100 Truly Exotic Girl Names For Your Baby

Names can have a significant impact on a child’s life and how others perceive them. Exotic girl names are exquisite and unique. And, as a parent, you would want to pick the best name for your little girl that will impress one and all.

Names help shape the identity of your baby girl and give them an edge over others. In this post, we bring you some exotic baby girl names that may also make for cute nicknames.

100 A Cute And Exotic Girl Names

1. Philomena

Philomena is an earthy Greek name that enjoys popularity across the globe. The name Philomena means ‘Lover of Strength’.

2. Ingrid

Exotic baby girl name meaning beautiful

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The exotic girl name is unique. The beautiful name Ingrid will lend a charisma to your child’s personality. It means “beautiful

3. Nova

The Latin name Nova, just like the meaning of this name, gives a feel of newness. Nova is also an astronomical name for a star.

4. Milagros

Don’t you think Milagros will make a unique name for your child? The Spanish name Milagros means ‘miracle’ and is perfect for your darling.

5. Diamonique

Do you want a name for your child that will make her stand out in the crowd? Then the English name Diamonique is perfect for her. The name means ‘of high value’.

6. Angelika

Here is a perfect name for your little angel- Angelika. Did you know that Angelica is by far the most popular form of the angelic name?

7. Claudia

Claudia is an exotic name with a hint of ancient Roman splendor. Claudia was also the name of the wives of Nero and Pontius Pilate in Roman mythology. This exotic name for girls is perfect.

8. Serilda

Do you want your daughter to be a strong woman? Then call her Serilda. It is a Teutonic name that means ‘a maiden in battle armor’.

9. Francoise

The French name Francoise is the feminine form of the name Franciscus. It’s again an exotic baby girl’s name. The name Francoise means ‘free’.

10. Antoinette

The French name Antoinette is a feminine form of the name Anthony. The exotic name means ‘beyond praise’.

11. Maya

The exotic, almost mystical name is hugely popular. It means ‘Daughter of Atlas’.

12. Elise

Elise is an exotic name popular since the 19th century. It means ‘oath of God’.

The sound of this name also contributes to its appeal. Dawn, a mother of two, says, ”When the name Elise came to my mind, I immediately grew a liking to it because I love how it sounds like Ellie, that it has a French origin, and most importantly, the meaning of the name – Consecrated to God or God’s Promise (i).”

13. Madeleine

Madeleine is a perfect choice for parents who desire a French flair in their child’s name. Madeleine means ‘from the tower’.

14. Sofia

If you are looking for an elegant name for your child, then Sofia must be your pick. Sofia means ‘wise’.

15. Akila

The Egyptian name Akila has become very popular in the recent years. It means ‘intelligent’.

16. Lilja

Lilja is an exotic Icelandic name. It means ‘lily’.

17. Valdis

If you want an uncommon name for your baby then the Norse name, Valdis may be a good choice for you.

18. Putri

Putri is a common Indonesian name that may not work too well in English speaking countries. Putri means ‘princess’.

19. Mumbi

Are you looking for a name that is meaningful yet unique? Then Mumbi is the name for you. It means ‘mother of the people’.

20. Augustina

Augustina is a contemporary and feminine form of the name Augusta. The name is perfect if you want a break from traditional names.

21. Zaliki

Zaliki is an uncommon variation of the name Zuleika. It is a sensual name that means ‘well-born’.

22. Svana

The Icelandic name means ‘swan’.The exotic female name is just right for all nature lovers.

23. Hamisi

Hamisi is a pretty and uncommon Kenyan name meaning ‘born on Thursday’.

24. Kady

The Irish name Kady is a variation of the name Katy. You can also keep Kady as a short form of the name Kadence.

25. Kiera

Kiera is one of the most popular American names. You can also spell this name as Keira.

26. Tawney

Stylish and exotic baby girl name

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Color names ending with Y sound very stylish and cool. Tawney is an Irish name meaning ‘A green field’.

27. Corazon

Here is another exotic name with a beautiful meaning. Corazon means ‘heart’.

28. Esperanza

Esperanza is a classic Spanish name that came into the spotlight when the jazz singer Esperanza Spalding won the Grammy Awards. The name Esperanza means ‘hope’.

29. Lola

The Spanish name Lola manages to look exotic without being over the top. It means ‘a strong lady’.

30. Raquel

Raquel is an attractive Hebrew name, very popular in the Latino community. It means ‘innocent’.

31. Marisol

Marisol is an excellent exotic choice. It is a great name for summer babies as it combines the elements of both the sun and the sea.

32. Agatha

The Greek name Agatha came to England at the time of Norman Conquest. It means ‘a good woman’. This exotic girls’ name is beautiful.

33. Kalene

Kalene is an exotic name that does not exist as an official name in any culture but is still widely popular. The name Kalene means ‘flower’.

34. Selena

The name became popular due to the Disney star Selena Gomez. It means ‘moon goddess’.

35. Gabriella

Gabriella is a powerful, yet graceful form of the name Gabriel. It means ‘Woman of God’.

36. Ines

Ines is the Spanish form of the name Agnes. It is a virtuous name that spells ‘chaste’.

37. Fanchon

Fanchon is a cute Teutonic name that means ‘free’.

38. Camilla

Did you know that in Roman mythology, Camilla was a swift huntress who could run over a field without bending a blade of grass? The name Camilla means ‘noble’.

39. Julieta

The classic name Julieta exemplifies simplicity and sophistication. Julieta means ‘youthful’.

40. Lucia

The lovely Latin name means ‘light’.

41. Sarah

The name Sarah is both exotic and traditional. In the Old Testament, Sarah was the wife of Abraham.

42. Nur

Nur is an interesting Arabic name popular among Muslim parents. It means ‘light’.

43. Bennu

Bennu is a traditional Egyptian name meaning ‘eagle’.

44. Femi

Some names never lose their charm and Femi is one of them. It means ‘love’.

45. Layla

Layla is a musical name that you can gift your child. It means ‘born at night’.

46. Murni

Murni is a feminine Indonesian name with a very strong meaning. It means ‘pure’.

47. Peni

Peni is a variation of the Spanish name Penelope. The name can also serve as a cute pet name.

48. Akello

If you are looking for a traditional Kenyan name for your child, then Akello is the one for you.

49. Darcia

Darcia is the feminine form of the French name Darcy. It is a name that spells grace and charm.

50. Chanel

If you are a fan of this classic French brand, then you can name your child Chanel. It sounds elegant and exotic.

51. Bette

Bette is a twentieth-century relic. It is a variation of the vintage name Betty.

52. Adele

Exotic baby girl name meaning sweet

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The German name Adele means ‘sweet’. It is perfect for your sweet angel.

53. Amaris

The Hebrew name Amaris is a variation of the name Amara. It is an attractive, stylish and multicultural name meaning ‘Given by God’.

54. Beatriz

Beatriz is an attractive variation of the name Beatrice. It is popular among Hispanic parents. The name Beatriz means ‘one who brings joy’.

55. Candie

Candie is a variation of the name Candace. You can choose either of these names for your baby.

56. Caressa

Caressa is a pretty and popular name from France. It means ‘tender touch’.

57. Coco

The French name Coco came into prominence as the nickname of the French designer Chanel. It means ‘help’.

58. Consuela

Consuela is a chic and sophisticated Spanish name that goes extremely well with Anglo surnames. It means ‘consolation’.

59. Dita

The name Dita is a variation of the Czech name Edith. The classic name enjoys great popularity among stylish parents in London. It means ‘happy warfare’.

60. Carlita

The name Carlita has an exotic charm. The Spanish name Carlita means ‘manly’.

61. Giulia

Giulia is an Italian version of an English classic name. It is now beginning to appeal to modern American parents.

62. Chiara

Chiara is a romantic Italian name that is also unique. You can also consider its variation Clara, Cara or even Claire.

63. Francesca

The Teutonic name Francesca is a feminine version of the classic name Frances.

64. Valentina

The name Valentina is an exotic successor of Valerie, a popular name. The name Valentina means ‘brave’.

65. Arianna

It is an exotic name that reminds one of the Greek blog queen Arianna Huffington. It means ‘chaste’.

66. Gia

Gia is a cute and exotic name diminutive of Giovanna and Gianna. All these names mean ‘gracious’.

67. Bernadette

Bernadette is a pleasant and feminine name of the saint who saw the visions of Virgin Mary. The French name Bernadette means ‘brave as a bear’.

68. Helen

The name Helen spells beauty since ancient time. It was in the top five names for several decades. The name Helen means ‘the bright one’.

69. Ruth

The calm and soothing name Ruth was the third most popular name in the year 1890. It still has an exotic appeal.

70. Clara

Clara, exotic baby girl name

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Clara is a vintage, yet chic name that you can gift your little daughter. Clara means ‘bright’.

71. Charlotte

Charlotte is a latest cute and exotic name that is topping the popularity charts. It is an elegant and royal name that is the feminine version of Charles.

72. Victoria

The name Victoria is an epitome of refinement and gentility. Victoria reflects the image of the British queen.

73. Penelope

Penelope is a classic name that is reigning the charts, thanks to the glamorous Spanish actress Penelope Cruz.

74. Aba

If your child arrived in your arms on a Thursday, then you can name her Aba. It means ‘born on Thursday’.

75. Amrita

Amrita is a classic Indian name that you may consider for your child. The name means ‘immortality’.

76. Bastina

Bastina is a variation of the name Sebastian. The popularity of this name is not going to wane anytime soon. It means ‘inheritance’.

77. Calithea

Here is a stunning name for your beautiful daughter. Calithea means ‘beauty’.

78. Dondi

An uncommon name Dondi means ‘lady of rank’. If you are looking for an uncommon, yet exotic name, then Dondi is perfect for you.

79. Elqenna

The name Elqenna is steadily climbing the popularity charts. It means ‘superior’.

80. Fanaka

If you like tribal names, then you can consider the Swahili name Fanaka. The name means ‘prosperous’.

81. Gamela

The baby name Gamela has its origin in Scandinavian and Arabic languages. It means ‘the earnest one’.

82. Grahaniya

If you are looking for an uncommon yet meaningful name, then Grahaniya fits the bill.

83. Humiya

Humiya is another exotic name to consider for your darling daughter. It means ‘history’.

84. Ifeoma

The exotic name Ifeoma comes from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. The name is perfect if your daughter is your first child.

85. Iyabo

Iyabo is a striking name that you can consider for your baby. It is a Yoruba name meaning ‘reincarnation of her mother’.

86. Regina

Regina is a classic name that is synonymous with regal elegance. It was among the top 100 names this year.

87. Kamalei

The name Kalamei is as exotic as the place of its origin – Hawaii. It means ‘close to the heart’.

88. Linza

Linza is an exotic American baby name, which means ‘beautiful’. The feminine name is very popular.

89. Naida

If your child belongs to a water sign- Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces then you can name her Naida. It means ‘Goddess’.

90. Nia

A short and sweet name Nia has a special meaning for African-American parents. Nia is one of the days of Kwanzaa.

91. Odine

The name Odine has a Latin origin and means a ‘wise woman’. It is a form of the German name ‘Ute’.

92. Parthena

Unique and exotic baby girl name

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Parthena is a variation of the name Parthenia, meaning ‘pure’. The name conjures up the majestic images of Parthenon.

93. Rosalba

Rosalba is a Spanish elaboration of the name Rosa. The name is as sweet as its meaning ‘a white rose. ‘

94. Sadira

Sadira is an intriguing Persian name that means ‘a lotus plant’.

95. Siona

Siona is an Indian name for girls. It means ‘a star’. The name holds great significance in astrology.

96. Shilin

Shillin is a sweet Gaelic name that means ‘cherry’. It is perfect for your lovely doll.

97. Tamika

Tamika is a Japanese name with a beautiful meaning. It means ‘child of the people’.

98. Tulay

Tulay is a pretty name with an interesting meaning. It means ‘veil of the moon’.

99. Wanniya

If you want your child to turn into a high-spirited woman, then name her Wanniya. It is an Amharic name meaning ‘spirit’.

100. Ziva

The Hebrew name Ziva relates to the month of Israeli independence. It means ‘brilliance or splendor’.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Exotic girl names are majestic and lovely, and they may draw extra attention to your baby girl. Even in countries where traditional or religious names are used, these exotic names are gaining popularity. You can find unique names with rich connotations that are a good fit for your girl’s personality. Many celebrities have given their children unique girl names. Although different, some names are commonly used words with profound meanings in other languages. You may also try exotic names with similar meanings as common names or names that sound unique and interesting.

Key Pointers

  • Exotic girl names are chic and quirky and can help your child stand out.
  • Many exotic names trace their roots to Egyptian, French, and Irish cultures.
  • Opting for an exotic name can promote unconventional and creative thinking in your girl.
  • Maya, Selena, Camilla, and Ziva are among the most popular choices for your little diva.

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