150 Most Popular Colombian Girl Names, With Meanings

If you are looking for classy and stylish Colombian girl names, you are at the right place. Colombia is a country that follows the Spanish naming culture, wherein paternal and maternal family names follow the first name. The most common Colombian names descend from America, Africa, and Europe. Since Colombians are Roman Catholics, people also prefer several Biblical names. Latin and Spanish names are most commonly found here (1) (2) (3). This post lists some Colombian names for girls with meanings representing class and elegance.

150 Common Colombian Girl Names, With Meanings

These Colombian girl names are beautiful and perfect for your little princess.

1. Abigail

If your daughter is papa’s favorite already, then Abigail would be the right choice. This Biblical name means “father’s joy” and is of Hebrew origin.

2. Acacia

Acacia, a popular Columbian girl name meaning a thorny tree

The Greek origin name, despite being not so popular, does have a natural feel to it. It refers to the “thorny tree.”

3. Ada

Ada is the uncommon version of the German names Adelaide or Adeline. It means “nobility.”

4. Adella

Adella is a name synonymous with Adelaide and Adeline. It is of Old German origin and means “noble.”

5. Adria

The Latin origin name Adria is a quirky version of Adriana. It means “dark,” therefore, a suitable moniker for night borns.

6. Alicia

Derived from the German name Adalheid, Alicia means “noble.” It is a motivational name for your baby girl.

7. Alina

Alina, an Armenian name, has stood the test of time and has made it back to the top charts in the past decades. How can it not when the name itself means “strong-willed?”

8. Amira

One of the most beautiful names, Amira, is of Arabic and Hebrew origins and means “princess.”

9. Antonella

Antonella is an extraordinary name of Italian origin, meaning “firstborn.” Isn’t it a worthy title for the older ones?

10. Antonia

The feminine version of the name Antony melts your heart. The Latin and Roman origin name means “priceless.” It also has Greek derivations where it means “flower.”

11. Ayla

The name Ayla of Hebrew origin refers to the “halo.” Isn’t it simple and pretty?

12. Barbara

The name Barbara is derived from the Greek word Barbaros. It gave rise to the term barbarian and means “foreign” or “strange.”

13. Beatrice

The name might sound antique, but it is on the rise. It means “blessed” and “voyager of life” with its Latin origins.

14. Belle

The popular name is a favorite of many girls due to the Disney princess Belle in Beauty and the Beast. In Italian, it means “beautiful.”

15. Bianca

The simple name Bianca means “white.” It is derived from the Italian term Blanche.

16. Bridget

The name is derived from Gaelic and Irish and means “vigor.”

17. Brienne

A mystical name Brianne is of Celtic, Gaelic, and Irish origins. It means “noble.” A famous fictional character with this name is the powerful and loyal Brienne of Tarth from the TV series, Game of Thrones.

18. Brielle

The beautiful and sophisticated name Brielle is derived from Gabriella. It means “heroine of God” in Hebrew origin.

19. Bryn

It is a Welsh origin name that can be used for both genders. Bryn means “hill” or “mountain.”

20. Cadence

This beautiful name is of English origin. If you like music, Cadence is an apt choice as it means “rhythm.”

21. Camila

Singer Camila Mendes and actress Camila Cabello are a few noteworthy celebs of this name. This Spanish origin name means “priest’s helper.”

22. Constanza

It is a name to imbibe perseverance in your daughter as it means “steadiness.” The beautiful name is of Latin origin.

23. Cali

Your little princess deserves a name that speaks of her explicit grace. The name of Greek origin is derived from Carista and means “beautiful.”

24. Carina

Carina is a beautiful Latin name as it means “beloved.”

25. Carolina

Carolina is a popular name in Europe as it is common in Spanish, Portuguese, English, Italian, French, German, Galician, and Dutch. The Latin origin name means “freeman.”

26. Ciara

Ciara is a name of Spanish origin and has made it to the popularity charts since the ’70s. It means “black.”

27. Charlene

If you want an independent name for your baby girl, you can choose this Old German name meaning “free man.”

28. Cynthia

If you like nature, Cynthia could be the name for your daughter. The Greek topographical name means “from the mountains of Cynthus.”

29. Daisy

The Old English name refers to the flower “daisy,” which symbolizes purity and innocence.

30. Dana

The beautiful name Dana is an uncommon one. It is of Hebrew origin and means “God is my judge.”

31. Daniela

The feminine version of the name Daniel has Spanish origins and means “God is my judge.” This currently popular name has been on the rise since the ’70s.

32. Davina

The name is of Scottish and Hebrew origin and means “beloved.”

33. Deborah

Deborah, a name meaning a bee

Deborah is a charming name apt for those parents who love nature and wildlife. It is of Hebrew origin, meaning “bee.”

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34. Desirae

It is a modern yet classy name of French origin and means “much desired.”

35. Dominique

Dominique, the feminine version of the French and Latin name Dominic, means “Lord.” As Sunday is Lord’s Day, it can be a great choice for baby girls born on a Sunday.

36. Dulce

The name Dulce is appropriate to describe your daughter. It means “sweet” in Latin.

37. Eden

The Biblical name Eden means “a place of pleasure” in Hebrew.

38. Elisabeth

A name that is not so popular as Elizabeth, but still holds the same classiness. With origins in Hebrew, it means “god’s promise.”

39. Elena

Elena is another favorite name as it means “sunrays.” It is of Greek origin and would be the perfect name for baby’s born in the mornings.

40. Ella

The cheeky name is less popular than its variants Eleanor or Elle. It means “beautiful fairy woman” and is of German origin.

41. Emilia

It is a name that needs no introduction these days, thanks to the Game Of Thrones star, Emilia Clarke. It is derived from the Latin name Aemilia, which means “strength.”

42. Emma

It is a name that is familiar to literature and movie fans alike. It is of German origin and means “universal.”

43. Erin

The name Erin is topographical as it refers to someone “from the west.” It is of Irish origin.

44. Eunice

The Greek name Eunice could be considered a lucky charm. It means “good victory.”

45. Eva

This name is another variant of the traditional Eve. It means “life.”

46. Faith

Strength is definite when one recalls this word. The name Faith would be a peaceful and inspiring one for your daughter.

47. Faye

This Old English and Old French name has only become popular recently. It means “belief.”

48. Felicia

What could be better than a name that defines how you feel about your daughter? Felicia, the feminine form of the Latin name Felix, means “fortunate.”

49. Fiona

Shrek fans need no introduction for this name due to his loyal and fiery wife, Fiona. It is a name of Irish and Gaelic origins, meaning “fair.”

50. Francesca

If you have French roots, then this could be the name for your daughter. This chic name means “from the land of France” and has French and Italian origins. It also means “free one.”

51. Gabriella

The name peaked the charts in 2010, but has seen a fall after. But we still think this chic Hebrew name meaning “devoted to God” is a great choice for your little munchkin.

52. Gemma

It is aname that describes your daughter appropriately. Gemma means “gem,” and it originates in Latin.

53. Genevieve

Genevieve is a German and Celtic origin name that means “woman of the race.”

54. Georgia

Georgia is a strong, nature-inspiring name as it means “earth-worker.” It is of Greek and Latin origin.

55. Gloria

Gloria is a simple, beautiful, and powerful name of Latin origin as it means “glory.”

56. Gracie

Gracie is a beautiful name that sounds royal and is of Latin origin. It means “blessing.”

57. Gwynyth

The Welsh origin name Gwenyth means “happiness.” It might remind you of the American actress Gwynyth Paltrow.

58. Hailee

Originating from Old English, Hailee or Hailey is a topographical name from someone living near “hay meadow.”

59. Hana

The Spanish, Arabic, and Slavic origin name means “flower.” It has finally reached the peaks in the popularity charts, which is a wonderful choice.

60. Hazel

Hazel, a Columbian girl name meaning hazelnut tree

This beautiful Old English name refers to the hazelnut tree.

61. Heidi

The name Heidi has Old German origin and it means “noble.”

62. Helen

Helen is a well-known name, especially for those who know the story of the Trojan war. The name is of Greek origin and means “shining light.”

63. Hope

The Old English name is a beautiful, straightforward name for your baby girl.

64. Iluminada

The name Iluminada is of Spanish origin and means “illuminated.”

65. Irene

The mythological name Irene refers to the Greek Goddess of “peace.”

66. Iris

The beautiful baby girl’s name earned its stride in the past few decades. It is a Greek name meaning “rainbow.”

67. Isabella

It is the Spanish and Italian take of the name Elizabeth. The name is of Hebrew derivation and means “God’s promise.”

68. Isla

Isla or Islay is a sweet topographical name and refers to an island in Scotland.

69. Ivy

Ivy is an Old English and Greek name and refers to the Ivy plant. The plant symbolizes loyalty and eternal life.

70. Jacqueline

Jacqueline is the feminine version of the Hebrew name Jacob and means “one who supplants.”

71. Jaime

The name Jaime is the Portuguese and Spanish version of James. The unisexual name meaning ‘supplanter’ never goes out of style.

72. Janelle

The American origin stylish name, Janelle, means “God is gracious.”

73. Janna

The sweet and beautiful name of Hebrew origin means “God is gracious.”

74. Jessica

Jessica is a beautiful name and is the anglicized version of Iscah. It means “gift,” which is a perfect summary of your daughter to you.

75. Josephine

The name Josephine is the feminine version of the Hebrew Joseph. It means “Jehovah shall grow.”

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76. Julia

You would remember Julia as the major character in George Oswell‘s 1984. A derivative from the Latin word iuvenale, Julia means “youthful.”

77. Juliette

The name Juliette is a name for eternal charm as it means “youthful.”

78. Kaela

The name has Irish, Hebrew, Hawaiian, and Gaelic origins. It means “the laurel crown” and it perfectly suits your little princess.

79. Kaia

The name represents the earth in its best form as in Hawaiian, it means “the sea,” whereas, in German, it means “the earth.”

80. Karissa

The name Karissa is a unique take on Carissa, which is of Greek origin. It means “grace.”

81. Karla

If you want your daughter to be a woman of influence, then Karla means “strength” in Scandinavian.

82. Katerina

The adorable and classy Katerina means “pure.”

83. Kiana

The Irish and Hawaiian origin name, Kiana means “God is gracious.”

84. Kyra

It is a name of style as Kyra has Egyptian and Persian origins. The Ra in Kyra refers to the “sun,” therefore, it is a great name for baby girls born in summers.

85. Laila

A super stylish and classy name, Laila is of Arabic and Hebrew origins. It means “night” or “dark,” and is a perfect choice for night-born baby girls.

86. Lara

Derived from the Latin word Laire, which means “protectors,” it is a classic name for your baby girl.

87. Leah

The simple and elegant name Leah is of Hebrew origin and means “pretty girl.”

88. Leila

The stylish Arabic name means “night beauty” and would be a perfect name for your baby.

89. Lina

Lina, a name meaning sunlight

The ever-charming name Lina is of Greek origins and it means “sunlight.”

90. Luciana

The name Luciana has been trending for the past few decades. It means “light” and is of Latin origin.

91. Luz

The Latin origin name Luciana meaning “light” used to be the earliest name of the Virgin Mary‘s town, Bethel.

92. Lydia

An unusual and beautiful name Lydia is of Persian and Greek origin. It means “noble one.”

93. Maeve

The charming and classic Gaelic and Irish name, Maeve means “intoxicating.”

94. Maia

Maia is a beautiful Greek mythology name. She was a beautiful nymph and the mother of the messenger God, Hermes. The name means “great.”

95. Maria

If your daughter was born in a coastal area, then this Latin-origin moniker would be an ideal choice. It means “star of the sea.”

96. Mariana

It is the Spanish version of the name Maria. The name has a breezy vibe to it as it means “of the sea.”

97. Mercedes

This popular moniker of the stylish automotive is a word of Spanish origin meaning, “a gracious gift.”

98. Mia

Mia, meaning “mine,” has origins in Spanish and Italian. It is a name popular with the term Mamma Mia due to the films and ABBA.

99. Michelle

This vintage name needs no introduction, thanks to the former first lady of the U.S. Michelle Obama. It is a name of Hebrew origin meaning “who is like God.”

100. Mina

The beautiful and vibrant name Mina is of German origin and means “love.”

101. Monique

Monique is the French version of the name Monica. It is a classy name that also has Greek and Latin origins, meaning ”advisor.”

102. Nadia

Nadia, an English and French origin name, means “hope.” It is gaining popularity.

103. Naomi

Naomi is a Biblical name as per the Old Testament, she was Ruth’s mother-in-law. This common Jewish name of Hebrew origin means “pleasant one.”

104. Natalia

Natalia is currently one of the trendy names. It is perfect for those born on December 25th as this Latin origin name means “Lord’s Birthday” or “Christmas Day.”

105. Natasha

It is a name too familiar due to the Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff. The name of Latin origin is a variant of Natalie, meaning “Lord’s birthday.”

106. Nora

The name Nora has several meanings in different languages. In Anglo-Saxon and Latin, it means “honor,” whereas in Greek, it means “light.”

107. Ocean

It is a straightforward name for your baby girl. The name symbolizes strength, life, and power.

108. Olivia

Olivia is a trending name. This Latin origin moniker means “olive tree.”

109. Paola

The name is a variant of Paula. It is of Latin origin and means “small.”

110. Patricia

The feminine version of the name Patrick is beautiful and calming at the same time. It means “noble” and is of Latin origin.

111. Pauline

Pauline is a variant of Paula. It is a Latin origin name that describes your baby girl as it means “small.”

112. Penelope

The name has interesting origins in Greek mythology. Odysseus’s wife would spend time weaving as she waited for her husband’s return to avoid suitors. Thus, the name gets its meaning as “weaving.”

113. Phoebe

A name needs no introduction, as Phoebe Buffay, from Friends, is a character most adored. The name originally is of Greek origin and it means “radiant.”

114. Raquel

Raquel is the Spanish and Portuguese version of the name Rachael. It means “innocent.”

115. Raya

The exotic name Raya is of Israeli origin and means “friend.”

116. Rebekah

Another variant of the name Rebecca is a cute name for your baby girl. The Hebrew name means “to bind.”

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117. Regan

The bold name has its origins in Gaelic and means “impulsive.”

118. Rocio

It is a great choice for baby girls born in the morning or during the spring as it means “dew” in Spanish.

119. Rosa

Who cannot like the strong character of Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn Nine-nine? The name Rosa refers to the beautiful “rose” flower in Spanish.

120. Ruth

The one-syllable name Ruth is a Biblical name of Hebrew origins. It means “friend.”

121. Sabrina

The beautiful and magical name Sabrina is of English origin, meaning “legendary princess.”

122. Saige

Saige, a name derived from the Latin Sage, means “wise.” Isn’t it an impactful choice?

123. Salome

The Hebrew name meaning “peace” is a beautiful Biblical name for your daughter. Salome was the granddaughter of Herod, the great. In return for dancing for her stepfather on his birthday, Salome asked for the head of John, the Baptist.

124. Sara

The name Sara, derived from the Greek name Sarah, meaning “princess” would suit your little one perfectly.

125. Scotia

The feminine name is a habitational one in nature. It refers to someone “from Scotland.”

126. Selena

Selena Gomez might be the first person to pop into your mind. The beautiful and celestial Greek origin name refers to the “moon.”

127. Siena

If you want a name for your red-haired baby girl, this Latin moniker could be the one for you. It means “reddish-brown.”

128. Sofia

The popular name Sofia, Sophia, or Sophie has several namesakes, like the Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara or the Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner. This Greek, Italian, and Spanish origin name is ever-trending and means “wisdom.”

129. Sylvia

The Latin origin name has a poetic and fairy touch to it as Sylvia means “from the forest.”

130. Talia

Talia is a beautiful moniker with a touch of class to it. It means “dew of God” and is of Hebrew origin.

131. Tatiana

The popular Russian name Tatiana means “princess.”

132. Teanna

The beautiful baby girl’s name finds its roots in Latin and it means “free-spirited.”

133. Teresa

The motivational name Teresa or Theresa reminds of the philanthropic nature of Mother Teresa. The name of Greek origin means “late summer” and is ideal for babies born during those times.

134. Tiara

The name refers to the ornament you would gift your daughter. Tiara means “jeweled headdress.”

135. Tyra

It is a legendary name for your little warrior as it means “God of battle.” This name has Celtic and Scandinavian origins.

136. Valentina

The feminine version of the name Valentine means “strong.” It would be a perfect choice for a baby born during Valentine’s week.

137. Valeria

The Italian origin name means “strength.” Valeria and its variant Valerie is a common name in the television world. It is one of the most trending names of all time.

138. Vanesa

Vanesa, a name meaning butterfly

Another appropriate name for a springtime baby is Vanesa or Vanessa, which means “butterfly.” It is of Greek origin.

139. Veronica

It is a classic name that rose to popularity after Archie‘s Comics. The name Veronica means “victory” and has Latin origins.

140. Victoria

It is a name that needs no introduction for history masters. The popular European name is of Latin and Roman origins and means “victory.”

141. Vienna

Vienna, meaning “forest stream” is a calming, beautiful, and chic name of Latin origin.

142. Violet

It is a classy name redefined by the character Aunt Violet from Downton Abbey. This Latin name means “purple.”

143. Vivian

Vivian is a Latin-origin name that means “lively.”

144. Wendy

The name originated from English and means “friend.” It is quite a relative name, isn’t it?

145. Willow

The name Willow is of English origin and it means “freedom.”

146. Xiomara

Xiomara is a prim Greek origin name meaning “guest.” It is a name for those parents who wish to name their child something novel.

147. Yesenia

A name worthy for nature and beach lovers alike as it means “palm tree” and “jasmine.” It is of Spanish origin.

148. Yvonne

The name originates from the French and Old German masculine names Yves. It is a symbol of patience and honor as it means “archer.”

149. Zara

The name Zara of Arabic and Hebrew origins has a chic touch to it, and so it makes a great choice for your daughter. It means “radiance” and is also synonymous with a “blooming flower.”

150. Zoey

The Greek origin name Zoey is one of our favorites, as it means “eternal life.”

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

If you are blessed with a baby girl, you must be excited to find her the most trendy name but with a deep meaning. This compilation of beautiful Colombian girl names aims to help you search for the best name for your little angel. You may name your priceless budding flower Antonia or Daisy. Try Helen, Luciana, Nora, or Luz if you wish to express that your girl is the light of your life. Also, make sure her name suits her personality.

This endearing video with 20 of the cutest Spanish names for your daughter is a true celebration of the beauty of the people and culture of Colombia.

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