10 Wonderful Baby Boy Names That Mean Prince

Do you want to give your son a name that fit for a prince? Are you looking for names meaning prince? If you said yes, then you are at the right place.

Choosing a perfect name for your baby is a big deal. It is one of the first major decisions that you will make for him as his name will live with him for the rest of his/her life. One of the most important factors to consider is the meaning of the name. You wouldn’t want to give your child a name that has a wrong meaning or means nothing at all. Today we have compiled a list of baby boy names that mean prince. These baby names meaning prince will get you heard swaying with all the possibilities. Have a look.

Baby Boy Names Meaning Prince

1. Amir

Amir is a popular Arabic boy name that means prince

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Amir is a famous Arabic name, meaning prince. It is the title of an elevated official like caliphs. The name derives from the Arabic world emir, which means to rule or command. There are many famous bearers of this name. Amir Khan is a very popular actor of Bollywood. Even Omar Epps chose Amir for his son.

2. Adar

Adar is a striking Syrian name, meaning prince. The pronunciation of Adar is Aa-Daa-R.

3. Kumar

Kumar is an Indian name meaning prince

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Kumar is an exotic name popular in India. But the name gained a global prominence via the film “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle”. Kumar is a modern transcription of Kumara. It means boy, prince. In India, parents use Kumar as a given name, family name or as a personal title.

4. Royce

Royce sounds more like a blend of Roy and Reece, but with an entirely different meaning. It is a relatively popular name for boys. This given name comes from a medieval name Royse, a variant of Rose. The name is in vogue too, all thanks to the luxury car brand Rolls Royce.

5. Shahzad

Shahzad is a traditional Muslim given name

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Shahzad is a traditional Muslim given name and first name. The name derives from two elements ‘Shah’, which means powerful and ‘Zad’, which means son or man. Shahzad Anwar, the Pakistani former football coach, is the most notable bearer of this name.

6. Prince

The name needs no description. Earlier, royal names like Prince and King were just for the monarchy, but now commoners also use these names for their sons. Prince, a famous singer, was once the sole dominion over this name. But later, Michael Jackson chose this name for not one, but two of his sons.

7. Garibaldo

Garibaldo has its origin in the Germanic language

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This is one of the unique baby boy names meaning prince. Garibaldo has its origin in the Germanic language. The name comes from the Germanic name ‘Garipald’. It comes from the surname of Giuseppe Garibaldi. The correct pronunciation of this twisted name is GAER-AH-BAAL-DOW.

8. Cynfael

Cynafael is a Welsh name meaning chief prince. Another variant of this name is Cynfal. The pronunciation for Cynafael is KIHN-Fih-L.

9. Griffith

Griffith is a classic Welsh name

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Griffith is a classic Welsh name that sounds softer than its Irish variant Griffin. The lispy ending of the name makes it even more striking. You can use Griffith as both as given name or surname. There are many variations of this name like Gruffydd and even Gruffudd.

10. Mehtar

Mehtar is an Indian baby name. It was the title of the ruler of Chitral, a princely state in India. Mehta is a variant of this name but is more famous as a surname than a given name.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Your son is your little prince and choosing boy names that mean prince is the right thing to do. You always want to give your child the best, and that ought to apply in the case of their names as well. These names that we have listed have been inspired by various cultures and also have a rich history and legacy associated with them. We have also included the meanings of the names so that it is easier for your to make a choice. So choose the one that attracts you the most.

Key Pointers

  • Parents choose these names because they find the history and culture of these royal names appealing.
  • Popular options include Amir, Garibaldo, Griffith, and Mehtar.
  • Parents may believe that giving these royal names will serve as reminders for their children to achieve greatness and success.

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