykes has also named her daughter Tess. If you want to expand the name while keeping Tess as a nickname, then you can go for Tessa or Tessie.

3. Sara

Sara is a variation of the Hebrew name Sarah. It is one of the most famous princess-meaning, four-letter girl names. Sarah was the name of Abraham’s wife and Isaac’s mother. Some people also say that Sara is a variation of Sarai, the original name of a Biblical personage. But most sources authenticate Sara as the variation of Sarah. However, both 4 letter baby girl names have different pronunciation. The correct pronunciation of Sara is Sa-Ra and of Sarah is Se-Rah.

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4. Ruth

Ruth, Four letter baby names

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Ruth, meaning ‘compassionate friend’ was the third most popular name in the 1890s. But, unfortunately, it faded away soon. But the name regained popularity in 2000s following the popularity of crime writer Ruth Rendell. Ruth is one of the most famous Old Testament 4 letter girls names. It was the name of the devoted and loyal daughter-in-law Naomi, famous for her lines “Whither thou goest, I will go.”

5. Anne

Anne is a classic name. It is a variation of the English name Ann and the Hebrew name Hannah. Parents consider this name for its classic simplicity. Anne was the name of one of the six queens of England. It is also the name of Queen Elizabeth’s daughter. You can also use it as a nickname for Annabelle and Hannah. The other prominent namesakes include Anne Hathaway, the renowned Hollywood actor, Anne Frank and Anne Bronte. The meaning of Anne is ‘grace’.

6. Asma

Asma is a lovely Arabic name meaning ‘supreme’. It holds immense importance in the Muslim religion. Asma was the name of Prophet Muhammad’s niece, whose refusal to betray her uncle helped him escape to Mecca.

7. Cleo

Cleo is one of the few four letter girl names that boast of a fresh ‘O’ ending. It is the short form of the name Cleopatra, one of the most gorgeous women in history. In the early 20th century, parents used Cleo for both boys and girls. The most distinguished bearer of this name is Cleo Laine, the British jazz singer. David ‘Ross’ Schwimmer, of ‘FRIENDS’ fame, selected the name for his baby.

8. Elsa

Elsa, Four letter baby names for girls

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Elsa is the German diminutive of the famous name Elisabeth. The name lost the focus for decades, but now stands a good chance of revival. Children will relate this name to Elsa, the newest Disney princess. Elsa also has several namesakes like designer Elsa Schiaparelli and writer Elsa Morante.

9. Jane

The meaning of Jane is ‘God’s gracious gift’. As a four letter, one syllable name, Jane has a surprising amount of punch. Jane is an ancient name. In fact, it has been around since the Tudor times. The name was so common that it became generic. People used it as a suffix for names like Sarajane, Maryjane and so on. Jane Austen is the most notable bearer of this name.

10. Iris

Iris is one of the most enchanting and ethereal flowers. Celebs like Sadie Frost, Leslie Mann, and Jude Law chose Iris for their daughters. Another notable bearer of this name is Iris Murdoch, a prolific British novelist. Iris was also the name of the goddess of the rainbow in Greek mythology. And in ancient times, Iris was the symbol of majesty and power.

4 Letter Boy Names With Meanings

11. Amir

Amir is a name of Arabic origin. It is the title of the highest official in the Arab countries. In Hebrew Amir means treetop.

12. Dave

Dave, Four letter name for baby boys

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Dave is the short form of the traditional name David. It sounds like a name for the ultimate good guy. Dave is familiar as a given name in the United States. You can use this name as a nickname for David as well. Dave also makes a great middle name.

13. Dane

The name Dane means ‘from Denmark’. It is a variant of the name Dana, but with a stylish edge. Dane is a lot more attractive than you think. It has always maintained a spot on the list of top 100 names for boys for seventy years. Dane Clark, a mid-century actor and Dane Cook gave a boost to this name. You can also consider Dane’s rhyming cousins Zane or Cane.

14. Evan

Evan is the Welsh version of John. The mellow and sweet boy image of Evan placed it in the top 50. Evan has been popular in Wales since the 18th century. It now stands at the 24th spot for boys in France. Jenny McCarthy selected this name for his son. Some parents also use it for girls as in the case of actress Evan Rachel Wood.

15. Thor

Thor, Four letter baby boy names

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Thor is one of the most powerful 4 letter boy names. It is the name of the Norse god of strength, rain and thunder. The name invaded the big screen a few years back and is ready to land on the birth certificates as well. Thor Heyerdahl, the famous Norwegian anthropologist, is a popular namesake. You can also consider Tor, a Hebrew variation which means the ‘arrival of spring’.

16. Phil

Phil is a variation of the name Philip. It means ‘lover of horses’. Philip is the name of one of the twelve apostles. The name Phil is popular with parents who want a classic and traditional baby boy name. Or you can use it as a nickname for Philip.

17. Paul

Paul is a Latin name meaning ‘small’. The name is so simple and widely used that it could belong to anyone. Paul is an ancient baby name and was popular in the medieval times. The name is not in fashion now, which could work in your favor. There are meager chances that your baby will run into another Paul in school.

18. Levi

Levi is lighter than most of the biblical four letter boy names. It combines the Old Testament gravitas with a casual flair. In the Old Testament, Levi was the name of Leah and Jacob’s son. It is also the name of a principal character in Thomas Hardy’s novel “Far From Madding Crowd”.]

19. Finn

Finn, Four letter names for baby boys

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Finn is a name of Irish origin meaning ‘fair’. It is one of those 4 letter baby boy names that has enormous charm and energy. Finn is also the greatest hero of the Iris mythology. He was an intrepid warrior with supernatural powers, renowned for his generosity and wisdom.

20. Hugo

Hugo is the Latin form of Hugh. Both of the versions of this name have heft and energy. And honestly, we cannot even decide which one we like more. Also, 4 letter boys’ names ending with ‘o’ always sound appealing. The name Hugo also has references in the ‘Harry Potter’ novel, where Ron and Hermione have a son named Hugo.


When going for a four-letter name, go big on the middle name. It will balance out the name. Your maiden name would go best with your daughter’s middle name, and your spouse’s maiden name will go best with your son’s name.

You can also choose a long surname from your family’s history.

Even though these four letter baby names are on the shorter side, they will age very well and won’t sound childish when your baby is looking for a job.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Although a four-letter baby name may appear trivial and meaningless, numerous four-letter names have meaningful implications that are simple to say, write, and remember. You can choose your favorite one from all the baby names listed. For your convenience, the meanings of all of these names are also provided. It’s also good to go big on the middle name to balance the naming. So go ahead and pick the one that most resonated with you.

Key Pointers

  • Four-letter baby names are short and easy to remember, making them an ideal choice for babies.
  • These short names often go well when you intend to use a middle name for your child.
  • Names such as Anne, Jane, and Phil have been around for ages and always stay in style.
  • Even though they’re short, many four-letter names, such as Ruth and Asma, have deep meanings.

Calling all parents looking for short yet cute names! Check out this video for 10 stunning baby girl names with only 4 letters! From Abbi to Zara, find the perfect name for your little one!

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